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July 1


June 28 -
July 7

June 21

June 18

June 18

2:30am ferries from Central-YSW on Fri/Sat late nights (early Sat/Sun mornings), starting July 1. The fares will also increase by 11% to $16.10 (monthly ticket by 7%: $621), Lamma-zine story).
Pak Kok-Aberdeen ferry fares will remain unchanged  from Sep!

Lamma-zine summer break while Lamma-Gung's in Tung Wah Hospital for a week for skin surgery revision.

Diesel's Bar, Mr. Kebab & Pizza Milano closing down this year,
to be replaced by Village House redevelopments (forum).

Island Arts exhibition begins @ Banyan Bay Cafe, 'til July 1.

Lamma Dragons End Great Season with B/W party @ Man Fung Seaview Rest - see Lamma-zine, June 6 and June 19.

MORE NEWS... - Email your news & photos, or contact Lamma Gung on Facebook, or call 6498 6960!

Tue, Jun 28

Wed Jun 29

Thu, Jun 30

Sun, Jul 3

Tue, Jul 5

Wed, Jul 6

Sat, Jul 13

Deadline for public comments for ex-Quarry EIA

Deadline for public comments for The Baroque's Town Planning application

Quiz Night @ The Island Bar

Basketball League Tryouts @ Basketball Court

Social Impact Workshop (Chi/Eng) of The Baroque @ Sok Kwu Wan

Social Impact Workshop (Eng) of The Baroque @ Quarry Bay

Social Capital Carnival @ Power Station Beach

More Events... - Email your event for a free listing.


Summer Break! -
Jun 28 - Jul 11

Tombolo With Pineapple Bun Rocks - Jun 26

Geopark tour of Islands District Council, feat. a Tombolo, part of Sharp Island's Geo Trail.

"Successfully f ight for main- tain the fare unchanged!!!!" -
Jun 22

Choose from 3 options for the future Aberdeen ferry schedule!

Banyan House English Kindy - Jun 21

Summer school!

Enrolling now for Autumn season.

Baroque & Quarry Submission Deadlines -
Jun 20

"Govt. re-started the submissions process for The Baroque."

Lamma Dragons End Great Season - Jun 19

"Hello Ladies! Here's a recap of Saturday night's awards: Under the Newcomer-of-Sorts...."

Erecting A Giant Cross -
Jun 18

Some topics still manage to catch people's passions, igniting some heated discussions.

One Day in Yung Shue Wan - Jun 17

If you're looking for photos of anything Lamma-related of the last 9+ years, contact me!

Logan: Leaps and Bounds! - Jun 16

Logan is a 10 month-old puppy, rescued by LAWC, fostered by Lisa + Louise.

Ever Felt Like Kicking Yourself? - Jun 15

The Tale of Madam Doris

Young Island Artists @ Cath's Bar - Jun 14

Banyan Bay Through Our Eyes - Fri, Jun 17: exhibition of children's paintings....

There Are No Weeds!
- Jun 13

Some of you might remember Lamma-Gung's Rooftop Garden & Pond,....

Sewerage Phase 2 - Public Forum - Jun 12

The Sewerage Phase 1 has (almost) been completed now, Phase 2 will start next month.

Reducing Working Hours in YSW - Jun 11

Lammadonna's 2 assistants were asking me if I'd spoken to their boss about their working hours?

Answers From The Baroque on Lamma - Jun 10

Here they are, the official replies from "The Baroque on Lamma" to my enquiry.

Peter Berry's Wedding @ The Waterfront - Jun 9

The Waterfront is a great place to get married,....

Volleyball League Semi-Finals - Jun 8

Photo gallery of the Pinay Women's Volleyball League games on Jun 5.

We Paddled for the Planet -
Jun 7

Paddle for the Planet: Sun, Jun 5, 11am: YSW Harbour, raising funds and awareness.

Lamma Hippie Dragons Triumph in DbAY - Jun 6

Discovery Bay Dragon Boat Races: Lamma teams won 3 trophies, incl. Women's Gold!

Tree Circle Planting - Jun 5

Sat, June 4, another tree planting in the Lamma Forest, open to the local community, plus an Int'l School.

Time to Panic!? - Jun 4

I got some really terrible, shocking, devastating news yesterday, from my....

Creative Felting? - Jun 3

The activities in the small print on Banyan House's "summer school" poster sound most intriguing, even mysterious.

Clean Up Lamma & Plant Trees - Jun 2

This Sat, Jun 4, 9am, Bobsy and friends will be planting more native HK trees.

Connecting Your House to the Poo Palace - Jun 1

The Lamma Village Sewerage Phase 2 is starting up now.

June 28 - July 7:  Summer Break!

June 26:  Tombolo With Pineapple Bun Rocks

Geopark tour of Islands District Council feat. Outlying Islanders
Tombolo (flooded at highest tide), part of Sharp Island Geo Trail, off Sai Kung

Tombolo connecting Sharp Island and Kiu Tau

Sharp Island - Pineapple Bun Rock

Yim Tin Tsai and Sai Kung

Lunch and Teatime in Sai Kung

Yim Tin Tsai, Sai Kung

Returning home to Yung Shue Wan

June 22:  "Successfully f ight for maintain the fare

This questionnaire below has been handed out at the YSW ferry pier to passengers of the Pak Kok-Aberdeen ferry. Tsui Wah Ferry's YSW-Pak Kok- Aberdeen route is up for renewal of their tender this Sep. Lammadonna & friends convinced them to keep the fare steady for the next 3 years of the tender and they even worked out two additional options for the future schedule, letting passengers choose from these three schedules!

This is definitely most welcome news, credit where credit is due, almost a first in Lamma's long and sometimes controversial ferry history. No fare increase, despite a quite severe drop in passenger numbers and several significant improvements in the service under Tsui Wah Ferry!

You can click to enlarge and then print this form (Chin. version) to choose your preferred of the 3 options for the future schedule (from Sep?) and submit to Lammadonna's office. Deadline June 30. More forms are available in her District Council office. For future forms, let's hope her office will look for help from a volunteer English proofreader.

Unfortunately, the local powers-that-be were less successful with the YSW- Central and YSW-Sok  Kwu Wan routes of HKKF. Fares will go up by 11% on the YSW-Central roure for individual tickets ($16.10, $22.30 on Sunday & holidays) and 7% for monthly tickets ($621), starting next Friday, July 1!

See former Lamma-zine story for details and the new fare tables. Ask questions and voice your opinions in our forum, Ferry fare increases from July 1.

June 21:  Banyan House English Kindy

Banyan House Kindergarten - Catherine Macer + Karina Bergen, Directors:

About Banyan House

Banyan House is the first English-language kindergarten on Lamma.

A small and intimate child-centred early learning centre that follows the Waldorf method of early education, Banyan House grew out of the vision of a handful of Lamma parents who wanted their young children to have a nourishing early-learning experience right in the heart of their local community.

Now coming into its fourth year of operation, Banyan House has welcomed many of the island's young children through its doors. Creative play is the work of the child.

By giving children a secure, creative, play-filled first school experience we aspire to nurture a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Banyan House, like all Waldorf institutions around the world, emphasizes the Rhythm of the day, the week and the year. Daily activities such as creative play, ring time (singing circle), snack time, oral-story time and outdoor play give the child a sense of daily rhythm while painting, baking, clay modeling and crafts rotate on a weekly basis. Festivals, both local and international, mark the calendar year.

Children at Banyan House are given freedom to explore their unique creativity in numerous ways; through role-play, dressing-up, imitative play, art, games, stories and songs. This kind of play helps a child develop a deep trust in their own imaginative and creative processes and teaches them important life skills, such as the art of negotiation, assertiveness, sharing and diplomacy.

(Sponsored Feature)

June 20:  Baroque & Quarry Comments Deadlines

Daniel Clarke posted on Living Lamma website:

Photos by Siuyu Yeung (South Lamma) and
L-G (Ex-Quarry, from top of Ling Kok Shan, June 15)

The Government has re-started the submissions process for The Baroque on Lamma in light of further information by the developers. They have also begun consultation regarding development of the South Lamma Quarry. Deadlines for submission are Tue 28 June for the Quarry and Wed 29 June for The Baroque.

The submissions and online forms for comment are available on the Environmental Protection Department website.

The Government seems to have asked the developers for clarification on a number of issues in the original submission. These include:

  • Concerns about the sewerage treatment facilities.

  • Questions about alterations to the terrain.

  • Details relating to the breakwater and its pilings.

  • Concerns about the environmental impact of Government provided utilities required but not covered by the proposal.

  • Discussion of a passenger ferry service not previously mentioned.

  • More details about the number of vehicles expected. 

  • More details about proposed 'environmental activities' like eco-walks and yachting regattas.

  • Excuses as to why the helipad shouldn't be considered part of the project.

  • and some discussion over whether this counts as Urban Development.


  • Baroque on Lamma - Project Profile - 10.5MB PDF - View - Download
  • Baroque on Lamma - Further Info - 2.9MB PDF - View - Download
  • Planning and Engineering Study on Future Land Use at Ex-Lamma Quarry Area at Sok Kwu Wan – Feasibility Study - Download

    [Editor: Quotes from this Study:
    "Planning Department (PlanD) and CEDD will jointly commission the Study to examine the development potential of the Study Site for predominantly residential use with compatible developments.
    The Study including the EIA study is anticipated to commence in the latter half of 2011 for completion within a study period of approximately 30 months."

    "1.4.7 - In May 2011, the Study Site was put under Short Term Tenancy (STT) to Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) for a non-profit making environmental education and wild life learning centre for a period of 3 years certain and thereafter quarterly."
    View YMCA Wonderland proposal.]

June 19:  Lamma Dragons End Great Season

Andrew Shields - Captain of Lamma Dragons Men:

(all photos by Lamma-Gung)

Guys, I had a great night on Saturday and Sunday morning - still not fully recovered. This is my last Dragonboating email of the season and I want to reiterate my thanks to you all for making this such a fantastic season! I really hope we can keep this bunch together and add a few more strong paddlers and go for Gold next year.

For the record:

Best New Dragon Boater: Alex Miranda (kept having to remind myself that Alex was in fact a newbie - though not to say there's no room for improvement :-))

Best New Paddler: Romain Busque (I had a special "weeg" lined up if Romain had been there - I shall save it for next year.)

Best Newbie Attendance: Ben Kaehler (actually very close to best attendance overall.)

Heart Attack Award: Andy Petersen (more training next year so the races don't make you look like you'll explode!)

Most Improved Paddler: Henry Ludeman (brilliant effort and also very close to best attendance.)

Best Helm: Brad Tarr (Garmin and now compass - what could possibly go wrong?)

Best Fancy Dress: Kev Harrison (Ken ran a close second but Headless Nick on the Harry Potter night definitely swung it.)

Team Spirit Award: Alex Summerson (despite the fact Alex has difficulty with the Sunday morning concept.)

Best Attendance: Leo Cheung and Ken Ng (if we had another 24 as dedicated to training we'd absolutely be the best team in HK.)

Don't forget - if you don't do so already try outrigging - great way to keep paddle fit and a brilliant sport in itself.


Vixen & Karen Carmen - Co-Captains of Lamma Dragons Women:

Hello Ladies!

Here's a recap of Saturday night's awards:

Under the Newcomer-of-Sorts
Theme Awards…

Newcomer Recognition Award:
Hera Montellano, Isabella Lee, Tess Alton, Vicky Hill, Nicky Jones, Michelle Furst, Brittany Hite, Bek Joyce, Emma Webb, Cathy Wang, Amanda Zhang, Joy

Sportwomenship Award (for paddling for other teams when asked):
Isabella Lee, Tess Alton, Michelle Furst, Joy

Party Animal Award: Bek Joyce & Nicky Jones

Experienced Paddlers in New Positions Award: Penny Nicolle & Laura Bryant

Best Backseat-Driving Beacon Award:
Anna Dowson

This season's Tweedledee & Tweedledum Award: Rachel Adams & Heidi Carroll

Thank Yous…

AmySteerwoman & Helmsmen Organiser
Penny Nicolle Race & Transport Organisation
Claudia Tarr
Database Diva
Sharon McGinley
Fashion Guru & Tour Shirt Organiser
Elisabeth AttwoodPaddler Recruitment
Dawn Roughsedge
Beast/Drummer & Tour Organiser
Jess King – Part I of the Keeping Us Afloat Award As Fundraiser Co-ordinator

Lisa Stella Part II of the Keeping Us Afloat Award As Treasurer
Gina Miller
Mixed Drummer & Lamma 500 Organiser

Brad Tarr
For his sponsorship, for helming prowess,
for hosting our AGM with food and free-flowing Thirsty Horse, and organizing & running the best damn race event of the season – Lamma 500
(and crying when we won it!)

Final Awards…

Supporter Recognition: Arja, Krissie, Pete's Marianne, Chris' Yutte, Alex's Anna, Donna's Martin, Jonnet's Magnus, Jakki's Michael

Double-Duty Darlings:
Donna Bugler & Jonnet Bernal

Best Fancy Dress Duo: Ken Ng & Setsu Nakai

Couldn't Be Asked (and we love her for it!): Marion Shearman

We'll Hate To See You Go:
Denise Boudreau & Heidi Carroll

We still have end of season pendant mementos to give out to: Ann, Anna, Amanda, Bek, Christine, Elisabeth, Gloria, Hera, Natalie.

Also, I have a Women's Gold Medal from Disco Bay that someone still hasn't claimed and two medals from Shatin (I seem to remember one belonging to Ann) to be picked up.

We also have Disney tickets to distribute to those who want them! Any of the women who paddled in Disco Bay is automatically entitled to one. Please send Vixen or myself an email if you are NOT interested in using your ticket.

Thank you for our M & S gift vouchers! Like Vixen, I think the purchase of a touch o' lingerie may be in my future…

Being co-captains of the Lamma Ladies team this year, both Vixen and I are extremely proud to represent a team that has stepped up to the season's challenges. This team is successful because we work together and support each other inside and out of the boat. It has been an honour to celebrate the teams' triumphs this year. Here's to more of the same in the years to come!


June 18:  Erecting A Giant Cross

Some topics still manage to catch people's attention and passion, igniting some heated discussions. Vanoclamma enquired quite innocently if it would be OK if the new Canaan Church in Yung Shue Wan would be permitted to put up a huge cross on a hill, visible from HK Island.

Check out what happened next, a real firestorm of opposition, plus several creative suggestions for other huge religious symbols to be erected, from a Buddha statue to a giant neon $ sign. Is religious freedom alive and well on Lamma ... as long as we don't see any overtly religious symbols?

Giant Cross on Lamma Island Question

June 17:  One Day in Yung Shue Wan

I'm walking around Lamma almost every day, always with at least one camera, trying to find news, updates and stuff for the always hungry daily Lamma-zine and the forum, following up leads and checking out recent changes. Below are a few pictures all taken on a single day, Tue June 14, 2011, each one too small for a full story or the topic has been covered before, but the photo is still noteworthy or at least pretty, I hope. (Click to enlarge, like most Lamma-zine photos.

By the way, if you're looking for photos of anything Lamma- or Lammaite-related of the last 9+ years, contact me and I'll have a look into my extensive archives.

Early morning views from the Snake Path -- Po Wah Yuen

Helipad plus the YSW Sewage Treatment Plant under construction -
"Beautiful weather clouds" over Lantau, seen from the very top of my rooftop

Elephant Ear fruit, as big as a cob of corn -- Rooftop Jungle --
Video surveillance in Sha Po Old Village

Sitting-Out Area under construction in Tai Peng Village -- Banana flower & visitor

WILD graffiti, updated just a few days ago -- Sunset above YSW Harbour

Full moon shining through a Village House atop Pak Kok Ferry Pier --
New extension of Man Fung Seafood Rest., open for business

YSW Harbour under a full moon

June 16:  Logan:  Leaps and Bounds!

Louise Eastwell:

Hey folks! I've come on in leaps and bounds since you last heard of me. I've been a really good boy – quite honestly, I've taken a 'chill pill'! As my life has settled down, so have I. Since my first foster Mum, Louise, started helping me battle through my fears of this, that and, well, everything, and gave me ways to channel my energies; I'm fast becoming a new dog!

Now, I've really landed on my paws in my second foster home at Aunty Lisa's house, where I'm head over heels with my newest best pal – Flanders, their super-dooper, playful dog, C:\Users\owner\Pictures\Logan Article\Logan Article\DSCN6597.JPGwho's almost as handsome as I am!

Aunty Lisa is a WHIZZ dog trainer. I've only been with her about two weeks, but I've learnt SO much already: I can sit really well and am getting much better at 'stay' and 'come'!

My days of being fearful of people, bikes and vehicles going past me are scarcely an issue for me nowadays, I'm behaving better off the lead, and I haven't even looked at Lisa's two boys like they might be toys, not once!

Life is SO much more fun now that I know I feel wanted, loved and safe!

I have about 8 weeks with Aunty Lisa and in that time, I'd love to find my 'forever' home with an owner who has plenty of time for me. I see myself as a full-on companion to a single sporty chap, or couple, who I could run with on foot or alongside a bike through the hills – Aunty Lisa wants to teach me how to do that! And, if this / these nice people already had a playful dog, then I could be a pal to him or her too – wouldn't that just be perfect?

Play, play, play … I live to play!

Aunty Louise keeps telling me that I'm just the most adorable creature, and do you know what? I'm beginning to think she might be right … I am, aren't I?!

PLEASE help me find my forever owner(s). He or she is out there just waiting for me to bounce into their lives!

Logan is a 10 month-old puppy
Rescued by LAWC
Fostered by Lisa + Louise:

Call Louise on
6496 1267!

P.S. June 26:  Great news! Logan's situation has been resolved!

Many thanks to everybody who helped to make this possible with their support!

June 15:  Ever Felt Like Kicking Yourself?

June 14:  Young Island Artists @ Cath's Bar

Roz Keep - Lamma Artist:

(Text & pictures by Roz Keep)

Banyan Bay Through Our Eyes

On Fri, June 17th 2011, Island Arts after school art club will present an exhibition of children's paintings at Banyan Bay Café (AKA Cath's Bar) from 6pm.

Island Arts is a registered business which specializes in drawing and painting classes for children from 7 years and over. We have been operating for several months and run classes from 4.30- 5.30 pm at Banyan House School, 32 Yung Shu Long Valley.

The art lessons we run are suitable for children from the age of 7 who want to practice drawing from observation, use various media for paintings and do sketching out of doors.

We have this past year taught 30 children from Lamma of various ages and nationalities and who have gained confidence in their ability to draw and express themselves.

Painting projects this year have included sketching trips in small groups to a variety of Lamma locations. These include a visit to a popular seafood restaurant to observe fish in tanks; Drawings from this expedition led to a painting done in the studio at the school. We used watercolours for this which seemed appropriate!

We then visited the Lamma Fishing Village located past the library and near the ferry pier where we spent two lessons drawing first boats and the week after, the Tin Hau temple. We then returned to the studio and combined our images into one finished painting using watercolour pencils, paper and collage.

One exciting project this term has been to sketch seascapes at a small beach near the fishing village and then return to the studio to learn to use acrylic paint on canvas. Please visit the exhibition at Cath's bar in the High Street on the way to the temple to see all the finished work; it's colourful and impressive.

Island Arts is run by Mrs. Roz keep who paints watercolour landscapes of Lamma Island and HK and who has been teaching art to youngsters and adults for many years. Please contact her at if you would like details of classes and summer art classes in July.

Poster for the exhibition,
Jun 18 - Jul 1 @ Cath's Bar

Observing live marine animals, to paint them,
not to eat them!

On the Fishermen's Village's typhoon shelter levy.

Painting more seafood...

Fishermen's Village temple

June 13:  There Are No Weeds!

Some of you might remember Lamma-Gung's Rooftop Garden & PondTM, full of flowers, bushes, exotic plants and even a few veggies, kind of a little showcase for Lamma's huge number of hobby gardeners, I had hoped. It survived being transplanted to a new rooftop two years ago and has nicely prospered since then, without any chemicals, almost no pruning and especially NO WEEDING!

Because of this "unprofessional" approach to horticulture, unlike *real* gardeners who're tending and shaping their garden daily, some "weeds" have obviously flourished, creepers stopped creeping, exotic species not accustomed to sometimes harsh rooftop weather conditions have died off, like the little fishes in the pond during the freezing Lunar New Year, but some indigenous bushes have grown 2+ metres tall. (Click on any photo to enlarge.)

It's all become a lot less artificial, less organised and un-weeded, looking a lot more "natural" and "organic"! I love it! Local species have been sprouting up spontaneously, multiplying, seeded by wind, insects and birds, changing the type and look of my organic garden dramatically over the last 4 years. I've also stopped buying new plants and chemicals long ago, just a bit of organic feed occasionally. I'm simply picking some wild saplings and seeds during my Lamma hikes, many of which have grown up very nicely. So I decided to declare a strict "There are no weeds!" policy and rename it to Lamma-Gung's Rooftop Jungle & Pond.

Unfortunately, weed-hating Lamma-Por rarely ventures up there anymore. But she's not really the outdoorsy type anyway and has always left gardening duties to eager and willing me. It might be time to organise another rooftop party and BBQ, or should that be a Pruning Party, BYOB & BYOS (Bring Your Own Sécateur, or pruning shears). Who'd be game for that?

But this party would only welcome daring naturalists who're not worried about the occasional ant, bug or creepy crawly who share my enjoyment of my organic rooftop sanctuary. Just kidding, no snakes, centipedes or little furry animals sighted so far, but they might well be hiding deep in my Rooftop Jungle, waiting patiently before suddenly pouncing on unwary visitors....

June 12:  Sewerage Phase 2 - Public Forum

How did I and a few interested Lammaites come to spend a beautiful, sunny Sat morning not lounging on the beach but in the Primary School listening to a technical Cantonese PowerPoint presentation by these dapper gentlemen from various Govt. departments about ... sewerage pipes? Do we all just lead such boring lives or are we actively engaging in a public consultation process to facilitate the implementation of the largest public infrastructure project Lamma has seen in a very long time, amounting to hundred of millions of dollars?

Well, the Sewerage Phase 1 has (almost) been completed now, Phase 2 will start next month and encompass over 10 km of additional pipes in 18 North Lamma villages by 2013, plus 3 sewage pumping station in O Tsai, Tai Wan Village and Hung Shing Yeh.

AECOM has been commissioned by the Drainage Services Department consultant to undertake investigation, design and construction supervision of the Phase 2 Sewerage project, while the contractor for Phase 2 construction works has not been appointed yet.

Please find many more details and a detailed map in my last story, Connecting Your House to the Poo Palace and in the presentation I've asked for in digital form to upload here. This leaflet below has been handed out at the forum, answering some of your questions and giving contacts for enquiries, including a special email "hotline". (Eng. version below, Chin. version, Page 1 & Page 2.)

But how will the future Sewage Treatment Plant look like from the YSW ferry pier? It's currently under construction behind the Helipad for the next several years:

It'll look something like this Artist's Impression below. The colour scheme is negotiable, but not much else is negotiable:

In the meantime, you're welcome to post any questions and frank comments in our forum, Lamma Village Sewerage Phase 2.

P.S. June 23: Just in, the English translation of the presentation:

Public Consultation Forum - English - Chinese

Some key graphics from the presentation (click to enlarge)

Future Sewage Pumping Stations:

June 11:  Reducing Working Hours in YSW

I've been visiting Lammadonna's (Yu Lai Fan, our elected District Councilor) office occasionally for information-gathering and village news updates for years, but I didn't realise that they're open till 6pm every Saturday. I found out only recently and asked her in person, while we were meeting by chance on the ferry to DbAY last Monday to see the Lamma Dragons triumph once again (see Lammadonna the Pink Hippie Girl, including sunflower). I teased her that such a 6 day week is very tough, too demanding for her two wonderful and capable assistants, Joyce & Ting-Ting, But I didn't expect anything from saying this, of course.

When entering Lammadonna's office today, Saturday afternoon, only her two assistants were in. They looked so cheerful, even more than usual, asking me right away if I'd spoken to their boss about their working hours? I admitted it and they announced happily that she'd actually listened to me! She'd agreed to reduce their working hours right away, canceling Sat afternoons work and even introducing alternate Sat mornings. Such an unexpected and pleasant surprise! Cheers!

Then I helped them to proofread and format the new "Working Hours" sign below for their office door (including Lammadonna's beloved pink colour). It was the girls very last Sat afternoon today in the office, leaving much earlier than their former 6pm.

As a former Regional and General Manager, dealing with my staff in several countries - especially the rewarding them for good work - was always one of my favourite job duties. I'm kind of missing it nowadays as a one-man band (with a number of volunteers, but they don't take orders from me, of course.) Hey, are you working way too many hours in your current job?! Want me to have a word with your boss about it?  ;-)

So it IS possible to initiate changes in our village, at least in small baby steps, making at least two people happy in this case. Well, I hope to get even more help and news from Joyce & Ting-Ting from now on, making me happy as well!  ;-)

June 10:  Answers From The Baroque on Lamma

Here they are, the official replies from the The Team of The Baroque on Lamma to my "media enquiry" from a little while back. My questions were trying to summarise the most frequently raised comments about the project in our own BoL forum and the even more active Facebook group. (For BoL details: website or click on pic.)

My questions focused on these topics:

Location, Environment, Property Rights, Precedents, Car Parking, Credibility, Greenwashing, Yachting Community Support, Super-Marina, Impacts, Future Plans.

Thanks to the BoL Team for these mostly quite detailed answers and surprisingly frank comments, click below:

Q & A with The Baroque on Lamma

P.S. In the meantime, another beach cleanup happened on Shek Pai Wan Beach in South Lamma (see BoL Project Profile above, top right corner) on Sun, Jun 5.
(Click for Siuyu Yeung's photo gallery):

June 9:  Peter Berry's Wedding @ The Waterfront

The Waterfront is a great place to get married, as demonstrated by the wedding of Waterfront/Island Bar co-owner Peter Berry & Ira on Sat, May 21. Warmest congratulations from the Lamma-zine! All the phantastic photos are by Donna "Wedding Photographer" Foreman - Facebook albums here and here. These are my personal favourites from this amazingly multi-cultural Lamma wedding:

This other wedding below, on the rooftop of The Waterfront at sunset, has been employing Wedding Photographer Lamma-Gung (click for my photo gallery):

June 8:  Volleyball League Semi-Finals

Click for L-G's photogallery

Yue-Pak Gigolo 53 writes:

"The Lamma Island Pinay League 2011 Inter-Color Volleyball Tournament was formed based from the format of recently concluded Lamma Island Pinoy League Intercolor (Basketball) Tournament. Its main aim is "to improve the camaraderie of the Filipino community in Lamma Island".

Criteria for membership:
1. Must be Lamma or ex-Lamma resident
2. Full-blooded or half-blooded Filipino (either parent is a Filipino)
3. Must be HK OFW (not tourist)."

June 7:  We Paddled for the Planet

Paddle for the Planet: Sun, Jun 5, 11am: YSW Harbour - Facebook Event:

Similar to the Santa Paddle, the Lamma Dragons and Outrigger Canoe Club teams took part in raising awareness for the oceans. They also raised $3,000 from the paddlers at this Sunday morning outing; $1,500 went to the Paddle for the Planet charity and $1,500 to Save Our Seas.

Afterwards, the ravenous paddlers devoured stuffed baguettes in their long-time HQ in The Island Bar.

Click for L-G's photogallery

June 6:  Lamma Hippie Dragons Triumph in DbAY

Click for L-G's photogallery and Brittany's blog w/photos.

June 4:  Time to Panic!?

Yesterday, I've had another half-yearly appointment with my hospital-appointed dietician, where they measure your waist, weight and body composition. I got some really terrible, shocking, devastating news!

Fortunately, my body weight is still exactly the same as one year ago, 88.6kg, but my TBF (Total Body Fat) value has gone up from an all-time low of 17.3% to 20.4% yesterday! See my May 25, 2010 story, Only Half the Man I Used to Be. For a recently converted fitness & health nut(case) this is really horrible and totally, totally unacceptable! Time to panic! Really!

Since my tummy skin reduction surgery 2 months ago, I haven't been allowed to do any hard-core exercise, doctor's order. It really shows, not in any weight gain, but in becoming fatter! But to my big surprise, my dietician was very happy about this % figure and not terribly alarmed at all! Being such a slim, slender HK- Chinese lady herself, she claims that my body fat is right in the middle of the ideal 17-23% range (see printout). I'm all healthy, feeling well, not regaining any weight, so it's all great, in her expert opinion. "Great job, keep it up! See you again in 6 months."

All great? Harrumph! No way! I've turned into a fat blob again and it's high time to return to serious, hard-core exercise to convert some body fat into lean muscle mass. I've been doing strenuous, sweaty photo shoots of tree planting up in the hills of Lamma today, ladies volleyball and Paddling for the Planet tomorrow and DBay dragonboating on Monday. But I have to really get back into regular, serious exercise NOW, not just watching and admiring the fit'n'pretty, sporty ladies and taking pictures!

Or should I just stop whining and shut up about this topic - "Enough already!" - and be happy with my low and steady weight and OK body composition, like my dietitician? Nah! No way! Back to Boostcamp, you lazy, fat SOB, the "Other Fat Bastard"!! Next goal: getting below 15% body fat and being able to jog all the way up to the windturbine ... and back!!!

Well, I'll get on it really soon, right after I finish this refreshingly cool (single) glass of Thirsty Horse Chardonnay, the crackers and the little Swiss cheese nibbles - all dietician-approved parts of my current weight maintenance diet, honest! - which are tempting me besides my keyboard while typing up this story....

May 25, 2010 - Pure Fitness gym's Body Composition Analysis

June 3:  Creative Felting?

The poster below is popping up all over YSW these days, even in places where there are usually few or no posters, maybe to highlight the free-spirited and playful feel of the ad? They even managed to get their posters onto this home page and made me animate it, inspired by the contents of their advertised courses. Well, this is not the first time they've advertised here, see a few of the old ad banners I've done for them over the years, usually only for a few weeks of promoting their Christmas Fair fundraisers or their summer schools:

The activities in the small print on their new "summer school" poster below sound most intriguing, even mysterious. Did we do any of these fun activities back in my distant-past school days? Nature walks? Check! Leaf rubbings? Check! Decorating candles? Check!

But did we make wands? No! Modelling creatures & insects? Maybe not! Sand & water sculptures? Can't remember! Baking & decorating fairy cakes? Definitely not! Creative Felting? Hey, what's that???

Instead of googling it and getting loads of unhelpful links, why not find out yourself and enroll your little one(s) in a summer school course! They've become a real Lamma tradition already, a major meet-up for junior Lammaites to socialise and engage in creative play. "Give your child the gift of creative play", as their slogan says. Do I sound like an advertorial? Well, that's probably because this story kind of is one, just a little freebie to greet our latest advertiser.

Welcome, Banyan House Kindergarten, to the illustrious, much-appreciated and most precious elite selection of local businesses who make this community website possible, enabling it to survive a little while longer, for almost 9 years now. Thank you so much!

But these summer school activities sound so much fun and just thinking about the fun I had in school doing some of them ... am I really too old to join in? I'm not old enough yet to receive a free Dragonboat Festival zhong (filled rice dumplings) from Lammadonna's office (for seniors only, similar to the free rice at Chin. New Year), but I can still act embarrassingly childish on occasion, as Lamma-Por will surely be all too eager to confirm to anybody.

So maybe I should try to join one of their summer courses: Fantasy & Fables, Experiencing Nature, or, my favourite: Exploring the Elements! Well, maybe not - wouldn't want to frighten the children - so I'll just have to learn to do "Creative Felting" at home ... after finding out what it actually is....

June 2:  Clean Up Lamma & Plant Trees

Jo Wilson - Secretary, Living Lamma:

An Update from Living Lamma

Apologies for the last minute nature of this message, but I'm hoping that it's better late than never. I want to draw your attention to TWO community activities taking place this weekend and the launch of Living Lamma's monthly Clean Up Lamma initiative to coincide with World Environment Day this Sunday.

In case you are wondering, the late notice is down to what will forever more be known as "FFrantic May" (no typo intended - it's 'flipping' for those of a sensitive nature!), with time otherwise spent responding to government and local developer's plans to concrete over large areas of Lamma (and not in a good way). There will be an update on the Reclamation, the Quarry and South Lamma in due course, as well as notice of Living Lamma's AGM now scheduled for September.

Now, however, it is time to stop complaining and do something positive for Lamma's environment.

1. Tree Planting

This Saturday 4th June at 9 am, Bobsy and friends will be planting more native HK trees up in the Lamma Forest. All are welcome!

Meet at the old picnic site en route to Pak Kok along the coastal road. Planting should take approximately 4 hours or so.

This year 211 beautiful indigenous trees will be planted at different locations throughout the forest. There is one particular stubborn area that has refused numerous attempts at successfully seeding this slope. It is east facing and on a slight slope. This area will be planted with some hardier species of trees this time round.

Instructions on how to plant, forest safety & all necessary tools & gloves will be provided on the day.

What to bring and what to wear:

  • Please bring your own supply of drinking WATER.

  • Snacks such as energy bars or fruits or a sandwich.

  • Wear LONG TROUSERS & STURDY SHOES, such as trainers or hiking boots, something with closed toes. No sandals or flip flops.

  • Mosquito repellant of the natural kind, if possible.

  • A HAT, this is very useful for both sun & rain.

  • SUN BLOCK cream.

  • Your OWN CARRY BAG for bits & bobs or even for carrying seedlings
    (babe trees) & tools etc...

As the rainy season is already upon us, if there is torrential rain or big thunderstorms then we will postpone the day, but otherwise rain is very good for tree planting & makes our task easier.

Bobsy's mobile is 9488 4746. You can also visit for stories, photos and a video of previous tree plantings.

2. Beach Clean Up

This Sunday June 5th, the Green Lamma Group is organising a beach clean up on the South side of Lamma. Meet at Sok Kwu Wan ferry pier at 9 am for the 45 minute walk over to Shek Pei Wan.

They are planning to clean the beach from 10 am to 12 noon and return to have lunch at Sok Kwu Wan at 1 pm. Poster.

Please dress appropriately and take along sun screen, water, and snacks. Bags and gloves will be provided. For further information, call Siu Yu on 9863 8407. Facebook group, event. After-event photos!

3. Clean Up Lamma

Over the past year, Living Lamma has been organising ad hoc clean ups of coastal areas and the side of pathways, places that are beyond the responsibility of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD). In doing so, we are starting to build a record of what is causing chronic littering and this in turn helps us when communicating with the Environmental Protection Department on policy initiatives that could significantly improve our environment.

To coincide with World Environment Day, we are inviting Living Lamma members and friends to take their own initiative. Starting this week, on the first Sunday of each month, we would like you to spend a little time to clean up an area of your choice.

Don't try to do too much. The aim is to get as many people as possible cleaning up and maintaining a small patch.

Don't give up. If the rubbish returns, clean it up again next month or the month after and tell us about it. This is a long term endeavour. Lamma's litter problems will only be solved be consistent and persistent effort.

Tell us about it. Email us at We will use the information on what is being picked up where to inform government departments and lobby for better environmental support. Photos are very useful in building our database of problem areas. In particular, if there is any contractor work associated with the littering, we need to know about it and report it. Often we find almost full water bottles and lunch boxes slung into the undergrowth nearby works sites.

Be safe and set the rules. If you are taking the kids along, make sure they have sturdy footwear and gloves. Do not allow them to go where they cannot see what might be lurking in the undergrowth. Do not allow them to pick up sharp objects, broken glass or used batteries. It is a great educational experience to involve the children and we would like to see families participating. For the grown-ups, take great care when reaching for rubbish, some of the banks are slippery and watch out for snakes. If you are worried, focus on a beach area or other open space. The FEHD can provide gloves and bags. We have found also metal tongs to be very useful for picking up things that you'd rather not touch.

Clean Up Lamma Days will be on the first Sunday of every month starting 5th June 2011. Start this week or at any time during the year. Go with friends or on your own.

Help make Lamma more beautiful. Don't just look at the trash or complain about it (it will not move this way), pick it up. Every little bit helps. Check out our website and our new LL e-Newsletter.

Paddle for the Planet:

Sunday, June 5, 11am: YSW Harbour, starting at 10:30 @ The Island Bar. View from outside the Old Jetty - close to Lamcombe.
imilar to the Santa Paddle, but raising awareness for the oceans:
Paddle for the Planet website, Facebook.
YSW dragonboat and OCC teams will take part, plus a team all the way from Australia. Join in with anything that can be paddled!

June 1:  Connecting Your House to the Poo Palace

(Click to enlarge map)

The Lamma Village Sewerage Phase 2 is starting up now. If you live in North Lamma, along one of the blue lines above, phase 1, the pipes have already been completed by now. Along the pink lines, you'll face sewerage pipe construction works around your house for quite some time during the next few years. See a list of villages in the official notice from the Drainage Services Dept. below.

If you live alone up in the hills or in the forest, like some of us do, don't worry. Your rent-free shack, (supposedly) abandoned house, cave, tree house, ex-pig-sty or squatter residence will be spared.

All these pipes will lead gently downhill to the Sewage Treatment Works - under construction till 2015 - behind the YSW Helipad, nicknamed Poo Palace (see right.) There'll be a Public Consultation Forum on Sat, Jun 11 in the YSW Primary School:

Post your comments in our own online "Public Consultation Forum".


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