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Only Half the Man I Used to Be:


Vacation in Queen Mary Hospital - Feb 20, '08

I am currently residing in Queen Mary Hospital, getting prepped for an operation next Mon, Feb 25.

My Epic Struggle for Congee
Mar 8, '08

Just having had a taste of my first non-fluid food in 14 days, I'm so happy & relieved that my new....

Lamma-zinus Interruptus
Apr 1-6, '08

I'll be spending a few days in hospital as an in-patient in Queen Mary Hospital, checking up....

Discharged/Died on 4/4/08
Apr 7, '08

Leaving hospital today, I got this Discharge Form to take to the Accounts Office to pay the fees.

An Unexpected Fruity Surprise - Apr 30, '08

A group of wonderful readers sent me this fruit basket today, with a "Get Well Soon" card.

High Alert! Danger! Beware of Lamma-Gung! - Jun 21, '08

I've taken up riding a bicycle again, after 30+ years of not riding one.

100 Pounds off! - Jul 19, '08

I've reached my intermediate weight loss goal:
100 pounds lost since I've joined the bariatric program.

Busy Times @ Lamma Fitness Centre? - Sep 18, '08

After a lifetime of shunning all gyms as alien, weird, smelly places full of disgustingly fit....

Island Gym Panty
Oct 30, '08

After finishing my circuit training workout there recently, I spotted this black, lacy piece draped....

The Intrepid Biker-Hiker Overdoing It - Dec 13, '08

As part of my on-going weight loss/fitness regiment I've started to get serious with excursions....


Ageing Western Men With Greying Ponytails - Jan 4, '09

"...a hippy enclave that is one of the last vestiges of the old trans-Asian overland trail."

Cunning Canines Guide Lamma-Gung to New High
Jan 24, '09

For the first time, I've reached the peak of Mount Stenhouse.

'You Great Big Idiot!'
Feb 3, '09

Referring to my SkyJump off the Macau Tower, she called it "Pure Unadulterated Idiocy".

Serendipitous Stroll on a Spring Sun-day - Feb 8, '09

lucky in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries.

Stumbling Randomly Through the Hills - Feb 21, '09

What started out as just a little quick stroll up to Lamma Winds ended a few hours later in...

My 1st Surgiversary
25, '09

It's been exactly one year since my weight loss surgery (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy).

Drug-Free! - Mar 14, '09

Within one year, my health has progressed from 6 different daily medications for various health problems to zero pills!

Eco-Yoga-Hike to Trig Point
Apr 6, '09

YSW Ferry Pier - Po Wah Yuen - Pak Kok Village - Tai Peng - Lamma Winds - Trig Point!

L-G the Accidental Mountain-Biker - Apr 15, '09

Despite using a second-hand mountain-bike almost every day as part of my ongoing quest....

The Biggest Loser of Lamma?
Apr 29, '09

At my weekly weigh-in this morning, I discovered that I have lost exactly 150 pounds since....

"I'm climbing Mt. Stenhouse tomorrow" - Jun 19, '09

This was one of the first sentences spoken to me by Lamma-Gung.

R U Tough Enough 4 Bootcamp 2? - Jun 20, '09

The Island Life Studio Proudly Presents - Back by Popular Demand - Bootcamp 2.

L-G, a Health & Fitness Nut?
Jul 12, '09

Today in the Football Pitch, you could have witnessed a really strange and unusual sight:

Handstands, Pull-ups & Virgin Cocktails - Aug 16, '09

Could you imagine me, Lamma- Gung, doing a handstand, balancing on a beach ball for....

Indian Curry Night @ The Waterfront - Aug 19, '09

So what about the actual FOOD at the Indian Curry Night in The Waterfront?

We Are the Champions
Sep 18, '09

"So it is eight weeks on and I completed my mofo Bootcamp!!"

The Detoxed Yoga Bunny
How to Lose 175 Pounds

Sep 30, '09

Finally, after 1.5 years of strict weight loss diet and exercise,....

Seeing Double - Oct 9-18, '09

I spent the entire week in Queen Mary Hospital, starring in something similar to a HK version of House M.D., the TV series.

Breakfast Is Being Served on the Balcony, Milady
Oct 22, '09

What Lamma-Por seems to have been missing most while I was....

Stop Dieting, Eat Cheese & Ice-Cream! - Oct 27, '09

This is the clear advice I got today, following several friends and even Lamma-Por who....


Drinking Like a Thirsty Horse? - Jan 14, '10

What's fuelling me while creating an (almost) daily Lamma-zine story? As an obnoxiously....

Super-Foods from the LifeForceMan - Jan 31, '10

Super-Foods Sunday workshop in JUSTGREEN, Jan 31, 2010, presented by the LifeForceMan.

I Like It! Stay Like This!'
Feb 8, '10

..., a female (marrried) friend complimented me again on my new slimmer....

My 2nd Surgiversary
Feb 25, '10

Exactly two years ago, Feb 25, 2008, I was wheeled into the surgery theatre of the hospital.

Climbers Enter the Clouds
Apr 5, '10

"Eight climbers together scaled the 353-metre Mt. Stenhouse, Lamma's highest, on April 5."

Fog-Hiking - Apr 13, '10

After our recent Easter Monday experience of climbing Mt Stenhouse in dense fog, I've developed a kind of affection....

Ouch! My Abs! - Apr 17, '10

My expensive Lululemon yoga/exercise mat above hasn't been getting any action....

Only Half the Man I Used to Be - May 25, '10

The Pure Fitness chain of gyms has been offering a free week's membership, including....

Tai Chi vs Fit'n'Fun Camp -
1 : 0
- Jun 30, '10

While Lamma-Por was still recovering from another late night of Worldcup football....

Lamma-Gung the Elderly?
Jul 17, '10

I was going for yet another 3D movie (my latest passion) in the IFC shopping mall in Central.

Swiss National Day Lunch
Aug 1, '10

Yung Shue Wan has almost 20 restaurants offering "Western", Italian, ... but no Swiss food!

1st Anniversary of My "New Body" - Sep 28, '10

It's been exactly one year now since I've reached my "ideal weight" of below 90 kgs.

Boost Your Body @
Boost Camp
- Oct 21, '10

Boost Campers in the Basketball Court, 2 evenings/week; highly recommended by Lamma-Gung.

Island Gym-nastics
Nov 6, '10

"The Island Gym, our local community fitness center is now taking new members.


Stumbling Randomly:
Lamma Forest
- Jan 9, '11

Another installment in my ongoing series of 'Stumbling Randomly Thru Lamma's Hills'

10-Degree Boostcamping
Jan 30, '11

While you were probably sleeping in late this Sunday morning, 8am, these four fit & tough Lovely....

3rd Surgiversary
Feb 25, '11

Today, I'm celebrating the 3rd anniversary of my weight loss surgery.

Foggy Sunrise - Feb 28, '11

What better way to start a new week than fast cardio-hiking up to the pavilion above the windturbine at 7am?

Back Online! - Apr 12, '11

You might have noticed - or maybe not at all - that the Lamma-zine hasn't been updated daily for the last week or so.

Spilling My Guts - Apr 27, '11

It's been exactly 3 weeks since my Partial Abdominoplasty surgery, slicing off some of my extra tummy skin....

Lose Weight With Discounted Donuts - May 9, '11

After my once-weekly weigh-in, I continue to update my stable weight in a "Weight Loss Ticker".

Before Breakfast
May 18, '11

Experiencing YSW in the early morning, while looking for the best places to have breakfast.

Boost Your Body!
May 25, '11

Looking to boost your metabolism and your body?

Time to Panic!? - Jun 4, '11

I got some really terrible, shocking, devastating news yesterday, from my....

Getting Back in Shape
Aug 8, '11

So you can expect to see a lot more photos from Lamma's more remote & quaint areas soon.

Lamma-Gung Has Dog-Ears
Aug 24, '11

Having recovered from my exile in the Special Care Unit of Tung Wah Hospital....

Stumbling Randomly
Aug 26, '11

What's happening in a typical day of the Lamma-zine writer/editor/ photographer?

Hiking Over Ling Kok Shan
Sep 15, '11

Click for photo gallery with subtitles...

Highly Motivated, Encouraged & Inspired - Oct 12, '11
Sumo Squat Leg Raises, Plank Glute Kick Backs, Rubber Bow,....

Hummus, Pakoras & Falafels
Oct 14, '11

I used to publish restaurant news & updates every month, but my formerly voracious eating....

L-GPS - Nov 12, '11
I've started to map my "Stumbling Randomly" hikes and bike rides with the Global Positioning System built into....

Birdos, Beach Blazers & Basketballers - Nov 13, '11

On a quite typical autumn Sunday morning on Lamma, I've visited a few of the many local activities....

Seedy Hitchhikers Make L-G Lose His Shirt - Nov 29, '11

Another episode in the Lamma- zine series Stumbling Randomly.

Exploring the Lamma Quarry
Dec 19, '11

Click for photo gallery of a little bike ride around the former Lamma Quarry.


Sunday Hiking & Biking
Feb 12, '12

Today, just a little practice hike for another Mt Stenhouse climb (tentatively this coming weekend)

4th Surgiversary
Feb 25, '12

4 years since my weight loss surgery! Just 4 short years since I was wheeled into the surgery....

L-G the Biological Hazard

Aug 24, '12

How would you like to be declared an official "Biological Hazard" by a health authority?

My Weight Loss Book
Oct 25, '12

When was the last time your doctor made your day, so you've felt great and upbeat for days?


5th Surgiversary

Feb 25, '13 - Automatic email from ObesityHelp Services (plus my comments added in, like an interview.)

Hiking Lamma, the Hard Way

Dec 29 - Pak Kok - Tai Peng - Lamma Winds - Snake Trail - Lo So Shing - Sok Kwu Wan - Ling Kok Shan - Mo Tat Wan


Welcoming 2014 on Mt. Stenhouse

Jan 1 - Stone sign and photo by the Ed Williams family... climbing Mt. Stenhouse today.

Weight-Loss Surgery Might Stop Diabetes

Apr 14 - Latest article from WebMD: Evidence Weight-Loss Surgery Helps Against Diabetes.

Oct 12, '14 - I've been "strong-armed" into joining a new Bear Camp!

Keg Hack Squat & Bear-Hug Carry

Oct 22 - What new movements did I learn yesterday morning 8am, up on the 1st Cable Road?


Jan 2 - "Resolution Walk on New Year's Day, 1/1/15: The departure points will be:"

Mar 9 - Dr. Fion Chan SY - Dept. of Weight Control and Metabolic Surgery, Queen Mary Hospital - writes:


Jun 22 - After 16 years of diabetes treatment & monitoring, I've been declared CURED today.

Aug 24 - I've been asking Dr. Fion Chan SY about having been declared "Cured of Diabetes".


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