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No Lamma Fun Day 2011
Fri, Sep 30
"We are sad that, for the first time in 12 years, Lamma Fun Day is not happening."

Typhoon #8 Daredevil
Thu, Sep 29
"Lamma would like HK to know that due to the inclement weather we're off to the pub!"

Lamma Resident in 3 Theatrical Productions
Wed, Sep 28

Adam Harris has lived on Lamma since February and may be....

Dogs Fall Victim to 'Poisoning' - Tue, Sep 27
Lamma Island has been hit by an outbreak of dog-poisoning.

Patriotic Lammaites
Mon, Sep 26

Over 40 tables of all Lammaites & friends celebrated National Day in Aberdeen.

Splash of Rain Delays Showdowns - Sun, Sep 25
"League officials wait quietly, wishing 'rain, rain, go away'."

Victorious Dragonboaters (plus Donald Tsang)
Thu, Sep 22

The Lamma Dragons celebrating their 8 medals won in Shatin.

Cleaning Up Pebbles Beach
Wed, Sep 21
A group of 34 volunteers from LexisNexis participated in the  Coastal Cleanup Challenge.

Public Housing in the Lamma Quarry? - Tue, Sep 20

Note the "concepts" for public housing, clubhouse, public ferry pier, and new roads.

Want to Star in a TV Documentary? - Mon, Sep 19

ATV is urgently looking for parents to interview next Wed, Sep 28 on Lamma!

'Like a Tractor Among Sports Cars' - Sun, Sep 18

"You're a Canadian. Why do you want to join the Lamma Island Pinoy Basketball League?"

'Lamma My Island' Film Premiere - Sat, Sep 17

Sat/Sun, Sep 17/18, 7:30 & 8:30pm each day, Diesel's Bar, Main Street YSW.

Swimming to Cheung Chau
Sep 16

Five men and three women swam 9km from Lamma to Cheung Chau on Sunday, 4 September.

Hiking Over Ling Kok Shan
Sep 15

Click for photo gallery with subtitles...

Seed Sowing Season
Sep 14

Seedy advice from Gardening Forum Moderator, Jane Ram, plus her Organic Day out.

Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival
Sep 13

Date: 10 September, 2011

Time: 7:00 - 10:30pm

Venue: YSW Football Pitch

The Baroque on Lamma Stakeholder Engagement Forum - Sep 12

"... to openly hear the concerns ... through a public forum."

Marshals, Muses & Musclemen - Sep 11

Photo gallery available now...

"Balls Bounce, Intensity Soars Pinoy-Style."

Clean Up & Get Planting
Sep 10

Living Lamma newsletter:
"And now some good news...."

Archers, Awesome Tigers, Gray Hawks, Hüggen D-ass & Lamma Lickers - Sep 9

Grand Opening of this multi- national basketball tournament.

Pavilion Building Boom?
Sep 8

I was passing three pavilions all under renovation or construction right now.

Hairy Caterpillar - Sep 7

I'm always on the lookout for good, interesting photos, videos, artworks and websites to feature.

Mr. & Mrs. Kebab's Cafe
Sep 6

Yes, this is #2 in Lamma's very own Mr. Kebab's burgeoning empire of Turkish restaurants....

10 Reasons to Live on Lamma - Sep 5

The 27-page Chin. article in Ming Pao Weekly yesterday featured ten interviews with Lammaites.

'Life on Lamma - An Alter- native For Living' - Sep 4

Ming Pao Weekly yesterday published a 27-page cover story....

Thank You, Donors & Sponsors! - Sep 3

The appeal I published a few weeks back got more response than I had ever hoped for.

On Top of Lamma Winds
Sep 2

I met Fireman Mr. LEUNG Wai- kong of Hong Kong Fire Services Dept.'s High Angle Rescue Team.

I Blog, Therefore I Am?
Sep 1

Doesn't this look like another portrait of Lamma-Gung working oh-so-hard on his daily blog?

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Sep 30:  No Lamma Fun Day 2011

Zein Williams - Children Welfare Scheme - Tel: 2526 8810 or 9231 3505:

Dear Friends,

We are sad that, for the first time in 12 years, Lamma Fun Day is not happening. There are a number of reasons for this but one of the main ones is that the CWS office was unable to take on the project. We also struggled with not having enough key organizers to help plan the event as well as finding a way around the logistical challenges we face every year, but DO NOT DESPAIR!

Changes to the CWS office has been made and we are back on track and would like to plan for Lamma Fun Day 2012 but, to ensure this does not happen again, we need HELP! and hope that you or your family/friends can find some way to assist us in the next Lamma Fun Day and of course, take part on the day!

In the meantime as we appreciate the commitment that Lamma has shown to CWS over the years, we would love to re-connect with all of you and are discussing a possible Funkraiser – for those who don’t know, Funkraiser has been going as long as Lamma Fun Day has and is a fun & funky DJ / Band night in town – so get those funky clothes, wigs and flares out and stay tuned!!

If anyone is able to help with this event or propose a venue for this we would love to hear from you. We are looking at having one in late November 2011 and then maybe again in March 2012, in hopes to build up the excitement and see everyone again at Lamma Fun Day 2012!

If you or anyone you know might be available to help us in any way whether it might be to just connect us with the right people or can spare 1hr or more, please email me any time or call me on the details below.

Thank you all for your amazing support over the years and look forward to hearing from you!

The last Lamma Fun Day ever?

Historical Lamma-zine
photo galleries:

Lamma Fun Days:










A few historic Fun Day posters, including the very first one in the year 2000!

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Sep 29:  Typhoon #8 Daredevil

First typhoon signal #8 of the year, right on a Thursday morning, meaning a day off for office workers, but not for home office workers like myself {*Big SIGH!*} But what's a day off anyway, if every day feels like a day off? Like today, I got my story and pictures without even having to leave home in this driving, often almost horizontal rain.

In this kind of inclement weather - RTHK Radio 3, Phil Whelan's Morning Brew, 10:30am: "Lamma would like HK to know that due to the inclement weather we're off to the pub!" - you'd expect people to stay home and indoors! But some of are not deterred and even climb on top of their roofs, unsecured in the wind during a little break in-between Nesat's showers! See our neighbour Brett in his slippers, taking down his wind-damaged TV antennae, trying to prevent if from crashing down, causing damage or even hurting somebody on ground level. Quite a few TV antennas broke off in the 100+ km/hour gusts of wind last night.

If I'd ever do a stunt like like this, Lamma-Por might have a panic outbreak, or a screaming fit, or a heart attack, or maybe all of them at the same time. She might have to be flown off Lamma in the emergency helicopter (see below, this morning). But not my brave neighbour's wife. She coolly snapped a few mobile phone pics of her hubby, one foot away from the ledge and the real danger of his instant death. Brett is a mild-mannered, soft- spoken healer (Kinesiology Asia), but also a fit & death-defying daredevil, it seems! I've been known to climb atop my own rooftop - very similar-looking to Brett's - but only in clear weather with no wind gusts (look at the pine top in the photos!)

This stupi..., err, stupendous heroism is not his first time either. I remember past Typhoon Koppu which kaputted my open rooftop canopy. While I was trying to save it single-handedly I got an SMS from the same valiant and gallant neighbour. He noticed my ordeal and offered his help. But it was too late, my property agent did a house call in the middle of a T8. They had no choice but to perform emergency surgery, cutting off the cloth canopy to prevent it from crashing to the ground.

Become as fit and healthy and brave as Brett the Typhoon Daredevil (new Lamma-zine nickname!) by enrolling in his courses. He's also a loyal, long- time advertiser of the Lamma-zine, but I swear I didn't put him up to his rooftop adventure to get him some publicity for his business!

Plus a little Lost & Found public notice:

Has your inflatable swimming pool gone missing from your rooftop last night? Bright green on the inside, it's landed safe'n'sound, still inflated, in this little, almost grown-over stream below, too big to float down to the sea. Contact me! Finder's fee can be discussed, maybe a free swim? If nobody claims it: inflatable pool party on our own rooftop this weekend! The rain is filling up the pool right now.

Your kiddie pool? -- One more toppled TV antennae -- Emergency helicopter

P.S. Quadrocopter pilot lammajoeyu took the opportunity for some more in- flight videos on his model airplane, remote-controlling it over South Lamma in pre- typhoon weather. Observe the dramatic skies this early morning during his airplane acrobatics on YouTube.

P.S. II:  Done for today, I'm off to join some of the Lamma Typhoon Parties now!

P.S. III, next morning: That must have been quite a typhoon party in Diesel's!
There are quite a few embarrassing pictures floating around Facebook. But the Lamma-zine will only ever publish these, like any Facebook picture, with explicit permission from the photographer. Not all the furniture survived the singing revelry and cheerful mayhem. Aftermath outside Diesel's:

P.S. IV: Our Official Court Senior Correspondent, John Cairns, has also published a great Lamma typhoon story with his own pictures, after avoiding being hit by any of the huge, crashing waves or any of the falling branches ripped from trees and now littering our paths:

Signal Eight? Great! It's a Mahjong Day

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Sep 28:  Lamma Resident in 3 Theatrical Productions

Stylus HK Theatre:

Adam Harris has lived on Lamma since February and may be recognized on the ferry as the guy with one or two scripts open - he is one of Hong Kong's busiest stage actors and directors. In the coming 2 months, always a busy time in Hong Kong theatreland. Adam, a veterinarian in his daytime career, Adam is to perform in no fewer than three productions.

The first two are in support of a charity that Adam first became involved with after meeting one of the founders in Lamma's Bookworm Café. Last year Adam directed The Rocky Horror Show, and then went on to perform in Educating Rita and In the Next Room: The Vibrator Play earlier this year. October sees his return to the boards.

To support a Lamma resident and a very worthwhile charity, see below. Adam will be performing in:-

The Bridge (el Puente)

by José Manuel Sevilla

A world premiere in the English language of a play by an award-winning Spanish poet. Adam plays 2 soldiers who encounter two very different embodiments of femininity at a lonely bridge against a backdrop of war. Strong language and sexuality.

All proceeds to Cambodian orphanages through

Oct 5th, 6th and 8th 8pm; 3pm on 8th

McAulay Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wanchai.

Tickets: 200HKD --

Coffee and Cigarettes

An evening of short plays linked by
two common pleasures.

Adam is acting in a self-penned short piece and directing one other.

20% proceeds to the same charity.

Oct 11th-15th 8pm (and 3pm on 15th)

Fringe Club, Central

Tickets: 180 HKD -

A Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare

Adam will play a part he has longed to play for many years, that of "rude mechanical” Nick Bottom for whom things take a turn for the donkey-like under Puck's mischievous influence. Adam describes Bottom's ham-fisting attempts to seriously perform as Pyramus in the "play within the play" as an actor's dream. "It is one of the funniest scenes in all Shakespeare", he says.

Nov 16th - 20th 8pm (and 3pm on 19th, 3pm only on 20th)

McAulay Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wanchai.

Tickets: 200HKD --

also promoted via our biweekly
email newsletter.

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Sep 27:  Dogs Fall Victim to 'Poisoning'

Jay Scott Kanes - Official Court Pet Correspondent:


Indications are that Lamma Island has been hit by an outbreak of dog-poisoning. The latest victims are Guapa and Ginger, two amiable (and slightly shy) brown dogs belonging to film-maker Alba Rayton and her husband John.

This morning (September 27), the desperately-ill Guapa was euthanized. Then Ginger, who at first looked likely to survive, started to show all the same symptoms and deteriorate quickly. At the time of writing, her prospects looked grim too.

Alba indicates that Lamma's veterinarian mentioned four other poisoning cases in recent days. Dog-owners across Northern Lamma should take immediate precautions to protect their pets, especially by using both leashes and muzzles. They also should watch for anyone placing poisoned food within dog-sniffing range of the pathways.

The Raytons saw their pets "eat something" when out on a regular walk, but couldn't stop them in time. Alba and John have reported the incident to the local police.

Guapa and Ginger appeared prominently in Lamma, My Island, the recently completed documentary that Alba plans to show at upcoming film festivals in Spain and Switzerland. Ironically, the half-hour movie focuses largely on Lamma as a paradise for dogs, a place where they "live in harmony" with people. But even on Lamma, one of the most dog-friendly places imaginable, not everyone likes dogs. The "harmony" isn't complete.

Alba, Guapa and Ginger share relaxing moments in better times.

Canine 'advisers' form an important part of Alba's film-making team.

P.S. from SheiLAP - Lifelong Animal Protection:

"There have been several other poisonings. Three poms, a beagle and a mongrel. Looks like Paraquat."

[a highly toxic weed killer, still used frequently in Hong Kong, but illegal in many countries: Wikipedia.]

Learn more in our forum topic: Dogs Fall Victim to 'Poisoning';
plus an SCMP story on Sep 29: Fears of dog poisoner on Lamma.

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Sep 26:  Patriotic Lammaites

Click for photo gallery...

On the bridge from YSW Ferry Pier to Library, illuminated at night

All the usual well-known local suspects, plus VIPs and off-island guests

Over 40 tables of all Lammaites & friends celebrated National Day in the Carnival Seafood Rest. in Aberdeen on Sat night, Sep 24. Several special ferries (HKKF & Tsui Wah) transported the guests from YSW, Pak Kok Village, Sok Kwu Wan to Aberdeen at 6pm and back at 10:30pm.

An impressive meal was served at $200/head, including some patriotic speeches and Mandarin songs, TVB artiste entertainment, an acrobatic troupe from Sichuan plus sponsored Lucky Draws, of course. Only a single non-Chinese person I could spot among the almost 500 Lammaites & guests at this probably largest off-island event exclusively for Lammaites, organised and sponsored by the Outlying Islands District Council and many sponsors.

Click for photo gallery...

Very popular events like these make it very clear how small a part of Lamma life we non-Chinese actually are, a pretty small minority - or a thin layer - in an overwhelmingly local, rural, traditional Chinese island community in an SAR ruled by the PRC. We're still considered temporary guests who are tolerated, mostly even welcomed, but can never become really fully integrated and accepted into the traditional local community, even if we could speak Cantonese fluently.

I didn't get any suspicious looks ("What's that Gwailo doing here?") I noticed, to my big relief, but many friendly nods and handshakes from VIPs and locals I hadn't spoken to in a while. I'm kind of too well-known in the local community after ten years, but often NOT as the guy behind ("Internet? That's something for our children to use, not us!"), but only as the former "Fat Gwailo" who's lost so much weight and has a very friendly HK-Chinese wife, helping him to get into and enjoy these Chinese-only events.

Dressed in her holiday best -- Lucky Draw winner! -- It's a fine red wine (I enjoyed it), but the bottle was empty when this photo of under-age drinking was taken

It can be great fun to participate in these local events and a sprinkling of non- Chinese, a mere frosting on top of the cake, can give face to the organisers of the many local events in the eyes of the Govt., making the event look more "multicultural" and the Govt. is often picking up much of the bill anyway, being pretty generous to us islanders in general. For example, they're spending HK$50,000+ on every single Lamma islander just for the sewage treatment facilities in progress.

I'll happily continue to announce these special Lammaites-only events in the Lamma Events Calendar, hoping that occasionally a few non-Chinese-speakers might join us in these fun & friendly local events. We're all welcome!

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Sep 25:  Splash of Rain Delays Showdowns

League officials wait quietly, wishing 'rain, rain, go away'.

Efforts to mop the court fail as more rain descends.

John Cairns - Official Basketball Correspondent:

(Text & photo captions by John, photos by Chun Yin Wah)

A day that could have clarified much in the Lamma Island Pinoy Basketball League (LIPBL) revealed little – except that maybe Mother Nature has less fondness for basketball than many Lamma Islanders do.

On September 25, drizzle turned into rain early in the first of two scheduled LIPBL games at Yung Shue Wan's outdoor basketball court. With the wet playing surface turning dangerous for players likely to slip, slide and fall, maybe suffering twisted ankles or other injuries, the referees halted play.

Eager players tried to mop up the court, but more water fell. A clever fan sent the gods a blunt message by chalking a beaming sun onto the playing surface, but they took no notice.

After a 15-minute wait, league officials suspended action for the day. At the time, the Lamma Archers (blue) held a slim lead, 20-18, on the Lamma Lickers (yellow). Action will resume on October 2 with the teams re-starting at 0-0.

The suspended contests would have separated rivals in the crowded standings. Both the Archers (0-2) and Lickers (0-1) want their first win. The other postponed game, also reset for October 2, pits the Gray Hawks (2-0) against Huggen D'ass (1-0) with the winner to stand alone in first place.

Action before the rain made an interesting spectacle of speed against size. The fleet-footed Archers rely on agility and fast breaks while the Lickers are taller, burlier and better shot-blockers. Which side wins? Fans must wait a week to know, but the Archers looked rather impressive.

Admittedly, rainouts rarely affect most basketball leagues. Usually they hamper other sports, like baseball or tennis. But in the LIPBL, weather-worries add an extra dimension to the entertainment.

LIPBL Standings

Gray Hawks – 2 wins, 0 losses
Huggen D'ass – 1 win, 0 losses
Awesome Tigers – 1 win, 1 loss
Lamma Archers – 0 wins, 1 loss
Lamma Lickers – 0 wins, 2 losses.

Early in a rain-delay, a fan hints to the weather gods by drawing a beaming sun on the court.

Even cameras can't keep the speedy Archers in view.

The speeding Archer stake a layup.

Yellow defenders merely wave at a bounding blue blur.

This deceptive photo appears to show a violent foul, but it's an illusion.
These guys rank among the most-gentlemanly players.

How about a little extra spin on the ball?

Is that a flying body-check on the opening tip?

When adults don't play, children do. Ignoring the weather,
young fans of different teams frolic.

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Sep 22:  Victorious Dragonboaters  (plus Donald Tsang)

"Paddling like fury, picking up a few wee medal gadgies, qualifying for some World Championship thingy, and dancing on a table in front
of Donald Tsang ... the usual Lamma Sunday then."

by Jess King (Facebook Status Update)

Sunday night, Sep 18, ca. 8pm, outside The Island Bar:

The Lamma Dragons celebrating their 8 medals won in Shatin's dragonboat races this weekend (photo on the right by Vicky Medcalf), qualifying for a record 11 races in the International Dragon Boat Federation's Club Crew World Championship on July 4-8, 2012:

Gold in Women's 500m, O40's Women's 500m, O40's Women's 200m, and Men's Small Boat 500m;
Silver in O40's Mixed Small Boat 200m;
Bronze in Mixed 500m, Women's 200m, Men's 2000m.

These unique photos - the ONLY two OK ones I could find despite asking a lot of people present that night, arriving too late myself - are courtesy of Lamma Seaview Man Fung Seafood Restaurant. Mr Tsang, friends and body guards enjoyed a quiet, low-key dinner, till the raucous dragonboaters arrived, returning from Shatin races all weekend. They recognised him, danced and sang for him either "We are the Champions" or "Hey Baby" (the accounts vary due to copious imbibing). Donald Tsang graciously posed for this great photo opportunity, adding a shiny and stylish Dragonboat gold medal (from Leo Chung?) to his all-white, bowtie-free, comfy-looking, off-duty outfit!

Men's Team Captain Andrew Shields writes:

"Guys, I'm not sure where to begin perhaps except to say what a brilliant effort this weekend, or as Kev would say AWESOME - we surpassed ourselves and expectations (again) - just think what we will be able to achieve next year with the added incentive of participation, in our own right, in the CCWC. It was fun going as part of the mixed team last year but next year we go in the Men's competition!!!!

I had thought it would be too much hassle. I didn't think everyone would make the effort and I didn't think we would be able to compete. Well, how wrong was I? We competed in each and every category we entered. We won medals by the bucket full and we brought home the first gold medal I can remember the Lamma Men winning - EVER!

I can imagine you were all probably hoping that you'd seen the last of my emails for a while but here goes for one to wrap up and say the "thank yous". In fact "thank yous" are due on quite a number of fronts and though I tried to say a few of them at some point on the way home but I'm sure I didn't cover everyone ...

... I will organise a get together very soon which may involve helping put the Piglet away and maybe a bit of a barbecue on the beach.

Thanks guys, I'm proud to be a Lamma Dragon!"

(Photo courtesy of Nicky Jones)

P.S.  Plus some more Shatin race photos, a video and a passionate competitor's story on Lamma Dragon Lady Brittany's blog.

P.S. II:  Plus "a few words" from Vicky Medcalf:

"Could you add a few words from Karen and myself....

As captains, we are so proud to represent the Lamma ladies dragon boat team. Not only did we have a successful weekend but we've had an amazingly successful season. In the boat, the team has shown focus, motivation, passion and power.

Out of the boat we have shown why Lamma is such a special team. We encourage and support each other and our team spirit is truly positive and infectious. A massive pat on the back to all the members of our team for hard work and results. Lamma Rocks!!"

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Sep 21:  Cleaning Up Pebbles Beach

HK International Coastal Cleanup Challenge 2011

Pebbles Beach, Pak Kok Tsui, Lamma Island

Wilda Fong - RE Cares Champion - LexisNexis (Greater China) writes:

"On 20 September, a group of 34 volunteers from LexisNexis (Greater China) participated in the Green Council's Coastal Cleanup Challenge. The cleanup was conducted at Pebbles Beach, off Cable Road (north), near Pak Kok Tsui.

This location was actually recommended by a fellow member of the forum. I checked it out and sure enough there was enough rubbish there for us to make half a day of it at least. It wasn't on the Green Council's list, so maybe they will add it to their map next year.

A total of 37 bags of waste comprising of plastic bottles, toothbrushes and even part of an armchair was collected in the half-day volunteer event. We managed to clear most of the rubbish off the coastline.

It was great that Team LexisNexis was able to contribute to the Lamma community to help beautify part of its coastline.

For more information about the coastal cleanup which runs from 17 Sep-17 Oct go to"

Before and after the cleaning  (boxes removed later as well, of course):

P.S. Next beach cleanup:

Beach Cleanup - Shek Pai Wan: Sun, Oct 16, 10am-1pm: Shek Pai Wan, South Lamma: for more details, contact the organiser, Green Lamma Group or check out their Facebook Event.

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Sep 20:  Public Housing in the Lamma Quarry?

Lamma Quarry now  (photo by Sally Andersen)

Lamma Quarry in 5+ years?

Note the "concepts" for public housing, clubhouse, public ferry pier, new roads,
in addition to the already zoned Cement Factory commercial redevelopments.

As some of you might know, the Govt. has announced that they'll study the former Lamma Quarry area over the next 3 years what to do with this huge former cement quarry/factory after restoring it to a "quasi-natural state" over ten years ago. Here are a few shots from my extensive Lamma Quarry photo collection:

Lamma Quarry, seen from top of Ling Kok Shan, the hill behind Sok Kwu Wan
(June 15, 2011)

Seen from half-way down the front of Ling Kok Shan  (Sep 17, 2011)

Seen from helicopter  (July 27, 2011)

The Lamma Quarry's sweet water lake and its "island on an island",
seen from inside the Quarry, before it was declared "Entry prohibited!"

Buried on page 91 of the 175-page Annex A of the "DRAFT BRIEF - PLANNING AND ENGINEERING STUDY ON FUTURE LAND USE AT EX-LAMMA QUARRY AREA AT SOK KWU WAN, LAMMA ISLAND – FEASIBILITY STUDY", newly-elected (congrats!) Living Lamma Chairperson Jo Wilson found this provisional chart above.

Despite the "green group consultation meeting" we attended just a few weeks back, not stating this planned residential use and suggesting alternate sports and recreational uses of the Lamma Quarry instead, this is what it'll likely come down to: a large public housing development with lots of infrastructure which will change the nature of South Lamma dramatically. Is this what Lammaites want? Public discussion is needed.

In the meantime, the entire area has been fenced off again and declared as a private "Entry prohibited!" area by the YMCA (YMCA Wonderland). They've managed to lease the total Quarry Area from the Govt. for a nominal amount for at least the next three years, probably much longer, for their exclusive use for their own fun and commendable outdoorsy activities for youngsters.

But all Lamma hikers, bikers, bird watchers, dog walkers, swimmers and all nature lovers who've enjoyed this area greatly till now will have to stay out! Let's hope the YMCA will grant us at least some limited access for non-YMCA-organised activities! So far, they've proposed one little corner left open for the public, but only accessible from 6-9am, and even this is not open yet. All enquiries from me and other Lammaites have gone unanswered so far.

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Sep 19:  Want to Star in a TV Documentary?

ATV is doing another documentary about living on Lamma, part of their Hong Kong Beats series in Chinese and English, following up on the 2006 programme that interviewed several young people who lived or even grew up on Lamma.

This time, they're looking for parents to interview next Wed, Sep 28 on Lamma.

ATV reporter Daisy writes:

"Are you a couple and had children raised on the island? I'm looking for this kind of foreign residents who sent their children to Northern Lamma School. I wanna keep the "school story" and foreign children studying Chinese culture. I want to find foreign residents/immigrants of any nationality. If one of the couple can speak Chinese, even better!

Do you meet most of these specifications? Questions we might ask the selected interviewees:

  1. Why did you choose Lamma Island instead of other places in Hong Kong?

  2. When did you come here?

  3. What are the most important reasons that attract you to move here?

  4. What do you usually do while living on the island?

  5. Are there any special activities that happen on this island?

  6. Are you raising your children on the island?

  7. Did your children like studying Chinese, learning those characters?

  8. What do you think of the newcomers or the visitors?

  9. Do those visitors intrude into your life or bother you?

  10. What is the biggest change you think in these past 5 years or even longer since you moved here?"

Email Daisy at or call her at 5349 5274.

Discuss this documentary in our forum:

Want to be filmed for ATV's Lamma documentary?

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Sep 18:  'Like a Tractor Among Sports Cars'

Then and Now, click to enlarge

Hard Drive to the Hoop

September 20, 2011
Words by John Cairns, photos above by Chun Yin Wah,
photos below by Dina B. Knight (Facebook Album)

YUNG SHUE WAN, Lamma Island, Hong Kong"You're a Canadian. Why do you want to join the Lamma Island Pinoy Basketball League (LIPBL)?"

This question arises constantly since I used my gray-haired head to decide that I'd like to play in Lamma's colorful, five-team basketball league. Most of the players are Filipinos, but with a few Chinese and other "imports". Along with fans, they fill Yung Shue Wan's basketball court each Sunday from noon.

My simple answer is that I want a share of the fun. To anyone who questions my qualifications based on nationality, I mention that my countryman James Naismith invented basketball in 1891. Maybe every league needs a Canadian.

Next there's a follow-up question: "How is it to be one of the oldest players?" Actually, it's like trying to steer a sputtering farm tractor along a highway full of sports cars. Everyone I encounter moves faster and slicker than seems fair, yet it's still a competition full of pleasing possibilities.

Read more & see more photos...

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Sep 17:  'Lamma My Island' Film Premiere

Alba Rayton - Filmmaker:  Introduction to the screening:

"Lamma My Island" World Premiere!

Sat/Sun, Sep 17/18, 7:30 & 8:30pm each day,
Diesel's Bar, Main Street YSW:
Free entry. Click here for the trailer!

1.  I like to share with you that the documentary has been selected to be screened at Marbella International Film Festival. It's in the South of Spain which takes place from 14th of October to 16th of October. I am planning to go with my husband. If anybody would like to come, I will be more happy.

2.  The edition of the documentary that you are watching today is the one that will be screened at the film festival.

3.  If you are one of the interviewees, you will get a free copy of the documentary.

4.  The rest of the community, if anybody who would like to have a copy and send it to their family, you can order here tonight at Diesel's.
The copy you will order has a special feature which includes photo slideshow and Sok Kwu Wan. This version is longer than 30 minutes.

5.  The documentary has Chinese and Spanish Subtitles.

6.  It will cost $65.

7.  Some of the profit will be shared with a charity in the island.

8.  Thanks to Lamma-Gung for being the MC for Saturday's screenings as I'll be out of HK on family matters, returning for the Sunday night screenings.

Special thanks:

1.  I like to thank Joyce for allowing us to use the Diesel's Bar as the venue of the screenings.

2.  I like to thank Icey that despite my absences she managed to work on the preparations for the screening and she spent long editing hours for the post production every night for this documentary.

3.  I like to thank everybody for coming which in one way or the other were part of the documentary specially the interviewees and the dogs.

4.  I like to thank Lamma-Gung for his contributions from his gallery, especially the helicopter shots which enhanced the documentary.

5.  I like to thank John Cairns for his kindness and for always being our script editor.

6.  I like to thank Marianne Gable who supported us in many areas.

7.  I like to thanks Dr. Wedderburn for sharing the story about the dogs in the island.

8.  I like to thank Frances Strachan for the final revision of Spanish subtitles.

I apologise if I have left out someone for these special thanks.

P.S. If you're a Living Lamma member, don't forget the Annual General Meeting this Sun, 7:30pm, in Hangout Kindergarten, just besides Pizza Milano.

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Sep 16:  Swimming to Cheung Chau

Elisabeth Galvin & Sara Jordan:

Watery Feat for
Eight Lammaites

Five men and three women swam 9km from Lamma to Cheung Chau on Sunday, 4 September. Aged between 30 and 67 years old, five of the swimmers also doubled up as paddlers in outrigger canoes to accompany the swimmers with food, water and directions. Other paddlers and local fishermen also provided support.

The fastest swimmer was Sara Jordan (captain of the Lamma Outrigger Canoe Club) who completed the crossing in 2 hours 57 minutes and 39 seconds. Her teammates were Jacob Netel, Kim McMahon, Christian Ross, Henry Ludemann, Luke Lo, Florence Isenschmid and 67-year-old John Stuart. Paddlers Setsu Nakai, Leo Chung, Ken Ng and Josh Sellers accompanied them, with Claudia and Brad Tarr and Waiman also providing support. All live on Lamma. The victorious crew celebrated with beer and gin and tonics Cheung-Chau side.

Do you know if this feat has been achieved before? Please let us know! The team is hoping to make it an annual event.

Photos (taken from Outrigger Canoe-1):
Leo Chung. Swimmer: Henry Ludemann.

In shot with shark net buoy:
Photo: Leo Chung, Paddler: Joshua Sellers, Swimmer: John Keith Stuart.

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Sep 15:  Hiking Over Ling Kok Shan

Click for photo gallery with subtitles...

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Sep 14:  Seed Sowing Season

From Gardening Forum Moderator, Jane Ram:

"This is the sowing season for many types of seeds. Think herbs, salad vegetables of all kinds, tomatoes, spinach and nasturtiums for a start. Chan Man Hop at Number 8 Connaught Road West is currently well stocked with seeds from Malaysia and Belgium including some interesting herbs.

A couple of doors further West at Number 11 Wong Yuen Shing has a wide range of Yates seeds and also some local vegetable seeds sold by the catty (but you can request a modest quantity for a few dollars). Yates seeds from Australia are very reliable with an almost embarrassingly high germination success rate. They are not organic, but they are packaged to withstand a wide variety of climates Down Under and so the packets resist Hong Kong's humidity pretty well.

Most European seed companies tend to use less robust packaging for their seeds which often cease to be viable before they are sown. If you order organic seeds, be sure to sow them immediately for best results.

Hard seeds like nasturtiums, coriander, parsley and carrots seem to sprout faster after an overnight soak in tepid water. Try using sandpaper on hard, large seeds to help them germinate.

Damping off is a challenge in Hong Kong as healthy looking seedlings sometimes give up trying for no apparent reason. A preventive spray of Neem solution can help avoid this problem. And I have read on the Internet that Chamomile tea has antifungal properties that can also help seedlings to make it through their early weeks.

It was early in the season, but I planted a few Okra seeds in big pots late last month and they seem to be thriving in all-day rooftop sunshine. The ones in the ground are not doing as well – doubtless because they receive less sun.

To learn more about organic growing techniques and some hints on getting the most out of limited space, sign up ASAP for the Organic Day out in the New Territories on Sep 28:

Organic Day out in the New Territories

Vegetable and herb sowing season is here. Are you ready?

Interested in growing at least some of your own food?

Book ASAP for a 3-stop Organic Day in the New Territories, Wed, Sep 28.

Learn by doing at a hands-on session on organic gardening techniques.

Visit the organic "keyhole" plantings at Kadoorie Farm & Botanical Garden for fascinating insight into how to get the most out of limited growing space."

Click here to learn more and RSVP.

Sep 13:  Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival

Click for photo gallery...

Click for photo gallery...

Sep 12:  The Baroque on Lamma
                Stakeholder Engagement Forum

Submitted by Executive Counsel Ltd.:

"Executive Counsel Limited has recently been engaged by The Baroque on Lamma (BoL) to openly hear the concerns of local and wider interest and green groups on their planning proposals through a public forum.

We understand the generous feedback previously shared by all groups to date and only intend to briefly provide new information and updates. More importantly, we wish to provide a public opportunity for all parties to speak and share their concerns and opinions on the proposals and the newly submitted information.

Date: 8 October 2011, Saturday
Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Venue: St. James Settlement, No. 85 Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai, Hong Kong
(map attached together with Registration Form in Eng. and Chin.)

To participate the workshop, please fill in the Registration Form attached and reply by email: on or before 5 October 2011."

More details can be found in our Baroque forum.

Sep 11:  Marshals, Muses & Musclemen

Click for photo galleries...

Balls Bounce, Intensity Soars Pinoy-Style

September 13, 2011
Words by John Cairns (Photos by Chun Yin Wah)

YUNG SHUE WAN, Lamma Island, Hong Kong – For the second time this year, the Lamma Island Pinoy Basketball League has kicked off a new season with fast and furious action on the neighborhood hoops court. On September 11, fierce competition and seesaw-lead-changes marked the opening games. Read more...

Click for photo galleries...

Sep 10:  Clean Up and Get Planting

Sep 9:  Archers, Awesome Tigers, Gray Hawks,
              Hüggen D-ass & Lamma Lickers

The Curs & Friends will also be performing!

The Grand Opening of this multi-national basketball tournament will be great fun!

Sun, Sep 11, 11am; then every Sun, noon-4pm: Basketball Court:
5 teams, with each team having 3 or 4 non-Pinoy imports. Free, details tba
. Lamma Hoops on Facebook, poster, email.

Sep 8:  Pavilion Building Boom?

During my little after-lunch constitutional today - walking from YSW over Po Wah Yuen, Heart-attack Hill to the Pak Kok ferry pier - I was passing three pavilions all under renovation or construction right now. Fit, tanned, topless guys hard at work under the burning afternoon sun: the old pavilion atop Po Wah Yuen getting a complete makeover, the one just above Heart Attack Hill (see below) as well, plus a completely rebuilt, double-size pavilion at the Pak Kok ferry pier.

(Lamma Winds Pavilion - Photo by Leggova)

What's going on, are we in the middle of another building boom? Two of these HK Govt. standard pavilions with pointy, tiled, dark green roofs, were redone internally with bright pink tiles (Lammadonna's favourite colour) providing a vivid, unusual and "eye-catching" colour contrast amidst the surrounding trees. There's also an all-new pavilion proposed to be built above Lo Tik Wan, down the hill behind Lamma Winds. A Budding Building Boom? Lamma the Island of Pink Pavilions?

Sep 7:  Hairy Caterpillar

Hairy Caterpillar by Keith Wilson

I'm always on the lookout for good or interesting photos, videos, artworks and websites to feature in the right-hand side column of this website, in the "Lamma Highlights" section. Please send me your Lamma- or Lammaite-related files or links and I'll be happy to feature them for a few days to thousands of daily readers as: PHOTO/VIDEO/WEBSITE/WILDLIFE/ARTWORK OF THE DAY.

Credits (full name/nickname/anonymous) and free links to your website, blog, portfolio or email address will be included, if you like. Find those great Lamma snapshots, videos or artworks in your archives and email me!

Sep 6:  Mr. & Mrs. Kebab's Cafe

Returning from a Swiss Chalet National Day lunch in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Lamma- Por & I stumbled across this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Hart Avenue, with this very unusual, Creatively Crazy Capitalisation of letters in their logo. "MR KeBaB", that sounds familiar, could it be? We've heard rumours about this place, an offshoot of Mr. Kebab on YSW Main Street, but had never found it before, rarely visiting this touristy part of town.

Yes, this is #2 in Lamma's very own Mr. Kebab's planned burgeoning Ottoman empire of Turkish restaurants all over HK and Asia! Dogan and his wife (see below right, obviously called Mrs. Kebab) are running this cute'n'cozy place, leaving the YSW Main Street eatery in partner Ali's capable hands. Unfortunately, Ali got notice a few weeks ago that the building will be torn down and rebuilt soon, so they'll lose the YSW venue in the not-too-distant future. This will leave only this TST location, till Mr. Kebab will expand further somewhere else.

The two regulars inside took a liking to my Lamma Cricket Club shirt (above) and were quite disappointed when they realised that I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about cricket. I just got the shirt for frequently promoting the LCC in this Lamma-zine, adding it to my growing collection of Lamma (T-)shirts. If you've got one I don't have yet, I'll happily buy or barter it!

They've got a very extensive menu here, quite unlike the much larger YSW rest. where much of the very small menu is frequently not available, a problem from the very beginning up to nowadays, almost two years later. But what they have on offer that day has been very consistently tasty and great value.

Sorry, no review of the food in the Hart Ave. rest. yet, as we had just finished a wonderful 4-course Swiss Chalet set lunch nearby. Hopefully next time....

By the way, this is just a little freebie promotion for an eatery we've enjoyed since it opened, even though they've never advertised on "Later, later", as Mr Kebab used to say....

If you'd like to check it out yourself, maybe even write a little review, MR KeBaB Cafe is at 2A Hart Avenue, TST; here's a map, tel: 9797 9774.

Sep 5:  10 Reasons to Live on Lamma

The 27-page Chin. article in Ming Pao Weekly yesterday featured ten interviews with Lammaites, headlining each with a personal reason for why they like living here. They are most insightful and not what you'd expect at first. Translation by Terry (Thank you!):

  1. Ms. Bobo, Mo Tat Wan: "I don't like shopping as a leisure activity."
  2. Mr. Martin Bode, Mo Tat Wan: "Birds are my favourite 'music'."
  3. Mr. Wong Chun Bong, Mo Tat Wan: "Being far away from town makes my neighbourhood closer."
  4. Mr. David Sanders, Pak Kok: "Living close to green is my comfort zone."
  5. Mr. Or Ming Hong, Lo So Sing: "Working here is my daily life."
  6. Mr. Lau Kwok Leung, Lo So Sing: "Gardens without fences."
  7. Mr. Daniel Clarke, Yung Shue Wan: "Having a boundary between living and working".
  8. Ms. Stella, Yung Shue Wan: "Having a terrace or balcony."
  9. Lamma-Gung, Yung Shue Wan: "Over 60 nationalities in one island."
  10. Mrs. & Mr. Yiu Kin Yu, Yung Shue Wan: "Children have a social network."

In typically contrarian Lamma fashion, some forum members responded in continuing the long-running discussion, titled "10 reasons to avoid Lamma".

But Tigger summarised it very well like this:

"But the community is pretty good and that's why I haven't left. Lot's of eco-  friendly people, animal lovers, nature lovers, not to mention the odd drunk, some aging hippies, a few eccentrics, a few icons, and lots of different nationalities.
A pretty interesting community. Never a dull moment."

Sep 4:  'Life on Lamma - An Alternative For Living'

Ming Pao Weekly has published yesterday a 27-page cover story, "Life on Lamma - An Alternative For Living".

Interviewing many Lammaites (Living Lamma's Daniel Clarke, MicroGarden's David Sanders, Paul the Butterfly Man, Martin Bode in Mo Tat Wan, Stella of the s+clicks shop, Green Cottage's Ron, etc. - almost all of them featured in the Lamma-zine over the years), they've produced the very best, longest and most comprehensive article about Lamma I've seen in my ten years of living here. It's only available in Chinese, in print and by paid subscription to Ming Pao's eMag, but not on their free website, unfortunately.

Buy the magazine, even if you can't read Chin., get it summarised by a Chin.-reading friend, or simply look at the dozens and dozens of beautiful images, even historic ones, representing our island lifestyle amazingly well. Reporter Shan and three photographers swarmed all over Lamma for several days, creating a surprisingly in-depth, non-touristy, real-life article, focusing on "alternative" people and lifestyles. This weekly magazine is sold out on Lamma already, so get it in town at $16. Click below to read my own interview:

Sep 3:  Thank You, Donors & Sponsors!

Special thanks to a Lamma-zine reader in Andorra who mailed me a $500 cheque
(in HK$, by Priority Mail!) to support the survival of this 9-year-old website!

The donation/sponsorship appeal I published a few weeks back got more response than I had ever hoped for. Several Lammaites chipped in up to $500 each, but there were also a few donating even more, plus one loyal advertiser posting an additional 3-month ad!

Saved for now! Thank you so much to everybody helping out! There are some great, generous and community-minded people on & off Lamma (even in Andorra). They are what still makes this an amazing and most unusual place and my home!

P.S. I've just received one more sizable donation, from "one of these bad, greedy landlords the forum seems to have gone on crusade against, one of these stupid guys working hard to make even more money, member of the filthy elite owning a sailing boat in Hong Kong, shamelessly wearing clean, classic pants and elegant polo shirt when visiting Lamma and not even living on the island!"

"For my defense, I only can put forward my wife, born on Lamma, where her large family settled a few centuries before your crusader friends called it their own...and I have been a fan of Pink Floyd since Ummagumma, if that can help :)"

"I love your colorful website. It would be really sad for everyone to lose this little window on the garden we hope to spend our old days in."

Sep 2:  On Top of Lamma Winds

During their recent rescue drill atop HK's only commercial windturbine two days ago, I met Fireman (and ex-Lammaite!) Mr. LEUNG Wai-kong of Hong Kong Fire Services Dept.'s High Angle Rescue Team on top of Mt. Panorama, the hill in front of Lamma Winds.

He was uploading pictures of the training from his iPhone directly to his Face- book photo gallery. I convinced him to Friend me and email me some of his best photos taken inside and above the windturbine. Even though I really tried hard, I wasn't allowed to climb up inside myself, so Wai-kong's photos are pretty unique:

More Fireman photos in my Lamma Winds Rescue Drill photo gallery...

He also liked the recent quadrocopter videos on this website, especially this video, lifting off in front of Lamma Winds and flying high above it.

Sep 1:  I Blog, Therefore I Am?

Doesn't this look like another portrait of Lamma- Gung working oh-so-hard on his daily blog, this placeblog from and for the Lamma community? Maybe I should update my "official" avatar in our forum and on social media sites, currently drawn by Harry Harrison, to this one by another world- famous cartoonist, Non-Sequitur's Wiley Miller?



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