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Nov 30:  Free Advertising!

As an early Christmas present from the Lamma-zine, we're offering FREE HOME PAGE ADS for the entire month of December for new or returning advertisers!

FREE means just that, no hidden costs, no commitments, no obligations of any kind.

The offer is very simple and straightforward:
Send me an ad banner and link and I'll put it onto the lower right side of this home page till end of the year. No obligations or commitment to continue afterwards if you don't want to for any reason.
Free, no strings attached.

The advertising banner should be 180W*240H pixels, JPG/GIF/PNG format, up to 50KB. I'll even help you to create the ad banner, if you like.  Contact me!

Alternatively, for higher impact advertising with more feedback, you could put your banner at the very top of this home page, center or left side, rotating with only two other banners in the same locations.
Or you could be included in one of my biweekly Lamma-zine emails to 4,000+ active email addresses.
Or you could even get your own "sponsored Lamma-zine story". All at half price of our advertising rate card, for Dec only.
Contact me!

Nov 29:  Funeral Service for "The Gregarious Gentleman"

A solemn, dignified and beautiful funeral service was held in St. John's Cathedral in Central, HK Island, last Friday afternoon.

For Mr DickStock's "The Gregarious Gentleman" eulogy, Nick the Bookman's "review" of the service and the entire funeral service booklet, click to our RIP Jenkin Waldo Hiles forum.

Extremely rare and most unusual photos of Lammaites in black suits to follow soon, hopefully.... plus news from a potential Jenks Memorial Lily Pond...

Nov 28:  What's Going on in the Next Few Days?

Lamma Dragons Recruitment:
Sat, Nov 28, 4pm, The Island Bar:

Lisa: "So ..... do you think it is too cold to get in the water in a week - well, get hard and paddle anyway!!
All New Paddlers are welcome to register for the 2010 season. Please visit The Island Bar (and if you don't know where that is, you really, really need us) on Saturday, 28th November at 4pm and ask for Dawn or Kevin.

Why are we in the water so early this season - we have a huge year in 2010 including a World Club Championships in Macau to train for.
Don't worry about your current fitness, that is what training is for and more training and cross training ...........

We have a 2-week window for recruitment, so call Dawn the Ladies Captain, on 9217 7757/ email or Kev the Men's Captain on 9047 9548/ email.
Sign up early and we will see you all (cold and wet) on the water, 5th of December - warm, toasty and guilt free in the bar after.

That water dragon poster looks tempting. Should I consider something absolutely unthinkable for me just two years ago (when I was double my current weight) and try out with the dragonboaters? ;-)))

Lamma-Gung/2 the Dragonboater? After two years of working out in many ways and living a healthy lifestyle, could I be as fit as some of the other new dragonboating recruits half my age? But my healthy, low-alcohol lifestyle might get me expelled after the very first training/drinking session with the men's team!?

Music Quiz:  Sat, Nov 28, 8:30-11pm, The Island Bar:
Teams of 4, $100/person incl. 1 drink. Max 5 members/team. Followed by The Duelling iPods. In aid of Operation Santa Claus. Poster.

Lamma Enduro Mountainbiking Race:  Sun, Nov 29, Project X Trail,
Pak Kok Shan
: Click for poster, map, details.

This yearly major race starts at the end of first Cable Road in Pak Kok at 9:30am and then circles Pak Kok Shan for 2.5-5 hours. Lammaites are warmly invited to visit and watch!
Best viewing spot: the red Finish spot on this map. It's just besides the top of Cable Road #1, just before it descends down to the far end of Pak Kok, about 10 minutes walk up from Tai Peng Village.

Michael Maddess - Lamma Enduro - Race Director & Course Designer -
Action Asia Foundation -


Open to Individual & relay teams of 2. Course lengths are 2.5 hrs & 5 hrs on project x course (Pak Kok Shan).

CONCEPT: Individuals or relay teams of two can take as many breaks as they want as the number of laps they complete will decide on the overall placing.

8:30am - Registration starts at Cable Rd above Tai Peng Village
9:15am - Race briefing at start
9:30am - Start (5hr individual & relay teams)
9:40am - Start (2.5hr individual & relay teams)

CATEGORIES: 5 hrs - Individual - by age group:
Women: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+
Men: 18-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50+

5 hrs - Relay Teams: Men's, Women's, Mixed
2.5 hrs - Individual - by age group; Relay Teams: Men's, Women's, Mixed

FERRY – Yung Shue Wan, Lamma ferry at Central Pier #4.

Black Mariah:  Fri, Dec 4, 9:30pm: The Wanch: Poster.

Treasure Hunt:  Sun, Dec 6, The Island Bar: Noon-1pm: team registrations. Teams of 4, $400/team, all proceeds to Operation Santa Claus. Poster.

Christmas Craft Market:  Sun, Dec 6, 11am-5pm: Open Space Art Studio & Community Centre, 2 Tai Ling Village (below the windmill):
Email, 6423 1952, poster, map, directions, Facebook, website.
Campfire, music jam.

Tamara: "Shop for lovely hand made Christmas presents, have a drink, enjoy some tasty bites and boogie down to some great tunes provided by DJ Jim.
The craft market will run from 11 'til 5 with a music jam around the campfire to follow from 5 'til about 8."

For even more Lamma Events, check out my constantly updated Lamma Events Calendar.

Nov 27:  A Latter Day Utopia?

"These nights were part comical, anthropological, educational, historical, whimsical, touching, reflective, hazy and hysterical!" -- RichF

Richard F - Former bartender in The Island Bar:

(Copyrighted poster by Andre, photos by The Island Bar, click to enlarge.)

The Great Lamma Drug Raid has been the most enthralling and fascinating thread on the forums for some time now!

I lived, and worked for a spell, on Lamma between '96 and 2000. I would have remained longer but for the insistence of that fine body of individuals in the imaginatively named building, Immigration Tower.

I loved living on Lamma, it was a latter day Utopia. There's not many places left in the world with such a sense of community and spirit of tranquility. I worked (turned up) in the Island Bar for a couple of years.
This introduced me to what some of my then contemporaries considered the 'hardcore' Lammaites. Now I use the word 'hardcore' with a figurative inflection...I think the term you use for them is 'Lamma Oldsters'!!

To be honest, there are some nights that I worked in The Island Bar that I feel that I should have paid Pete, Dan, Sharon, Cath et al to be there!! These nights were part comical, anthropological, educational, historical, whimsical, touching, reflective, hazy and hysterical!

With hindsight, I probably knew at the time that my days in HK were numbered and I'm probably over-romanticising but I was quite keenly aware that Lamma was a truly unique place , the like of which I would struggle to find anywhere else in the world.

Anyway, I digress. Having hopefully laid out my qualification to comment, I'm drawn to observe that the fifteen (possibly 16 by now) pages of comments are the closest thing that I've seen in print, or pixel, to a fictionalised transcript of a night in the Island Bar. Indeed, I'm fairly sure that most or some of the protagonists may have even been served a beer or two by my own hand!!

RichF behind the bar at The Grand Reopening of the Island Bar, Nov 27, 1999

RichF, 1999 (on the left, not on the right!), NY Eve 2000.

From the outside looking in, I would throw the following bullet points your way:

  • As anywhere else in the world. The HK Police are salaried employees. The operation on Lamma would not really have cost anything because as serving officers they're all being paid for their time anyway. It's their job to do these types of things and if they weren't doing it there, i.e. on Lamma, they would have still been incurring cost, in the form of salary, elsewhere.
  • I note with a wry smile that you very wisely removed the 'ethnic' from the post's title. Having said that, there were still posters endeavouring to persist with this vein of thought. To them I would hypothesise the following:
  • Is it a reasonable assertion to make that at any given point during a raid on predominantly local premises that the phrase, "Why are you busting my chops, when there's all them pot smoking gweilos on Lamma-doh, lying in the streets, off their nuts?" To whit, the Rozzers may now be able to reply , "Don't you read the papers? We went in there mob-handed last week, and guess what? We found nowt!"
    Purely hypothetical, I know, but I would imagine that the operation on Lamma was strategic in terms of PR as well as perceived crime.
  • Come on, the fact they went away relatively empty-handed is very very very funny!
  • Lamma does have a reputation within HK amongst locals and expats alike. So what? I'm baffled a little by the righteous indignation and the letters to the editors, all a bit bourgeois, if you ask me.
  • The nature of the beast of being a true Lammaite is being able to take this on the chin, maybe play up to it a little and then pity the poor soul who holds this perception as true, for they truly don't have a clue.
  • If anyone who still remembers me fancies a cold one this Christmas, let me know, for I'll be passing through HK before and after Christmas. I might even see If I can get a shift in the Island Bar!!

Cheers and hope to see you all soon.

P.S. If you agree wholeheartedly with RichF, or are eager to tell him what he's full of, join our Major police raid on Lamma bars... forum. (300 messages so far!)

P.S. II: Just in, the 1st scene of a Lamma Drama, inspired by recent events:

Marc Antony - Banyan Bay Senate member, senior forum member, 376 posts:

Based on information received confidentially from Lamma Underground:

Scene: The morning after, a dingy office at Wan Chai Police HQ, walls adorned with pics of pseudo models. Toby enters, looking a bit rough - he hasn't had much sleep.

Morning sir.

Morning, Toby. A brief rundown please.

Well, a bit of a cockup sir, in a nutshell.

How so?

Well, all we found was a bit of pot and some charlie.

(strained). Hmmm, so I heard. What happened to the 'knee-deep in drugs' thing, Toby? All those pothead gweilos you told me about?

(blubbering) Dunno guv. Maybe there was a tip-off ...

Or maybe you fucked up royally. I heard that bar managers were arrested. Was that your idea?

Er... yes sir - in for a penny, in for a pound!

You daft twat!  It's a good thing we've already sold our story to the press - they like the international drug syndicate stuff, even if there isn't one. Lucky for you Toby. But you'll be glad to know you're back on the antiques. Now piss off.

Thank you, sir.

Toby heads off to Starbucks...

Nov 26:  The Generous Spirit of Lamma Residents

"Princess Charming" Deb (see her T-shirt, click on it) has been creating these beautiful Lamma 2010 calendars, using her own photos. They sold like hot cakes (or hot Glühwein) at the Lamma Fun Day last Sunday! There are a few left now and she's going to sell them at $60 ($100 for two) at Diesel's Bar this Saturday from 5pm. She writes:

"I am happy to take orders and arrange delivery to the village for pick up and payment if Saturday is not good for some people.

If you buy five, you get one free. Anyone who bought more than 5 on the Lamma Fun Day can come and collect their free one on Saturday.
My email address for orders is

Also, can I put somewhere that they make a great Christmas gift for the folks at home - especially if they've been to Lamma to visit!"

Yes, you can, Princess Charming, I've ordered ten calendars myself! Many thanks for your highly successful and fun fund raising efforts. Also, many thanks to all the generous and charitable people in the photos! Deb asked for my detailed advice before starting this project, but she did so well by ignoring most of it, making it a big success nevertheless!  ;-)  Print is not really my thing anymore, after working as a "web/multimedia editor/publisher" since 1995.

She just gracefully emailed me, "Thanks again for your help and support with the whole project - couldn't have done it without you!"
Awww, you're way too nice to me....  {*Big BLUSH!*}

After clicking on the mugshots above, how many Lammaites do you recognise? I paid for five pictures at $20 each, showing me, Lamma-Por, (masked) Nick, (hatted, white-bearded) Vernon, plus the late Jenkin. It was supposed to be my surprise present to bring to his hospital bedside, but, alas, too late now....

Nov 25:  RIP, Jenkin Waldo Hiles
                "He was my role-model for growing older with grace."

Afternoon Beer - MAK Keung Wai, 2008, Acrylic on Canvas, 51cm (H) x 61cm (W), exhibited in the Cultural Center last year. Click for more info.

Photos by Steve Cray, Ian Watson;  Mr DickStock, Marilyn, L-G

Click for memories & messages from his many friends in our forum,
including Mr DickStock's memorable quote in this story's subtitle,
plus his "The Gregarious Gentleman" eulogy, St. John's Cathedral, Nov 27.

Nov 24:  Bars & Restaurants Update

After just a few minor changes in the local bar & restaurants over the last two years, the dining & drinking scene will be changing a lot these next few weeks!

Firstly, a real shocker, Lamma-Por's and my favourite restaurant (and Lamma-zine advertiser) Lamcombe will be closing down on Jan 4!

Lamma-Por & I are regulars, at least twice a week, always chatting with the staff and management who've become friends, so we're very sad to see them forced out, after 13 years! But it's too late now and a signature campaign organised by some people right now is unlikely to change the landlords' minds who want to run the place themselves. Sad news. Reserve your table now as they will surely get extremely busy in the last few weeks, as so many of us want to relive some favourite memories and best times with their friends in there....

For my own photographical memories of Lamcombe, click here. Please add your own photos and memories in their own dedicated Lamcombe forum (almost every Lamma bar and restaurant has a dedicated forum with photos, events, reviews and ratings).

Jade Chief Bar, opposite Banyan Bay Cafe, is also closing down this week. The fishermen drinking in there all evening (and occasionally getting into fights) will miss that place too, for sure. It might reopen soon under new management, tba.

A cafe-style restaurant might open around Chinese New Year in the location of the former Nam Wah Yuen, after they tore down and rebuilt that entire house on Main Street, vis-a-vis Diesel's.

Pigeon Rest., Han Lok Yuen, is under total renovation, to reopen under the former management in a few weeks. Our Exclusive Lamma-zine Roving Reporter investigated:

"A confidential source confirmed another confidential source that the Pigeon Restaurant has indeed closed already!

"We will now reveal the results of our intense investigation. Pausing for only a couple of days, our confidential informant walked behind her house to discover if this heinous news is indeed true!

"As you can see by our exclusive pictures below the Pigeon is indeed closed until further notice. We are determined to get to the bottom of this matter, dear reader, and feel a fact-finding afternoon to the Concerto Inn is in all our interests. While there, we will formulate a plan to gather ALL the facts. Rest assured readers, we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to reach the truth."

Latest breaking news: Pigeon to reopen under the former, pre-2006 management, from their glory days. Date tba, we'll keep you posted!

The former Spicy Island will become a new Turkish restaurant, unrelated to Best Kebab, to reopen before Xmas. Details tba soon...

The former New Holiday Mood Grill & Rest. will become a second Green Cottage, name tba, run by the Green Cottage I inhabitants, to reopen in Dec.

Beer Garden has opened around beginning of Oct. Former Spicy Island proprietor Amar Singh's son is cooking Indian dishes, Thai & Philippine cuisine is also available. A restaurant review is overdue! Who'd like to do one, contact me!

Any other changes in the local dining/drinking scene I might have missed?

Nov 23:  Sunny Funny Day

Photo gallery by Rambo Lai

Plus another excellent Fun Day review by Nick the Bookman
which made me laugh out loud several times while editing it. Quotes:

"Jim and Les...are going through their schtick on the sturdy stage,...thanking almost everyone who has existed/exists/will exist in the Space Time Continuum. Except me, your very 'eavy, very 'umble scribe."
"The running gag of the day is trying to spot the undercover cops. The highest guesstimate is about 20%, including dogs."
"Twilight is upon us. No New Moon yet. No abstemious, pallid-Goth vampires and hunky teen werewolves either."
"(Sorry, had to go delete my forebrain to stop it manufacturing such puerile dross.)"
"Lamma-Gung has arrived and is snapping away at a furiously professional rate."
"Meanwhile, the Portaloos are doing a frisky-brisk turnover in all matters faecal."
"That's not an open invitation to be swamped with ribald and risque remarks."
"Thank you for letting me let you know how much fun I had."

More photo galleries by Debi, Dirk & L-G in progress... Submit YOUR photos!

Nov 22:  All You Need Is...Peace Love Lamma

LOVE and PEACE at the YSW Public Library

Who is ERA signing these graffitis? Is he one of the few remaining "Ageing Hippies" trying to keep old Lamma traditions alive and well?

"ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE"... and a Drainage Ditch --
Hole for the future "Clock Tower" in the "Beer Garden" opposite The Island Bar

Improvised sculpture in the "Beer Garden" outside The Island Bar --
Translation, please? -- The Big Rock in YSW harbour sporting two new Rock Piles

Two stone figurines, inspired by Malcolm's Power Station Beach Rock Piles?

Nov 21:  Alba's Charity Walk Today

Nov 20:  Lamma Fun Day - 10 Years!

Live Music:

Twisterella (3pm), Of Moths And Stars, Quasar, The Curs, Transnoodle, Red Star Rising (8pm). Click on band names for their MySpace pages.
Plus DJ Bobsy before (1:30-3pm), in-between and after the bands.

The Fun Day's main sponsor HK Electric writes:

"Our HK Electric Band will not be there this year due to a clash of schedule, but we still will put up a game booth, with lots of prizes!

It will be a basketball game that promotes the seven essential things that people should do to save energy - save energy together; never leave a computer on all the time; foster energy saving habits when young; waste no electricity; maintain optimal temperature of air-conditioners; launder only when there is a full-load; and check energy efficiency labels before buying electrical appliances.

These energy saving mnemonics, converted from seven traditional Chinese daily necessities in life, were incorporated into the game which was named 1st runner-up in the Most Creative Game Booth Award at the E & M Safety Carnival just last month!"

Charity Live Auction:

The live auction will take place at Lamma Fun Day on 22nd November. If you are unable to make it please feel free to shop away on line! Please visit the auction page to see what items are up for auction this year. When you find an item of interest please email Natalie here with the item name and your bid amount. Natalie will be in touch to confirm the details and will ensure your bid is included during the live auction on the Fun Day:

Charity Calendar:

The calendar above will be launched and sold at the Fun Day by Deb & friends, raising $2,867 for the Children Welfare Scheme already. Besides the Lamma photos, it includes over 120 photos of Lammaites ($20/photo, look out for L-G and Lamma-Por!) on the Dec page. $65 for 1 calendar, $60 for 3 or more, and $55 for 10 or more - a great X'mas present for the folks at home. If you're featured you get another $5 off.

It's the tenth Lamma Fun Day already! Here are 3 historic posters and photo galleries, including the very first one in the year 2000:

Nov 19:  Flock'n'clap Highlights

Photos by Grahame of grahamecollinsphotography  (Many thanks!)

Forum and Festival Review by Nick the Bookman (Many thanks!)

Photo gallery by L-G in progress...

Nov 18:  Faces of DickStock XV

Click above for Desmond's DickStock XV photos

Click here for our DickStock XV forum with even more photos

Click here for Nick the Bookman's DickStock XV review!

15 years of DickStock (with a few skipped years) - here are all the logos so far. It looks like a visual history of Lamma, I think, a part of what makes this place still great, IMHO.
Am I missing any logos? Each DickStock had one, for posters and T-shirts:

Nov 17:  Wastrels of All Shapes & Sizes

SCMP, Nov 15, 2009, Letter to the Editor:

"Lamma drug raid not best use of resources

"In the wake of the huge drug bust, life on Lamma Island is remarkably calm - the bubble of conversations and televised football murmurs out from bars; feral dogs and children scurry around, and business people, ageing hippies and wastrels of all shapes and sizes slowly and apparently aimlessly wander the streets. In fact, life is predictably similar to how it was two months ago, and quite probably (it was long before my time) two decades ago.

"However, this blissful continuity makes me question the value of the mammoth operation last month. Sixty officers on the night in question, an undercover operation lasting for months, the huge cost of salaries, overtime pay, manpower and resources that this operation must have incurred, all came together to produce the proud net result: no noticeable change in the quality of life on the island whatsoever.

"I do not wish to be overly critical of the marine police, who I believe work hard and do a good job, but if looked at in terms of a cost/benefit analysis, it does not really seem to have been the best use of their resources. A very high cost compared to minimal benefits for the population, who will, of course, end up footing the bill.

"Sam Bessant, Lamma"

Who exactly was Sam Bessant referring to? Maybe he saw me, L-G, while I was "slowly and apparently aimlessly wandering" around Main Street, shopping and chatting with other "ageing hippies and wastrels of all shapes and sizes"? Could this be a suitable description of quite a few of our Main Street characters?

Our currently most active forum had also a few enlightening thoughts to add. Poilkoop even added that "personally I would define myself as a business person, hippy & wastrel."

Major police raid on Lamma bars...

Nov 16:  Eco-Adventure #2: Operation Egg Transfer

Römer's Tree Frog:

Egg Transfer

(Photos & captions
by Denis,
click to enlarge)

Eco-Adventures of the Valiant Eco-Warriors
Growing the Tai Peng
Community Garden!

The pond that was meant to hold irrigation water...

...but turned out to hold tadpoles, frogs, and, quite unexpectedly, the eggs of Römer's Tree Frog.

Members of the community garden had to act quickly in this crisis situation to prevent the watering of garden plots w/frog eggs.

So they set out to transfer the Romer's eggs to safer environments. First, find a secluded place, under the trees, and dig a small hole.

Then, install a shallow, plastic bucket.

Transfer pond water (without any tadpoles of other species)...

...and, of course, some of the Römer's Tree Frog eggs...

...from the pond, to the
new installation(s)...

...and gently add.

Include a few dead leaves and a few sticks (the
latter for male frogs to sit on and serenade a mate)...

...and leave, undisturbed, for nature to take its course.

P.S. Are you eager to see (or even participate in) some more eco-adventures?
Let us know!

One more? Building a bike-powered pump for the Tai Peng Community Garden.

Nov 15:  HK Cricket Sixes - Vibrant & Fervent Enthusiasm

Richard Cook - Managing Director, WordAsia- ex-Lammaite:

(Photos by HK Cricket Sixes, a Lamma-zine advertiser
providing a free pair of tickets for Richard.)

It's late afternoon on Sunday at the Kowloon Cricket Club and the 2009 Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes is coming to a wonderful crescendo.

As the bright autumn sun that has been shining all weekend begins to slip behind the surrounding forest of high-rises, the crowd – fuzzily content after a pleasant day-long diet of cold beer and spicy Indian snacks – is on its feet and is shouting, resolutely, for Hong Kong.

There is a handful in the crowd – easily identifiable because of their bellowing yard-long horns – that are fervently showing their support for the other team on the pitch, South Africa, but the other few thousand are firmly behind the home team. It's a nice sight and one that's actually quite rare in Hong Kong – a wonderfully multi-ethnic flag-waving crowd dressed in the colours of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, Australia, New Zealand and yes, there are even a few wearing Hong Kong shirts – coming together as one to get behind the local team.

In a tournament line up that includes all the major teams from international cricket, Hong Kong are the clear underdogs but incredibly they have made it to the final – and have beaten England and Sri Lanka to get here. And here they are, now one ball away from what will be a stunning victory. A Hong Kong-South Africa final was predicted by few but nobody could have thought it would have come down to the last ball. South Africa, who are currently one of strongest cricketing sides in the world, need to score three runs to win the tournament. Anything less and Hong Kong are winners. There is palpable tension in the warm Kowloon air.

Cricket, once upon a time was thought – by most of the world at least – to be boring. Twenty-two men dressed in white playing a game for five long days that might well end in a draw anyway. With its impenetrable rules, immeasurable mountain of jargon and, daftest of all, its unfathomable breaks for "tea", the game picked up the reputation as the classic English colonial game played by "gentlemen" across the British Empire. It was, like the Empire itself: archaic, silly and certainly not for everybody.

This form of cricket, let's call it "old" cricket, was played from about the end of the 18th Century until the end of the 20th. The "new" cricket is different – it is fast, colourful, exciting and dominated, in terms of money at least, by India. In India cricket touches every part of life and this raw, vibrant and fervent enthusiasm has now invigorated cricket globally. And while the Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes is small stuff compared to the big-money superstar league in India, it's a good indication of the game's modern-day wake up call.

Played by just six men, as opposed to the customary eleven – sixes is, to put it simply, an abridged version of traditional cricket. Purists dismiss this and other short forms of the game as unsophisticated and simplistic and refer to it derogatorily as "pajama" cricket (because of the coloured outfits the teams wear – in contrast to the pure white that is worn in the old version) but the reality is millions find it a much more palatable format that is both easier to follow and more exciting to watch.

At the Hong Kong Sixes games last for little more than thirty minutes, there is constant action and considerable athleticism. The players for the national sides are made up of professionals who fly in especially for the tournament. Ironically, this is true for all the side except for today's finalists, Hong Kong, who are made up completely of amateurs. They are all gifted competent cricketers but, unlike the players from the other teams, the Hong Kong men all have day jobs.

The venue, the Kowloon Cricket Club, set in the heart of Kowloon just near Jordon Road, is a buzzing, compact venue. Spectator stands that are built especially for the occasion ring the pitch and make for an intense and compressed atmosphere. Behind the stands are beer tents and food stalls selling a plethora of curries, tandoori snacks and pizzas, which all adds to the friendly, carnival, party-like feel.

Lamma is always well represented at the Sixes. The tournament's organizers are from Lamma; as are the tournament's face-painters and a large Lamma contingent always occupy one of the more boisterous spectator stands. It's a top day out, even for non-cricket lovers.

So did Hong Kong win? Um… No. The South African batsman deftly hit the last ball of the match high and long into the crowd to score six runs, which meant South Africa won the tournament. It was shame but no one seemed to let it spoil their day too much. Everybody left smiling and that is exactly as it should be.

More pictures...

Nov 12:  15 Years of Peace Love Lamma
                Yes, Pigs CAN Fly!

Poster by Laudable Lamma Luminary & Master Cartoonist Harry Harrison

More info in our DickStock XV forum

This is the revised poster with the current sequence of Lamma Bands performing. Brown Stripes just renamed themselves into Cicadas, like the Spicy Boys recently became Black Mariah. All done just to confuse their long-time fans, throw off stalkers and hopefully attract a brand-new audience? Cicada are "Marcus Oleniuk, Kieran Colvert, Gareth Dunster and a German drummer whose name I can't spell yet." - according to a most ardent fan of theirs. Malte Noack is the drummer's name.

I've also extracted a message from Lamma's very own Professional DickStock Impersonator and birthday boy. Yes, this is just his private birthday party, but everybody (without a uniform) will be most welcome to join in the fun with five Lamma Bands! This is DickStock XV, 1994-2009 - see all logos below! - but the birthday boy's true age is a little over 15 years and a closely guarded secret.

Just one hint: PDI was actually already alive'n'rockin' during Woodstock, which happened in the distant dark ages of the last millennium, in the Year 1 BI (not BC, but Before Internet which just turned 40!) But don't call him an Elderly to his face or suffer the dire consequences of being hit by his walking cane or even bitten by his dentures! He also still insists that the DickStock name was NOT inspired by Woodstock! XV years of Denialism, go figure....

Professional DickStock Impersonator writes:
"I hope that all Lammonians, young and old, of whatever persuasion or background will come to DickStock XV and enjoy themselves (and each other).

"Music, food, bevvy....and MUSIC. And FRIENDS!! Lord knows, we need some FUN after the little shake-down we've been thru recently~!"

P.S. Here are a few of my historic DickStock photo galleries, to give you a little idea of what to expect. It's strongly recommended NOT to bring any drugs!!!

Nov 11:  Sunrise-Double-Rainbow

Sitting on our balcony this morning at 7am, this is the sight that wowed us all through our breakfast. Neighbours and passers-by also stopped and gawked; quite a number of "Holaengah!" shouts have been heard. A free, visual half-hour spectacle in front of the ever-changing clouds, watched by many Lammaites who actually stop in awe and wonder at such a rare, astoundingly beautiful entertainment.

See below: Daylight Skybeast and Darkness Skybeast fighting ferociously over the amazing Sunrise-Rainbow this morning!
See the gaping jaws, teeth, eyes and ears of the two beasts, plus a plume of smoke rising from the Darkness Skybeast's nostrils?
Or is it just my overactive imagination which is easily led astray by watching autumnal cloud formations from my rooftop rocking chair?

Nov 10:  What's the Taste of Your Strawberry Ice Cream?

New chapters in the serialisation of Emily the Ice-Cream Lady's memoirs have been published! Life on Main Street as told by a true insider running her shop in the midst of it all, granting her unique insights into Lamma life & people!

Almost 30 chapters by now, more than enough for a nice, little printed book! When it's going to be published, Emily? I'd definitely buy it, as it's a fascinating read so far, especially for Lammaites who can try to guess who some of the people mentioned really are....

BITTER-SWEET: Many Flavors of Emotion -
#29 - Nov 5, 2009

Slow Motion to Macau - #28 - Oct 30, 2009

Heated History Talk Rocks Boat - #27 -
Oct 23, 2009

Delicate Procedure Happens in 'Heaven' -
#26 - Oct 16, 2009

The Labor Day - #25 - Oct 9, 2009

Two-Alarm Two-Step Takes a Painful Turn -
#24 - Oct 2, 2009

Casual Lamma Defies City's Fashion Frenzy -
#23 - Sep 25, 2009

Dreams Flow on a Tabletop - #22 - Sep 18, 2009

Disrespect Hits Hard - #21 - Sep 11, 2009

What Flavors Quit Decision? - #20 - Sep 4, 2009

Home Battles Disrupt Sleep - #19 - Aug 27, 2009

Trust and Betrayal Behind the Counter -
#18 - Jul 20, 2009

Customers Ask the Oddest Things -
#17 - Jul 12, 2009

Archives #1 - 16

Here's a little, sweet excerpt from chapter #27 of "Memoirs of an Ice-Cream Lady - A Semi-Autobiography":

Stranger on the Seven O'Clock Ferry

(Poem written circa 2000)

Hey! Stranger on the seven o'clock ferry!
Everyone was looking at you,
Instead of the rain that was pouring.
For you came running in bare-chested
Just before the ferry door was closing.
Next to you sat a beautiful lady.
Well, that's me who was still very sleepy in the morning.

Hi! Bare-chested on the ferry!
Do you need some tissue paper
To wipe off the rain that had
Been falling on your body?
But I was holding the tissue paper in my handbag,
Being too shy to say anything.
Then you started reading on your own without noticing.

"Hello! Beautiful lady on the ferry!
What is your name?
Could you tell me?
What is your phone number?
I want to call you in the evening!"
But that never happened
On the 25-minute journey.

Goodbye! Stranger on the seven o'clock ferry!
Everybody was marching
Like zombies to offices and schools.
I began walking while you kept on reading.
Stranger in the morning,
Next time please bring your umbrella
When it's raining!

Nov 9:  Like a Dream.
Like an Illusion.

The walls of Lamma are a great source of what's happening locally, sporting often very informative and well-designed posters, sometimes even quite amusing. But then, some are just baffling, like this one:

There's *something* happening tonight, Nov, 9, but what is it? Something about dreams, illusions and teaching people to die???

Not sure if the Chinese text adds any more detailed explanations? Not sure if I really want to know, enjoying the mystery, the illusion of this intriguing and mysterious poster...

Or maybe that's the clever trick behind this poster, attracting seekers who enjoy checking out mysteries, illusions and cryptic, new-agey messages? For more intriguing posters, check out these two walls:

Who can take credit for Lamma's newest and most visible graffiti?
Step forward and take a bow! Contact me!

Nov 8:  Lamma Drug Story Discredits Residents

Finally, there was a Letter to the Editor in the Sunday Post today - Lamma drug story discredits residents - commenting on last Sunday's Lamma Drug Bust story,  for which they must have gotten loads of complaints. The published letter was very short and just a tiny fraction of what the original detailed letter contained. Ironically, this story has significantly increased SCMP sales on Lamma for these two days, according to our two newspaper vendors on Main Street! So from the SCMP's commercial perspective, it was a successful story attracting more readers, generating more income! Quoting from the letter:

"It would have been far more appropriate to have lambasted the police for an appalling waste of public funds in their failed effort to entrap a handful of petty drug users and their suppliers.

"Ten years ago, police might conceivably have had more success but, since then, the island has become a sanctuary for those seeking a more agreeable and healthy lifestyle for their children, with the vast majority being honest members of society."

Well, the Lamma-zine has no length constraints and prefers to publish uncensored, minimally edited versions of readers' comments on any Lamma-related topic, no matter how controversial or unpopular they might occasionally be. Not in this case, though. Most Lammaites will probably agree with the opinions and questions in the full version of the letter, mostly cut out from the published version.

After seeing this short letter, I contacted Jonny, who used to live in Pak Kok Village, for permission to publish his full letter. He also has already faxed it to the Chairman of the SCMP, Dr Pang, and the Commissioner of Police, Mr Tang King Shing. No replies so far, as expected. Here's the full letter, part of our permanent, uncensored, free-spirited Discussions forum topic - 250 messages so far:

Sunday Post Article on Police Raids on Lamma Island

(full version of Jonathan Coleman's Letter to the Sunday Post, Nov 8, '09)

Nov 7:  Flock'n'clap Ferry Leaves "Centre of HK's
              Underground Subculture"

A few of my pictures from today's specially chartered ferry at 11:30am, straight from the YSW ferry pier to Clockenflap @ Cyberport. It looked pretty full already, even though it's just a Saturday, probably thanks to these posters above, screaming "!!!!!Free Ferry!!!!!" They featured a tag line of "All because Clockenflap loves Lamma, the centre of HK's underground subculture...." Really? Maybe, perhaps, hopefully, my little biweekly Lamma-zine email to 4,000+ active email addresses yesterday also helped a little to fill the free ferries?

Be early for tomorrow's ferry at the same time, 11:30am, as even more Lammaite families are expected to show up on a Sunday. We Lammaites just love freebies!

This picturesque, traditional ferry is usually only seen on the Aberdeen-Sok Kwu Wan-Mo Tat Wan route.

But at last year's free ferry (see below) they had a nice Clockenflappy banner! Cutbacks in these still tough economic times? Or did it already cost too much to set off the Carbon Footprints of all these overseas performers flying in to perform at this eco-friendly festival with its Eco Village (where you'll be meeting several current and former Lammaites exhibiting)?

Clockenflap 2008 ferry, from my photo gallery:

Chivalry is not dead -- The Official Court Music Reviewer resting before his tough, all-day assignment.

Nov 4:  Free Flock'n'clap Ferries!

By now, all you music lovers must have heard and read all you ever wanted to know (or not) about Clockenflap in Cyberport this coming weekend. "A fantastic fun-filled weekend of international music, multi-media arts and custom-built contraptions! The Festival Building on the huge success of last year's festival, Clockenflap allows attendees to enjoy cutting-edge music, award-winning films and innovative local art, all while taking in the atmosphere and sunshine at one of Hong Kong's only usable outdoor lawn areas."

As this festival has some roots on Lamma, even being staged here at least twice a few years ago - Jay's Clockenflap Bitches - Looking for Abandoned Clockenflaps -the organisers have again arranged special chartered free ferries for Lammaites, so we can flock to the event and clap till our hands hurt.

Here's my photo shoot of the last Clockenflap festival (including the Lamma ferry charter), plus one of the graphics I made from their Lamma 2006 poster, see right:

Co-founder and co-organiser Jay Forster emails:

"What's more, we have the free ferry sorted again this year, departing Yung Shue Wan ferry pier at 11.30am both days. There will be 1 packet of crisps included (not 1 per person, 1 per boat - per day!)
I am attaching the current press release, though this needs to be updated.
I am very happy to offer yourself and Nick media passes...they'll be waiting for you at the door."

Links: Press release (Word) -- Animated Trailer -- Festival Magazine -- Website -- Facebook -- Highlights from Clockenflap 2008

Hilarious, promotional short movies:

Episode One  (A belea- guered accountant explores a new passion while coping with the rigors of an office environment.)

Episode Two  (A besieged pregnant woman struggles to maintain order as her household is attacked from within.)

Episode Three  (A misguided manager struggles for recognition while seeking influence over an up and coming indie band.)

Here are several suggested dress codes for the audience; or are these fashionable people Pet Conspiracy, duo YACHT, DJ Alexis Taylor and HK-local heroes Chochukmo who'll all be performing live? See you there, especially at the gig of my personal favourites, HK's very own electronica duo Snoblind, Sunday 6:30pm!

Nov 3:  Rocky Horrors @ Island Bar

The police raid the night before did little to dampen the spirits of the revelers at The Island Bar's Halloween Bash, organised by the ultra-healthy, superiorly fit and drug-free Lamma Outrigger Canoe Club. Sorry, I've not received any pictures of the promised Speedo Slave Auction and the Jello Wrestling, unfortunately, so these fine shots below will have to do for now, submitted by Dirk Claus:

Nov 2:  Drug Bust!
or Disparate Trains of Thought, Hilarity & Misery,
Splashes of Colour & Visitations From the Past

Most of us have seen the articles in yesterday's English and Chinese papers about Friday night's drug bust at four YSW bar, including the Sunday Morning Post's cover story, Expats held in Lamma drug bust (click to read):

"Lamma Island, long considered the home of Hong Kong's expatriate drug subculture, saw its biggest drug raid in recent memory early yesterday morning.

"While many will question whether the raid came 30 years too late, more than 60 police officers swooped on four bars on Yung Shue Wan Main Street, detaining 10 expatriates.

"Police said the raids had broken up an expatriate-controlled syndicate selling cocaine and marijuana on the island...."

All these 60+ police officers found were 30g of cocaine and 130g of cannabis, only one "man was charged with drug trafficking" and only two other men were "charged with possession of drugs" so far. Several private homes were searched as well, but nothing or very little found. But these very modest results didn't stop the press and the police from making outrageous and unproven claims of "biggest drug raid in recent memory", "expatriate-controlled syndicates" and "home of HK's expat drug culture".

All these ugly slurs will cause the vast majority of us completely drug-free Lammaites lots of grief and damaged reputations for years to come from ancient and reaffirmed prejudices from our acquaintances and friends off-island.
"You live on Lamma, you must be a drug addict or dealer, I just read it in the newspapers!" and other similar BS remarks.

This police raid has caused a firestorm in our forum, of course - 183 messages so far: Major police raid on Lamma bars,...

Senior forum member Marc Antony aptly described the forum discussion as "disparate trains of thought, hilarity & misery, splashes of colour & visitations from the past"; a true reflection of our vibrant and diverse community, I think. Bbdog posted this photo of the usual suspects nabbed in Operation Sweep:

Check it out, learn more and contribute your own observations & opinions!

Nov 1:  Halloweenies '09

Halloween is getting bigger and more important every year in HK, and on Lamma as well, see YSW Main Street above, yesterday at 7pm. We've got some great pictures from all the Trick-or-Treating in Yung Shue Wan, with friendly permission from Michelle D Chung:


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