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 General Info

HK Tourism Board
"Lamma is an eclectic melting-pot of arty culture and Chinese tradition.
Clean air, golden beaches, delicious seafood and fantastic hiking are the main draws."

Hong Kong Extras
"Lamma has a very 'relaxed' feel to it with a slow pace of life which has made it popular with people seeking cheap accommodation and an alternative bohemian type of lifestyle."

Virtual Tourist
"Plan a Lamma Island vacation with reviews, tips and photos posted by real travelers and Lamma Island locals." - The Unofficial Guide
"It is a small island still relatively quiet, with a few trails on it.
And: no cars!!" 
What to do on Lamma Island.

Wikipedia - Lamma Island
Good introduction and overview, with lots of additional links.

HK & Kowloon Ferry
Ferry schedules (Central-YSW/Sok Kwu Wan, YSW-Aberdeen),
plus newly revamped & extended tourist info.

Chuen Kee Ferry
Ferry schedules (Aberdeen-Sok Kwu Wan), plus tourist info.

Interactive Maps
Find almost every building, street or facility on Lamma! Zoom in & print out.

Village Maps
Very detailed maps of all electoral villages on Lamma.

Eco-Tour Map
Introducing 3 Green Lamma Green eco-routes (pdf format)

Lamma Island Outline Zoning Plan
The Planning Dept.'s future plans for all of Lamma Island (June 2007, 48 pages, pdf format)

HK Outdoors
Your guide to enjoying and protecting wild Hong Kong - Lamma page.


Lady Stella
Stella Bella & hubby living happily on "Happy Island."

Reality Activists Podcasts
New movement "globally activated" on May 23, 2009, PS Beach

Mystic Cyber Crow
By Laurence James Lucas

Hong Kong Morris
"Life is what happens while we're making other plans" - Malcolm & Debra

Hong Kong Babylon
"Musings from an unsustainable city"

"This is the blog of Lamma Animal Welfare Centre. We hope to tell you about the cats and dogs we have the blessing to get to know." (bilingual)

Lammadonna's Blog
News and announcements from District Councilor Yu Lai Fan (in Chinese)

Live on Lamma
Photo blog by Simon Li (in English and Chinese)

Photos of the Days
Photo blog by Rambo Lai

Andy Maluche
"Artist, Photographer, Writer, Designer, Philantropist"


HEC Power Station
Details of the local power station of Hongkong Electric Ltd.

Lamma-Gung's Web Publishing, e-Marketing & Photography biz, YSW-based.

Trade Winds movers
Local and international removals, very experienced on Lamma Island.

"Where Moving's a Breeze. No Job Too Small!"

Banyan House
"Early Learning on Lamma Island" - Steiner Kindergarten.

Archaeological Assessments
"Protecting Hong Kong's Cultural Heritage for over a Decade."

Loving Your Work
'Find career fulfillment and success.'

Gavin & Gary's organic herbs/veggies/flowers farm at Hung Shing Ye beach.

Vivid Vibrations
"Developing Creative Visions - Artistic, Creative and Interactive Programs for kids and adults."

Design Services (Print/Advertising/Web/Corporate Identity) and... Diving.

Selling Point
Hand-made glassware, glass-making courses, PC coffee in Tai Yuen Village.

Holistic Asia
"..where heaven and earth meet..." - successor of

Schools & Churches

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Kindergarten
"Caring and Service to the community with love and with an emphasis on inter-cultural exchange."

Portiuncula Monastery of Poor Clares
Monastery besides the Kindergarten above. Sunday 9am English Mass.

Northern Lamma School
Website of the local primary school - in Chinese only.

Hans Andersen Club
"Cherish our Children, Cultivate our Community - Services for children and youth in Hong Kong"

Bars & Restaurants

The Waterfront
"... offers fantastic sea views with high quality cuisine at affordable prices."

The Island Bar
"Lamma's leading hostelry and also its oldest, liveliest and nearest to the ferry pier."

The Bay Restaurant
Mediterranean restaurant on the beach in Mo Tat Wan (beyond Sok Kwu Wan). Great for parties and junk trips. Formerly called Cococabana.

Rainbow Seafood Restaurant
Famous and huge tourist restaurant in Sok Kwu Wan. Great interactive map, hikes and even online bookings.

OpenRice - Lamma
Most comprehensive multi-lingual guest reviews of most Lamma restaurants.


Concerto Inn Hotel
Little hotel/rest. at Hung Shing Yeh beach, "your home away from home".

Campaigns & Charities

Living Lamma
"Living Lamma was set up in response to the continual degradation of Lamma's natural beauty and village character."

Lamma Animal Welfare Centre
Saving local animals.

Lifelong Animal Protection Charity
Bring about the conditions whereby every animal here has a good homel

HK Dog Rescue
Finding foster parents for abandoned dogs. Based in Pokfulam & Luk Chau.

Lamma Bands

New Lamma Band, growing fast! Ska/Latin/Alternative.

Dark Himaya
"A mix of soft melodies and rhythm, colored by words like short journeys into one's hidden world and secrets."

"Kongkretebass organise and promote Drum & Bass events in the bustling subtropical city of Hong Kong."

"Bahouki are a 3-piece celtic Folk group. They have been together for almost 6 years and have performed extensively in Irish Bars around South East Asia."

Music, Arts, Entertainment

Bud Linschoten Design
Design Corporate identity logos, Complete book design, Newspaper design, More...

Lamma Philosophy Caf
"You think what?"

African Drumming And Dance Connection
Djembe drumming on Power Station Beach and elsewhere.

The Bastards
Famous Lamma Band.

Digital art & photography by Chris Hall.

Goatee Toni's Animal Kingdom
"Goatee Toni's Animal Kingdom is the home of Hong Kong naturalist Toni K. Ip, devoted to the exploration & conservation of wild animals of the world."

Lamma Fisherfolk's Village
Tourist attraction in Sok Kwu Wan. "A showcase of the local fisherfolk's culture and the history of fishery industry in the Hong Kong."

Adam Gill
Lamma-based composer. Loads of music to listen to, even a Lamma music video!

Deirdre Butler's Online Art Gallery
Artwork and exhibitions in HK art galleries.

Ken Art
"Ken Wong - Illustration and Design Portfolio"

Underground HK
Frequent concerts, occasionally featuring Lamma Bands.


Lamma Dragons
"This year, 2013 represents an important milestone in the club, our 25th Anniversary. Paddles up!"

Lamma Outrigger Canoe Club
For the most determined dragonboaters who want to enter even more races.

Mountain Biking on Lamma
"These trails are very popular with both hikers and bikers."

Body Boost
"Balanced Fitness Programs" by Donna the Body Booster, Fitness Trainer Extraordinaire for Lamma-Gung and many other Lammaites.

Capoeira in Hong Kong

Photo Galleries

I Dream of Hong Kong in Color
"My Hong Kong - One Photo at a Time"

Mr DickStock on Flickr
Photos of Lammaites and his personal/business trips.

Personal Websites

Nick the Bookman
Laudable Lamma Luminary Nick and his "Psychedelic as Hell" website.

Michael Robinson
"I'm from the USA and teach digital media in Hong Kong."

Barnaby & Steve Bruce
"Orbita Productions is run by me, Barnaby Bruce. I'm a percussionist, DJ and music producer, currently based in Hong Kong."

Lamma Links was started in 2002. It will be updated frequently with any new links found while surfing or submitted by anybody.
Contact Lamma-Gung with new links. If your site is vaguely Lamma-related, links will be free!

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