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Wed, Aug 25: Upcoming Events:

Quiz Night & DJ party @ Island Bar, Summer Vibes party @ Cococabana, Garoupa @ The Wanch,...

For details, click "Events Calendar" on the left

Sat/Sun, Aug 21/22: S.O.S. IIII Beach Party:

for details, click "Events Calendar" on the left

Sat, Aug 14: Garoupa @ Island Bar:

for details, click "Events Calendar" on the left

Sun, July 11: Lamma-zine July:

1. Meet Alain the World Champion 2. Official Gravity Pocket Researcher 3. Restaurants & Bars - July 2004 4. Oh, Mr Bobsy, You Are Naughty! 5. Tin Hau Festival, Dragonboats, Chinese Opera! 6. The First Strike 2004 7. Cronky, Wonky, Stonky & Honky Donkey 8. Maternal & Child Health Centre Closed! 9. Tapping Into Your Creative Pulse 10. Tell Me About Your Cultural Identity! 11. High Street Fashion For a Rainy Day 12. Lamma Flowers & Insects


Thu, June 10: Lamma-zine June: click for preview flyer

Sat/Sun, June 5/6: Wanchai Live IX festival: Lamma bands:

Date Time Carnegie's The Wanch
Sat 5th 8-9pm   Garoupa
  9-10pm Thinking Out Loud  
Sun 6th 8-9pm The Flowers of Babylon  
  9-10pm NUDE  
  11pm-12am Shockin Rockin Donkeys  

Complete time table. More details in the Events Calendar!

Sat, May 1: Lamma Dragons win Stanley Ladies Gold Cup!

Fri, Apr 30: Lamma-zine April:

1. The Loveliest Place on Lamma! 2. Restaurants & Bars - April 2004 3. Land of Herbs & Veggies at the Beach 4. Sexy Biaatch of Boracay 5. Sacred Drums on Kublai's Kahn 6. Nadia - Second-hand Artist? 7. Like an Indian Village? 8. First-ever Female Cricket Club Captain 9. We're Getting a Wind Turbine 10. Very Temporary Helipad 11. Inside & Beyond the Typhoon Shelter 12. Doggy Island

Thu, Apr 29: Quiz Night in Island Bar

w/Lucky Draw

Apr 16: Lamma-zine April preview: photo galleries:

Restaurant & Bar News, Herboland, Nadia's Art Gallery, Doggy Island, Typhoon Shelter, Sexy Biaatch of Boracay

Mar 21: Lamma-zine March:

A Colourful Kaleidoscope of Village Life

1. Up Close and Personal with Lammadonna 2. Restaurant & Bar News – March 2004 3. Tasting Deli–cious Wines 4. Dining Adventure in Sok Kwu Wan 5. Farewell to the Sweary, Shouty Quizmaster 6. Lamma Accident & Emergency Committee 7. More Than Just "The Cat Artist" Diane Huntoon 8. Pinkyism – a New Evil Cult? 9. Who's "The Sweetest Motherfucker" on Lamma? 10. So You Think You Can Pull? – Dragon Boating 11. Lamma Cricket Club Falls at Last Fence 12. From Hunter's Beach to Helipad – Reclamation Photo History.


Mar 17: More new photo galleries

Mar 9: New photo galleries

Click on buttons below:

Mar 7: Lamma Dragons: training starts, new paddlers welcome!

Click here for more info.

Feb 28: Wine Tasting Party

Click here for photos.

Feb 21: So You Think You Can Pull...

Click here for details.

Feb 17: Bicycle Clearance Operation at the Covered Area of YSW Ferry Pier:

A clearance operation in the mornings of 19 Feb (Thu) and 20 Feb (Fri) will be carried out, confiscating bicycles and obstructions.

Click here for discussion.

Feb 16: Temporary helipad completed:

Feb 9: Call for info on David Slough's accident:

The newly established Lamma Accident & Emergency Services Committee is working on improving these services. But they need your help, looking for witnesses to the accident and subsequent events!

Residents are also invited to provide info on other medical emergencies on Lamma which may reflect on deficiencies.

Click here for more info!

Feb 5: Lamma-zine Feb:

Sexy Molls, Forgotten Artists & Village Idiots

1. Chinese New Year Leftovers 2. Free Classifieds, Links & Web Pages! 3. Favourite Hangout of Gangsters & Molls? 4. Restaurant & Bar News - Jan 2004 5. Roz Keep, ex-Lammaite Painter 6. The Official Village Idiot Election 7. Transparency Through Participation in an Interactive Platform 8. Below the Ferry Pier... 9. Flourishing Flora, Faultless Fauna 10. Gravel Ship at Sunset 11. The Forgotten Artist 12. "We were awesome in the field!"

Jan 22, 2004: Happy Chinese New Year!

Jan 1, 2004: Happy New Year to all visitors of the brand-new website!

Dec 21, 2003: Lamma-zine Dec has been published:

1. Christmas Shopping Photo Gallery  2. Lamma Fun Day - Best Snapshots  3. Follow-ups: Elections, Helipad, Loy Krathong  4. Restaurant & Bar News - December  5. LAP Opens Animal Welfare Center  6. Corner Bar Closing - 10th Anniversary  7. Squinty Backbone @ Bookworm  8. Lamma Cricket Clubbers' Emphatic Win!  9. Confluence King of China  10. Clamma for Glamma on Lamma (Groan!)  11. Reclamation Update  12. Seriously Silly Signs.

Dec 3, 2003: Lamma portal is up and running!

Some sections in the top topics section are still under construction. However we are sure everything will be sorted out in a while.

Meanwhile, ferry timetables and hill walking are linked to other web sites containing some relevant information.

The rest of the site is fully operational as far as we can tell. If you experience any technical problems please let us know.

New features

The new look portal contains many new features we hope you will find useful. These include.

  • Classified advertising system

  • Add your own web site links

  • Lamma Island web site builder

  • Search engine

  • Restaurant and bar directory

  • General business directory

Of course all the old features are included too, but they may not be in the same place.

Lamma-Gung is going to be adding news, photos and events to this website as and when things occur. We hope it will all be good news. Please get in touch with Lamma-Gung if you have news you want to share:

Send private message Lamma-Gung or send regular email for attachments. Well, that's about it at the moment. We hope you will enjoy our new features, and make use of them as often as possible.

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