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May 31:  'Ten ways to drag your woman to the gym'

Lara Wozniak
Lammaite of the Day!

The 2nd issue of Fit HK! magazine ("fitnesshealthbeauty") has been published recently. Launched by Lamma Dragons Captain Katie and several other Lammaites, it's already doubled its print run to 20,000 copies! It's widely distributed all over HK (gyms, Bookazines) and on Lamma, of course. Best of all, it's free!

Their comprehensive website has a monthly feature by "Lamma Girl Lara", describing herself as "a freelance writer and sports fanatic. She paddles for HKIPC and runs in action challenges when she can.". Judging by her photo with a paddle in her monthly column, somebody has been following her advice, dragging HER to the gym! Check out those abs! Lara is our ultra-fit "Lammaite of the Day", a worthy contributor & poster girl for Fit HK!

Ten ways to drag your woman to the gym

1)  Remember, women like sweets. Tell her you feel insecure at the gym because so many of the guys are so much fitter than you. She’ll go for the eye candy.

2)  The next time she points out a super-sexy dress in a window shop, promise her that you’ll buy it -- when she fits into it.

3)  After you get out of the hospital because she broke your nose, ribs and blackened your eye for that comment, ask her to go the gym with you to rebuild your strength. She’ll tag along because she feels guilty for hurting you.

For Lara's other seven ways, click here. If you need ten ways to drag your man to the gym, click here. But beware, these ten ways start out with:

1) Remember, men are like dogs...

Lamma-Por is peeking over my shoulder, reading this and then shouting "Yeah, you go, girl!!", punching... the air, not me... in agreement. I hope she won't try to drag ME to the gym below, the Lamma Fitness Centre...

P.S. Katie & Claudia just told me that "Lamma Girl Lara" has just "turned purple, no longer a Lammarite. She has deserted us and gone to live in Central AND, YES, to paddle for the IPC... but we still love her!!"

So I've got to rename Lara into the ex-Lammaite of the Day!

May 30:  Getting Fit & Centred

Too busy for exercise? Get out of the pub and try some of these self-torture machines above! This is a little inside look of the Fitness Centre in Sha Po Old Village, from my photo shoot last week.

This is most unfamiliar & exotic territory for a cybergeek. I prefer more gentle & scenic exercise myself (see tree planting below), walking in the gentle & beautiful hills of Lamma, full of amazing flora & fauna, camera always at my side...

Well, while I'm at it, self-promoting my low-cost photo shoots, here are a few more photos from an earlier photo shoot, pasted together for an Eng/Chin. ad I did a while ago for the Fitness Centre which also offers many different beauty & health treatments.

May 29:  'Lamma Gets Greener'

Tree planting Sunday at the Pavilion on the popular hiking trail from Hung Shing Yeh beach to Sok Kwu Wan, overlooking the Lamma Power Station and the entire bay.

Here's a press release w/photos and an Artist's Impression from the sponsor, HK Electric. My own comprehensive story & photo gallery is ready as well!

May 28:  Events Overload - Bad for Your Organic Health?

There are so many interesting events happening in the "Life Organic Health Cafe" these days, it might cause an overload in some of their many regular customers. Today alone, there are FOUR public events scheduled, more than in all of Lamma, according to the Lamma-zine Events Calendar. Click on the event's posters to find out more. Or check out the clickable Life Events Calendar I've set up for them on their web page.

But could too much of a good thing, too many health-oriented events, become actually bad for your health, overloading the delicate balance of our bodies & minds?

Well, probably not, but this frenzy of hyperactivity in life cafe seems to be peaking right now and might actually confuse or overwhelm some of us Lammaites who've grown to love a more peaceful and relaxed rural lifestyle.

Some of us Lammaites might get nervous visiting the more hectic areas of HK Island or Kowloon. But, located in the heart of Soho, close to the hyperactive heart of a hyperactive city, life's regulars- often young, dynamic, career-minded members of the "pretty" crowd - might actually enjoy this frantic pace of events, striving for more, always more: more money, more stuff, more fun, more friends, more health, more life!

For a bit of local excitement, join the Shockin' Rockin' Donkeys in the Island Bar tonight, back from their winter hibernation, rockin' one of their favourite stables from 9pm, shockin' their many loyal, local fans again and again...

May 27:  'Green Lamma Green' Project

Have you heard about the 3-year tree planting project starting this Sunday morning? Yes, me neither. Why have tree plantings recently become so secretive since the very public Able Charity Tree Planting which involved the entire community.

Following up on a little notice on a public bulletin board, this is what I found out so far about this most welcome initiative from the HK Conservancy Association and HK Electric, after quite a lot of prodding & chasing various people.

Local residents are invited to join in with the tree planting, but they'll have a lot of children and HEC staff working already. I've made up a little chart of the location, click to zoom out.

cIt's about 20 minutes out of Hung Shing Yeh, along the coastal path to Sok Kwu Wan. If they get a few of the weekend swarms of tourists passing by on this most popular trail, they'll have more than enough hands to plant the first 300 trees on Sunday.

Opening ceremony on Sunday morning 11am in the Yung Shue Wan football pitch. According to sponsor HK Electric:

"The ceremony will be officiated by the Permanent Secretary for the Environment, Mr. K.K. Kwok; Director and General Manager (Engineering) of Hongkong Electric, Mr Francis Lee; Ms Lister Cheung from HKCA as well as local dignitaries. Over one hundred students and volunteers from Hongkong Electric will be recruited to do the actual tree planting after the ceremony."

More background & detailed info from the HK Conservancy Association.

May 26:  Cookies Stephy & ThereSa Opening IFC Swatch Shop

Walking off the Lamma ferries in Central, through the shiny new Yung Shue Wan shopping mall, eh, IFC mall, it's often surprising what kind of new shops & events you stumble upon unexpectedly. On my way to geek out while absorbing the new Star Wars movie, Lamma-Por and I came across a Swatch shop opening ceremony.

Stephy & ThereSa & Swatch staff

There was an unruly, frenzied swarm of several dozen photographers jostling for the best position and an even larger swarm of even more frenzied fans with their professionally designed signs cheering wildly when their idols finally showed up, said a few words, cut a ribbon, smiled for the cameras and left very quickly shortly afterwards. So many shops, so little time...

According to my Cantopo culture expert & adviser Lamma-Por, Stephy & ThereSa (notice the still-hip dotcom spelling of ThereSa) are two of the group "The Cookies" with four Cantopop starlets, or something like that, or not, who cares. They looked more like another set of copycat Twins to me...

 ThereSa fan club. Sa! Sa! Sa!

Interestingly, Lamma-Por, a former Swatch collector, had already purchased a swatch from that same shop the day before, a belated Mother's Day present from her children. If she'd buy 5 more Swatches, she'd get one free on her membership discount card. A watch is an unusual present for somebody living on a subtropical island where only a minority of people wear watches, relying on their mobile phones to check the time occasionally, rarely. I haven't worn a watch myself since moving to this relaxed island in 2001.

Time isn't money here, time is what many locals have more than enough of, time to relax, enjoy life, enjoy nature, time for their friends, for a drink, for having fun, time to live, time to blog...

May 25:  The Crays Make Music

From the sizable archives of still-unpublished-materials of this blog, let me present a fun photo gallery featuring many longtime Lammaites. Shot by Mr DickStock, featuring Lamma celebrity & famous SCMP photojournalist Steve Cray & family & friends having fun in true Cray style:
The Crays Make Music.

One more fun photo gallery & story from my archive, shot by Steve Cray:

Lammaite Peter Michael in a boxing match for the "Hong Kong Charity Boxing Smoker", fighting valiantly & bravely for his employer SCMP. I love the (literally) cheeky boxing shorts! Here's the full SCMP story (PDF file) from a few months ago, written by Peter Michael (the white/red dude in the photos, who "flushed my veins cold with a toxic mix of adrenalin, fear and fortitude"), plus Steve's hard-hitting knock-out photo gallery.

May 24:  1 Million Dollar Donation!

Following up on my photo gallery about the rebuilding & reopening of the Tin Hau Temple in Sok Kwu Wan last Tuesday, May 17:

Obviously, there was a second "official" opening ceremony three days later, on Friday, May 20. I've received this press release today from the main donor of the temple rebuilding. Many thanks to HK Electric for such a generous donation!

So, where do I apply for a donation for my own little "Lamma temple rebuilding" project? My home is my castle, eh, my temple...

Hongkong Electric - press release, 05/24/2005

Tin Hau Temple redeveloped with Hongkong Electric Lamma Fund

Fishermen and worshippers on Sok Kwu Wan have more than just the Tin Hau Festival to celebrate tomorrow, as the devout will be able to pay tribute to the Goddess of the Sea at a newly reconstructed temple on the coastline of the southern part of Lamma Island.

Destroyed by fire a year ago, the redevelopment of Tin Hau Temple was made possible with donations from the community, including a one million dollar contribution from Hongkong Electric's Lamma Fund...

...The HEC 1890-1990 Lamma Fund, a community trust set up in 1990 and operated by The Hongkong Electric Company Limited (HEC), had earlier responded to a fund raising plea from the local rural community. Together with a separate contribution by HEC, the Company has pledged about a quarter of the total reconstruction cost...

Managing Director of HEC, Mr. K.S. Tso
(fifth from right), officiates at the
ceremony to reopen the Tin Hau Temple.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Fung thanked the generous contributions by major donors in making the re-birth of the Tin Hau Temple possible. More than 100 guests and local dignitaries attended the ceremony before visiting the temple characterised with gold-plated wooden ornamental models and ceramic sculptural representations.

The Lamma Fund was set up with main objectives to establish and improve the community facilities on Lamma Island, to promote the conservation of the environment as well as to improve the ecology of the island. Previous community projects sponsored by the Fund include the extension of Mo Tat Wan Pier and the reconstruction of the 300-meter long Country Trail near Hung Sing Yeh Beach...

May 23:  Lamma Dragons Going Wild in Boracay!

Seeing this cheerful & happy photo, I really do believe their motto of "Out-Pink ~ Out-Paddle ~ Out-Party"!

Claudia, the Dragonboaters' PR lady wrote: "Some photo's from our Boracay Trip. We came 3rd in 250m and 4th in 500m. Wonderful place to race and such beautiful, clean water, as you can see.

P.S. We are having a 3-legged pub crawl this Saturday (May 21) - starting at 7.30pm from Island Bar - to raise a bit of money for the club."

Very nice photos, Claudia, but what I and all your boyfriends/husbands really want to know is: "Who's that gorgeous hunk?" and "Why isn't there a single Dragonboat in all of your photos?" and especially:

"Where are all the wild'n'crazy party photos?"

Well, here are a few more photos from the Lamma Dragons' new website under construction:

Raft for a Laugh, Stanley, April 17.

May 22:  All You Can Eat & Drink Buffet

New Holiday Mood on High Street is turning two years young. Congratulations!

The food has improved so much since their humble beginnings, it's become quite a regular favourite of mine & Lamma-Por. It's well-managed by tireless "cheerleader" Ricky & his tireless voice. Great-value lunches, fine cheese cake & other tea sets! But New Holiday Mood is a longtime Lamma-zine advertiser, so I might be biased?

To celebrate in style, Ricky & his lovely wife (poster design/drawing) are putting on a BIG buffet on Friday, June 17, from 6pm:
Just $88 w/soft drinks, $188 with beer/wine!
1 child per parent free!

I'll be taking pictures of the feeding frenzy and buffet stampede. Lammaites love a good buffet! Some places have stopped doing them because some unnamed Lammaites liked them too much, even bringing along many "takeaway bags".

Not this time, but as they're serving Western, Chinese (from Lung Wah) and Indian (Spicy Island) food, it should be a really quite spectacular buffet spread!

See you there?

May 21:  Tin Hau Temple in Sok Kwu Wan Rebuilt

(Picture courtesy of Guy Miller)

As you might have heard, the beautiful, 150-year-old Tin Hau temple in Sok Kwu Wan in South Lamma has burnt down on Chinese New Year day 2004. This is how amazing it looked before (Sok Kwu Wan dinner) and here are some photos of the rebuilding effort.

Well, it's been completed and officially reopened in grand style last Tue, May 17, 2005! Lamma-Por and I took a special Rainbow Restaurant ferry from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan, on invitation from Lammadonna. She was one of the officials opening the temple, dotting the eyes of the lions before they became "alive" and danced to celebrate this brand-new temple in honour of Tin Hau the goddess of the sea, sailors & fishermen.

  Double lion dance in front of the Cantonese
      opera arena, celebrating the reopening.

A huge turnout and stunning, sunny weather - I got a strong tan now, quite unbecoming for this usually pale "Artsy Cybergeek" - especially as there was a huge, free (temple donations welcome) Buddhist vegetarian buffet ready after the official opening ceremony.

Click on the title graphics above to view my captioned, comprehensive photo gallery of this once-in-150-years event, the lion dances & the stunning inside of this new Sok Kwu Wan landmark. Check it out on your next visit down there!

May 20:  Lamma CC's Phuket Adventures

Have you heard some of the rumours about what the Lamma Cricket Club got up to at the Phuket International Cricket Sixes 2005 a few weeks ago? They all look certainly jolly in this photo, even showing off some battle scars!

This blog featured the event: Apr 7: Lamma Lads Organising Phuket Sixes.

Want to find out their own version of events on their own website, plus the incriminating photos? Read all about what "Silver Fox, Ravster, Milky, Imran, Tarry, Chucker, Monty" and friends got up to, written by "Milky" himself.

May 19:  Mr DickStock & the Poly Creativist on Flickr

What has the Official Court Artist of been up to recently? It's very uncharacteristic for him to be quiet for more than a few minutes and out of the public eye for days, even weeks! Searching for the recent artistic exploits of The Stick Insect Hunter in cyberspace, I came across the recent photos above. He's obviously still going strong at full tilt and "partying his ass off", as he'd say.

They have been posted on the photo site Flickr, an increasingly popular & (mostly) free home for millions of public photos. TSIH describes himself in the site's profile as "Poly Creativist. I'm Male and Open." Is that something like those wacky Creationism believers (world was created in 7 days)?

TSIH & Mr DickStock have uploaded a lot of stuff already, some of it really pretty good! Have a look at their photo galleries:

Me myself and moi  (presented in all his usual immodesty, see above left)
EIS Summer Fest  (children dressed up as flowers, what more can I say?)
2005 Manila Pony Panty Sniffing Contest  (no comment)
My Show At Magnet - The works  (featuring his exhibition photos above).

DickStock's Photos  (his best & most recent shots: CrossWalkin' (see below), No Pride No Shame, Boyzz From Illinoizz, '65 Corvette,...)

Mr DickStock has even founded a public group called "Lamma", describing it as: "About Lamma Lamma Island People, Pictures, Community, Fun, Music, Art...all that Good Stuff!"

But there are only 2 photos in this "Group Photo Pool" so far! Would you like to start adding some of your best Lamma shots and show them off to the Flickr community of millions of photo lovers? Sign up for free!

May 18:  Happy 50. Birthday, Chow Yun-Fat!

Laudable Lamma Luminary and most famous native son of Lamma Island, Chow Yun-Fat, is turning 50 today! Here's a photo of him and his wife Jasmine in Sok Kwu Wan one day before his birthday, on the Sok Kwu Wan ferry pier, courtesy of AP. Fat Gor (Brother Fat, his Cantonese nickname) returned to HK for Mother's Day.

His movie "A Better Tomorrow" (1986, directed by John Woo, w/Lung Ti & Leslie Cheung) has just been selected as #1 best film ever made in HK, by HK Magazine! His "An Autumn's Tale" (1987, w/Cherie Chung) came in as #8. Another fantastic honour in the illustrious, worldwide career of Fat Gor. But he's never forgotten his modest roots:

"Lamma island has many scenic spots, such as the Cheung Po-tsai cave, the reopened Tin Hau temple, the seafood is delicious," Chow was quoted as saying in Ming Pao Daily News at a banquet hosted by the HK Tourism Board (May 17). Cheung Po-tsai is a famous Chinese pirate. Chow plays Cheung in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - the sequel to the 2003 hit, Pirates of the Caribbean. He'll also be starting to film "The Wretched" in New Mexico in June.

For more details on what Chow Yun-Fat is up to - like the last paragraph - check out the really excellent fan site and blog, run by his biggest fan Charlotte from the Western USA. I've appointed her as the Official Court Correspondent for Chow Yun-Fat. She's agreed to keep us abreast of the latest news, here's her first email submission:

Hong Kong Film Top 10 - submitted by Charlotte of the Chow Yun Fat of Hong Kong Fan Site & Blog:

(5/19/2005) Yesterday was Chow Yun-Fat's 50th birthday. Although he has announced that he would celebrate with his wife at home, Fat Gor still had a "special celebration".

Around 3PM, Chow Yun Fat took a group of friends to New Territories. Reporters wished him Happy Birthday and he thanked them with a smile. "Birthday is spent just like every other day. Today I celebrate by taking pictures of lotus flowers." Unfortunately the weather was poor and the flower did not blossom too well, Fat Gor only stayed for ten minutes.

May 17:  'Let's Go To The Lamma To See Green Turties !'

A few posters shot in Sok Kwu Wan's Rainbow Restaurant: by far the biggest and most successful restaurant on all of Lamma Island with its own free ferry service to/from Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Aberdeen! This place is almost synonymous with Lamma for most local & overseas tourists, the only place they ever stop & eat at.

Dozens of Mainland tour groups are ferried in every night from Central for seafood dinners at this place which dominates most of Sok Kwu Wan, probably doing more business than all restaurants in Yung Shue Wan put together.

Almost all their business is off-Lamma & tour groups, as the friendly owner/local tycoon explained to us one lazy afternoon last year; local business is neglectable.

This afternoon when I was walking by, the Rainbow was preparing for a HK Tourism Board event for the travel trade: champagne reception, seafood dinner & show (with dragonboat) - for overseas travel agents to sell more HK tours, including even more Rainbow dinners, of course.

Now, as the biggest employer of Sok Kwu Wan, if they could just afford a better proofreader for their posters & promotional materials...

P.S. As I found out only later, famous actor Chow Yun-Fat, Lamma's most famous son and a real Laudable Lamma Luminary, was making a surprise appearance at this event w/his wife. As it was his 50th birthday the next day (May 18, 2005), they sang "Happy Birthday!" for him. Aieeyah, I should have stayed on till dinnertime! For old pictures of CYF in Rainbow:
Lamma-zine Blog, Feb 15.

May 16:  World Battle of the Bands: Any Lamma Bands?

bbChris - Moderator of Music Forum of

Could your band win the
World Battle of the Bands?

Well first off you need to win the HONG KONG leg of World Battle of the Bands! Last year, The Bastards got all the way to the semi-finals! That's right! THE BASTARDS! Our beloved Dan with his lycra trousers.

If your band writes great original songs (any style! any genre!) and think you've got it to be Hong Kong winners, then please enter the World Battle of the Bands competition! Deadline: June 1, 2005!

ALL the heats will be filmed and uploaded to so you get to review your own performances. Milk Magazine (a Chinese mag) and BC Magazine will follow the competition with stories on all bands entered and RTHK Radio 3 will also promote the contest! Use this publicity yourselves! Enter the contest and promote your other gigs, too! Wouldn't it be awesome to have a Lamma band WIN the Battle? Finally Lamma will be recognised as the "Seattle" of Hong Kong.

Extra good news - the WORLD final is going to take place in Hong Kong! So the HK winning band will compete against the winners from L.A. (USA), Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia in November 2005! Prizes for HK winners include playing on Rockit main stage in Oct 2005 and Tom Lee cash vouchers. If your band wins the whole competition, you get a RECORDING CONTRACT!

For more details, see bbChris' message in her forum, posted as message #19,000 in the almost 3-year history of our Lamma forums!

May 15:  Madhav - The Most Flexible Lammaite?

Have you ever been wondering what's going inside the Island Gym on Main Street these days, since it's been closed down last July 3? I managed to get invited in last week and this is what I found going on nowadays. No more martial arts fights with occasional injuries, only very peaceful & healthy Yoga classes in an almost totally dark & empty room.

Lamma newbie (and Blog advertiser) Madhav has completed more than 3,000 hours of official Satyananda training in India's Yoga University. He might be the most flexible person on Lamma! But has he reached en-light-enment (see below)?

Renting Bobsy's old place till now, he's escaping from the organic centipedes who were keeping him company at night, moving into a flat share with two women, the lucky (?) mellow fellow!

Check out the regular weekly classes in the Island Gym of this affable Aussie and become fit, fast & flexible like him! My little animation above (Sun Salutation) demonstrates one of his 12-step "warm-up" exercises. Let's look at a few of his more "unusual" Yoga positions below. Wouldn't you love to be able to perform some of these intriguing positions - some of them really look like straight out of the Kamasutra...

Madhav has agreed to offer free trial classes for Lamma-zine & Blog readers! If you live on Lamma and always wanted to learn more about Yoga, give it a try!
Call him on 2982 0270 or e-mail him now to book your free trial class and experience the benefits of Satyananda Yoga. Stretch, Relax and Recharge!


May 14:  'Book of the Month' @ Emily's Ice-Cream Parlor

Did you miss the booksigning event at Emily's recently, where the book on the right was designated as the "Book of the Month"? Well, it's also the ONLY book you can buy there, making it a truly unique Book of the Month!

Here's another chance to get a sure-to-become-incredibly-valuable autograph from the STBWFAOTDLAN ("Soon To Become World-Famous Author Of THE Definitive Lamma Animal Novel"). I'd advise to be there early to avoid getting hurt in the anticipated stampede of autograph hunters!

Oh, by the way, you'll have to buy an actual BOOK for $78 to be eligible for the precious autographs. About books: remember those quaint, old-fashioned, rectangular thingies made from mashed-up tree carcasses with a whole lotta words, printed in physical, non-digital INK?
No? Me neither...

But have a look at Jay's press release anyway, entitled "A Heart-Wrenching Adventure For Animal Aficionados", which even quotes in the "Strong Initial Reviews" section! Click here for online sales and his website.

STBWFAOTDLAN writes: "I'm delighted to invite you to attend a book-signing session for Dog-Gone Cat Case, my new Hong Kong novel with a strong animal flavor and with a Lamma Island setting.

Based on high jinks in and near Yung Shue Wan village on Lamma Island, Dog-Gone Cat Case offers a sometimes tender, sometimes comedic adventure and who-done-it mystery. Cats, dogs, humans and snakes play lead roles. This fun tale should appeal to young readers and adults alike."

The Lamma-zine's Main Street Correspondent & Official Court Resident Book Critic Nick the Bookman wrote this little review:

"Jay's new book is a purr-fect little tale for a sunny Sunday on Power Station Beach. It's topical (given the re-emergence of the Bowen Road/Black's Link poisoner) with a happy wish-fulfillment ending. Gerald Dukrell would be envious (if he wasn't already dead). Anyway, sell the kids for enough money to buy this book and invest in a pet (Remember, they don't have to go to university and they toilet train faster!)

Jay will be signing copies at Dymocks in the ifc I mall 1/F at 2 p.m. today, so come on up and join all the other cool cats and hip hound dogs.

(Gung, is this enough gibberish? If so, you can leave my fee under the 2nd brick on the left opposite Y2K - no cheques, please)."

Last but not least, a photo of a fan napping after trying out the book, literally, by nibbling on the corner (photo by LAP's Sheila, click to enlarge).

May 12:  Photo Shoot at New Holiday Mood

Strolling by the New Holiday Mood Grill & restaurant on High Street, Ricky the manager stopped me and asked for a "little favour". Could I take "a few photos" of his place and food for the new "Wellness" magazine which is planning to feature his place in the next issue? Their own photographer didn't get all the shots they wanted during their own recent visit and interview.

As I always carry my camera with me wherever I go, let's do it right now! I try to be nice to everybody & especially nice to long-time advertisers like Ricky, of course. I got a free club sandwich takeaway and two coffees as a thank-you. I know, I'm cheap, even working for food...

But I also got another little feature for this blog with a few OK pictures (see below)! But all the people in the shot above where too shy to show their faces...

More about the upcoming 2nd anniversary party of New Holiday Mood in June will follow soon, especially about their planned "All you can eat & drink buffet"!

May 10:  Lamma Women Win Cricket League!

Lamma CC Women’s title winning team:

Back row: (from left to right) Sam McIlwraith, Kim Leung, Walter Yau, Agnes Ng, Simone Kwan.
Front row:  Neisha Pratt (captain), Kay Beadman, Emma Phillips, Kylie Knott.
(not pictured:  Natasha Miles, Betty Chan; absent: Janet Cheung, Tracey Cheung,
Medeline Coorey, Florenda Madriaga,
Celia Palmer and Yoyo Poon)

Fantastic news from Lamma's triumphant women's cricket team!  Congratulations!

"7th May 2005: Lamma CC Women’s team clinched the title in the inaugural Hong Kong Women’s League with a convincing win over the Kowloon CC. It was a huge effort on a hot afternoon by all the players, several of whom had never played cricket before Sep 2004."

Click here for the full story & pictures!

May 9:  We Have a Winner!

Two of our contests in our forums have concluded this weekend, the "Name the Bikini Shop" contest (run by myself) and the creative writing assignment about the Chinese opera in our Chinese forum (run by junior moderator Samson):

The bikini shop naming contest drew an unprecedented number of entries, so I put the favorite names into a poll and let forum members vote. The voting has concluded yesterday, a clear winner with 6 votes has emerged:

Ooh La Lamma!  by Pommeyanyan (prize: Brazilian bikini!)! 2nd & 3rd place are tied with 3 votes each: Island Bra by Chris and Lamborkini by daffyd (prizes: Brazilian flipflops and a suede handbag from Peru). Congratulations to the three winners!

All the other 18 contestants can pick up a "finger-woven, hand-knitted finger puppet from Peru" as a consolation prize in the bikini shop (soft opening in Tai Wan Village next weekend, close to the former African drummers' place).

The Chinese Opera contest in the Chinese-language forum drew three creative writing entries, two of them even with photos: Here's the winner, translated by the forum's very active newbie moderator, Samson:

Nicole Kam - Chinese forum member (below left: her Avatar)

Woohoo!  The Chinese opera has begun!

The first night left a fresh impression in my mind!  I had watched the opera from outside the football pitch in previous years, but it is different this year.  My new flat overlooks the makeshift stage – it's like getting front row seats to every single show!  I can enjoy a cold beer and watch the opera shows live in the comfort of my own home!  I can also walk my dog around the football pitch.  There are so many locals around and many stalls are set up in the area, the atmosphere is great!

Umm… do you actually need tickets to the day shows?  I went to one of the day shows with my family – and no one checked our tix.  So we found ourselves some seats and watched the show.  It's my first time at a Chinese opera show – I'm excited!

It's Tin Hau Festival today – and there is great lion dance at the football pitch!  Unfortunately, the trees have blocked my view of the lion dance.

All in all, the past couple of days have been great.  It gets a bit noisy in the evening, but it’s acceptable as the shows always finish at around midnight.

Nicole wins an opera programme signed by both the main stars, Mui Suet See & Lam Kam Tong (see above, click to enlarge). I got it signed in person after my recent interview with them. The consolation 030505muisuitsee.jpgprize goes to mo for this submission:

mo: (picture of Mui Suet See by mo)

"I'm so excited! I caught the very last show!

I only just got off the plane and realized it was the last night of Chinese opera. Better still, it's my favourite show – 'Dreaming at Peony Pavilion'!

I immediately went to the opera – even before going home – and watched the entire show!"

May 8:  Rainy Mother's Day

Getting tired of all the "pretty pictures" on this website, mostly taken in bright sunshine showing only the sunny side of Lamma Island? Well, here's something completely different, a photo gallery taken today during a tropical downpour in Yung Shue Wan, causing splashing waterfalls from the roofs and ankle-deep rivers across the narrow footpaths (70mm rainfall today & the first amber flood warning of 2005!).

Click on the watery pictures above to view the photo gallery! Well, it might take a few days for my shoes & jeans to dry out after this photo shoot.

May 7:  Recommended A&E Measures

Lamma Accidents & Emergencies Committee - May 7 2005:

Coroner’s Jury recommends A&E measures for Lamma

Almost 18 months after a tragic accident in Yung Shue Wan that led to the death of long-time resident David Slough of Tai Wan Old Village, a Coroner’s Jury made nine recommendations that are now being formally considered by the Hospital Authority.

The Recommendations made by the five-man Coroner’s Jury on April 3rd, with the objective of significantly improving Accident & Emergency (A&E) services on Outlying Islands, included:

  1. Communications among A&E units must be enhanced with the establishment of a more effective alert system for the Outlying Islands.

  2. A 24-hour "on duty" medical officer should be provided on populated islands.

  3. Clinics in rural areas should be equipped with comprehensive resuscitation equipment.

  4. A minimum of two ambulances should be on stand-by on all populated islands.

  5. Motorcycle ambulances should be employed on all populated islands.

  6. Telemedicine link systems should be encouraged for deployment and used.

  7. A secure logging system should be established at the centralized Fire Services Department call centre that can only be altered by a senior officer. Amended records should not be deleted.

  8. Police equipment and transportation needs to be improved on Outlying Islands.

  9. The deployment of police manpower must be more flexible and efficient.

Another important issue that emerged during the week-long hearing at the Eastern Hong Kong Island Coroner’s Court was a recommendation that Outlying Island residents should use the "999" Emergency Services telephone number rather than local numbers.

Following the hearing, David’s widow, Mui-ying Slough said:

"My thanks and that of David’s family in England, to all those who supported us after the accident and during the inquest, The inquest has helped us to learn, if not all the facts, at least as much as is possible.

"We must now hope that the authorities will act on the Jury’s recommendations to improve the safety of Lamma and the rest of the Outlying Islands for all residents and visitors."

May 6:  Thanks to All Contributors in April!

In April, this Lamma-zine Blog has been fortunate to get a lot of content contributions again: ideas, photos, quotes and even entire articles from a very wide & diverse range of great, creative & helpful people!

Let's honour & link all these fantastic contributions in April in another official honours list, like last month! Many thanks to all these wonderful people from the readers of this blog & myself! This is YOUR blog, YOUR soapbox, YOUR media!

Will you be on the next Honours' List?

Anything with a Lamma flavour in any language used commonly in HK is most welcome! You can submit it anonymously and I'll proofread and correct your English, if you like. Let us know what current and former Lammaites are up to all over the world, anything you'd like to see on this home page, read by over 2,000 people every week.

Honours List of Lamma-zine Blog - April 2005

Mark Emerson, Underground HK

'Noticed a Bunch of Lamma People Hanging...'

April 2

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Do You Like Photos of Deli-cious Donkeys?

April 3

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'Card-Shark Man', the Sales Leader!

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Claudia Tarr

Lamma Lads Organising Phuket Sixes

April 7

Alethea Dean - BC Magazine

'Pheromones of Musical Fertility' - New Lamma Band!

April 7

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Paul the Butterfly Man

April 8

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'The Artist Dressed by His Mom', Hunting Tattooed Headhunters!

April 11

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Lamma-zine Fan Base in Hawaii

April 12

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An Entire Island of Eccentrics?

April 13


'Enjoy a day out on Lamma'

April 14

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The Man with the Golden Hammer

April 15

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Jesus Loves You, Mr Mojo!

April 18

Sleiman, FairyWitch of Shadows, kinzie, Peter Lloyd, Madame Shutterfly

'I'm a Total Life Addict & Dedicated Groupie'

April 19


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April 20

Jackster & 18 contest entrants

'Name the Bikini Shop' Contest

April 21

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'Chinese Forum Moderator Spiel'

April 23

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BBQ with Sarah & Skippy - Lamma Newbies

April 25

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'Dreams, Images & Reflections'

April 26

C Ashman

'The Only Day Out'

April 27


Dancing Around the May Pole

April 28

May 5:  Stressed Secret of a
Stretched Success

Lammaite Chris Watts, living here for a really stretched out period of time, revealed his "Secret of My Success" in the SCMP on April 23. The ever-cheerful Chris with the rockstar hairdo is returning to London soon. His "unique physical therapy shop in Central is attracting top executives, and its founder smells further success overseas", stretching his stretching empire even further, opening a branch in London on July 1. Farewell & all the best, Chris & Sylvie!

"Modern sedentary living and long hours staring at computer screens have caused a litany of back pain, stiff necks and headaches suffered by office workers, says Stretch founder Chris Watts. For many frazzled executives and several well-known personalities who attend his clinic, “Active Isolated Stretching” provides an answer to their aches and an expanding business for Mr. Watts.", writes Anna Healy Fenton.

Have a look at his informative Stretch Enthusiasts Newsletter and his recently published book Stretch Your Life, written together with the SCMP's sports columnist Tim Noonan (see left), available widely in bookshops.

The Radio 4 shows of the CSO (Chief Stretching Officer), Free Your Body, are all online as well, for the vast majority of us Lammaites who can't afford the $1,000/ hour that his studio charges. Learn about "subjects ranging from office health to sports fitness, from Scoliosis to Orthotics."

For further information please contact Stretch on 2167 8686 or email. All material © copyright Stretch Ltd.

May 4:  Better Medical Care?

The Coroner's Court has completed a six-day inquiry in front of a 5-person jury about David Slough's accidental fall and death on Sep 8, 2003. The results have been published in the SCMP today, see below. The outcome doesn't sound encouraging and it looks very doubtful that any further emergency service improvements will be implemented soon. At the very least, we got a new (very temporary) helipad close to the Clinic and a video link with the hospital set up just a few months after this tragic, high-profile accident.

A hot debate has been going on in our forums (David Slough badly injured), ever since I posted the very first message three hours after the accident. Click on TALKBACK for more facts & opinions.

Lamma-zine stories: David Slough - In Memoriam,
Lamma Accident & Emergency Committee

(Photo submitted by Sheila)

Patsy Moy - (C) SCMP May 4 2005:

Coroner seeks better medical care on islands

A full-time doctor and at least two ambulances should be put on each populated outlying island, the coroner recommended yesterday.

After six days of hearings, the jury of three men and two women unanimously found that David Slough, 62, died from an accidental fall on September 8, 2003. He was impaled after trying to climb to the second-floor balcony of his flat.

The jury made nine recommendations, including the use of motorbike ambulances, the deployment of at least two ambulances, and stationing a 24-hour on-duty medical officer on each of the populated islands. Other recommendations included keeping comprehensive resuscitation equipment at rural clinics, improving police equipment and transport on outlying islands, and pursuing a more efficient and flexible deployment of police manpower.

Coroner Michael Chan Pik-kiu said the court would forward to relevant departments the recommendations to improve the response of medical services...

Li Wai-keung, a senior ambulance officer, told the court he and his team were in the North Lamma Clinic, helping nurses resuscitate a man who had hanged himself, when he received a call from the control office to rescue Slough. Mr Li said there were only two nurses on duty at the clinic when Slough arrived, and that it was "a long time" before a doctor arrived...

The department and the Hospital Authority said they would study the recommendations and give them serious consideration.

May 3:  'Fairdinkum Fantastic'

Where on Lamma can you find this new graffiti, very obviously a team effort?

Could it be an ad for the bikini shop opening soon? The poll for the bikini shop's name is waiting for your vote right now and three nice prizes can be won by the creator of the most popular names.

The title of this blog entry is a fairdinkum hint, quoting another graffiti in the same place, see right.

I caught one of these "creative vandals" in the act, in flagranti! It was not a youngster, but the father of a Lammaite, visiting from Ecuador, drawing a kind of map of this hometown. Well, no $1,500 fine for him, as the wall's owner is perfectly happy to let people draw on it, encouraging them and even supplying the waterproof pens!

Guessed it already? Not yet? Click on the bikini graffiti above to find the answer or click on the "thumbnail pictures" below to view more of these little spontaneous "artworks", revealing probably too much of the minds of Lammaites & visitors...

May 2:  Tin Hau Festival - Dragonboat & Sampan Races

Sunday, May 1: An exciting day for Lamma's Dragonboaters and Sampan racers! A few photos below, plus the bilingual race results. Thanks to the generous local businesses & individuals who sponsored the teams!

But no Lamma Dragons teams entered this year, the first time they have ever missed the local races. Their men's, women's and mixed teams all participated in the Deepwater Bay races instead, held on the same day. They explained that the Deepwater Bay races have women's races (Tin Hau doesn't) and that counts out the mixed team as well, because they only had enough women for one full boat. The women's team won 1st runners-up in the Women's Cup Final. Congratulations!

May 1:  Lamma May Day

A very busy day for Lammaites & visitors!  May Day, Tin Hau festival, Dragon Boat/Sampan races, Chinese opera & May Pole dance are all taking place TODAY!

Maybe least well-known, what are the Sampan races? Quoting from the pink (of course!) flyer issued by Lammadonna's office: Introduction of Sampan Race:        (Sampan photos by Scott Fink)

"The purpose of Sampan race is to memorize the hardworking and meticulous spirit of fishermen in the old days using sampan to make a living. Though technological development advances rapidly, there are still fishermen using sampan in modern world nowadays.

In celebrations of Tin Hau Festival on 23rd of the third Lunar month yearly in Lamma Island, there will be sampan race to attract visitors to enhance the development of tourism in the island.

"Scull", that is the paddle of the sampan, is made of wood in approximate 17 feet length handed firmly by one or two people in one end, with the other end in the sea, to row the sampan forward. In non-windy day, those wind-driven ships will use scull to sail the ship forward."

Check out the daily updated Lamma-zine Events Calendar or some of the photo galleries of past years.

Please send your own snapshots, amusing anecdotes, little stories, quick reviews, silly comments, anything publishable about Lamma May Day to me!  I'll publish it in the next few days, giving you full credits, of course!

Lamma-zine Blog started on Sep 1, 2004, and will be updated frequently with anything related to Lamma Island or its residents, be it news, stories, events or photos.

Contact Lamma-Gung with anything relevant to Lamma that you'd like to see published on this home page!

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