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Dec 2015

Dec 31 - Treasure Hunters & Gatherers; RIP, Granny Chan; Deep Dreams of Lamma Fun Day; ...

Dec 29 - See who I encountered by chance on my usual, pastoral, beautiful, people-free way home?

Dec 28 - "Hi all!
I'm Solid KWAN, Woman Senior Inspector of Police."

Dec 27 - "Global Warming and the ever decreasing Polar Ice Pack are not going to stop Santa Claus."

Dec 24 - View today from highway flyover over Aberdeen Harbourfront Park, Lamma peak at the horizon.

Dec 23 - "I don't want much for Christmas. I just want the person who is reading this to be healthy, happy and loved."

Dec 22 - Dave Sanders just managed to get his latest book onto Amazon.

Dec 21 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week: Waterfall, wild boars, students, kites, secret party.

Dec 16 - A first in my time on Lamma, electric bills are getting lower!

Dec 15 - Farewell blog from our Lamma Police Chief, Ms. Camas TUNG Hei-man.

Dec 14 - A Long-tailed Shrike, bathing and posing in Guy Miller's new bird pond.

Dec 13 - See what I got home-delivered the other day as a pre-Christmas treat for myself.

Dec 12 - Please take the survey about our monthly Police Corner blog by Lamma's Police Chief!

Dec 11 - "Green Energy Dreams Come True, backed by HK Electric" (8 Dec 2015)

Dec 6 - Many congratulations to all prize winners, participants and sponsors!

Dec 5 - Thank-you letter, photos & video...

Nov 2015

Nov 30 - What went on outside the stage and bands? Plus our music reviewer's photo collection.

Nov 29 - "...not authorised any mobile phone apps to collect electricity tariff payments from customers."

Nov 28 - See who we came across at the HK International Jewelry Manufacturers' Show in the HK CEC today?

Nov 27 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Nov 26, '15.

Nov 26 - "Oh yeah, did we mention we bought a smoke machine?"

Nov 25 - Multiple levels of inceptions into this image with Google's Deep Dream Generator.

Nov 20 - Aged 95, 5 children, 15 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren!

Nov 19 - Photos.

Nov 18 - See some of the donated artworks, up for silent charity auction tonight.

Nov 17 - Even Wifi networks are a little bit different on Lamma...

Nov 12 - Beach night photos, plus a few computer graphics I couldn't resist creating.

Nov 11 - John Stuart presented 'Coming Home', his exploration of Gallipoli.

Nov 8 - 133 Likes and 5 Shares so far. Lammaites adore free sunsets!

Nov 7 - I got distracted by all the natural beauty and friends I met on the way, mostly going to/coming from the Fun Day.

Nov 6 - Lamma Fun Day, Sat Nov 7, Free Music Festival and so much more on Power Station beach!

Nov 5 - New printed poster, to go up in time for Lamma Fun Day.

Nov 4 - "I like to introduce you a big milestone of the HK Police Force this time, which is..."

Nov 3 - P.S. Note the sponsor logo, lower right...

Nov 2 - "As there is only one validly nominated candidate for the above constituency,..."

Nov 1 - New Bombay Rest. opened on Back Street, in the former Thai rest., besides the Best Kebab.

Oct 2015

Oct 30 - A very rare and exciting event: around 200 villagers enjoyed a Big Bowl Feast!

Oct 29 - New takeaway in one of the two new village houses rebuilt by Jackson Property at the start of Main Street.

Oct 28 - Tonight in Lamma Grill, apple-bobbing for hand-painted Jack-O-Mandarins, plus loads more of very early Halloween fun.

Oct 27 - Click for details, especially why the 2 opponents have been disqualified after the registration deadline.

Oct 26 - Yesterday's sunset, shot by smartphone-controlled remote zoom.

Oct 25 - 78 Signatures in less than 24 hours! Let's make it a lot more,...

Oct 22 - Want to buy a Lamma Calendar? We're doing a discount this year on any pre-orders - for collection on Lamma Fun Day.

Oct 21 - "Want to buy a Lamma Calendar? We're doing a discount this year on any pre-orders."

Oct 20 - 2nd amazing sunset in 2 days, yesterday on my rooftop, a welcome break from my home office.

Oct 19 - Despite some friends' disparaging remarks, I can't stop playing with "computer art".

Oct 18 - "And how was your weekend my devoted fans and readers? Mine was pretty much a mega-bender, starting..."

Oct 17 - What's New?
What's On?
Lamma-zine stories.

Oct 16 - Click for more Lamma/Lammaite-related news.

Oct 15 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Oct 15, '15

Oct 13 - Lamma Fun Day Music Festival. 10+ bands on Sat 7th Nov.

Oct 12 - "In Pictures:
Over 100 passengers evacuated after..."

Oct 8 - Anybody else standing? What about YOU? Deadline next Thu, Oct 15!

Oct 7 - 3 slim "chimneys" appeared on my favourite rooftop view, 6am today.

Oct 5 - "I was born and raised in Israel. My kitchen is influenced by my grandparent..."

Oct 3 - Lamma Island Bird World
October '15 - Potential Visitors

Oct 2 - ...

Oct 1 - Lamma Ferry Disaster
Online Condolence Book

Sep 2015

Sep 27 - "Between Aberdeen and Lamma Island, Pak Kok Tsuen and Yung Shue Wan."

Sep 25 - Greedy landlords forced the long-running Blue Goose Tavern to close.

Sep 22 - "What to do? Like any kind of Lamma crisis, turn to the man in the know... Lamma-Gung!!"

Sep 16 - "I am officially a co-author of Shing-Tung Yau, one of the greatest geometers..."

Sep 15 - "Congratulations to our Kinesiology Asia Institute students on achieving their Diplomas!"

Sep 14 - I love my home office, no boss stopping me from doing silly and/or dangerous stuff!

Sep 7 - Submitted by Kerys, listing various things she encountered on her daily ferry rides.

Sep 6 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Sep 6, '15.
Send me YOUR Spotlights!

Sep 5 - I wonder if they can find the announced 12 local celebrities and who they'll find?

Aug 2015

Aug 31 - How to get these speeds on your home (office) PC/Mac/laptop...

Aug 30 - YSW Ferry Pier and Bike Park these days. So clean & orderly for now, a quite uncommon sight on Lamma.

Aug 27 - Above Lamma, Life & Scenes, Tree Sap, Bulbul, Turtlesss.

Aug 26 - How to get these speeds on your home PC/Mac/laptop without spending a single extra dollar?

Aug 25 - The discussion about the YSW Bike Park is still hot and bubbling away.

Aug 24 - What could it be? No, it's not a kitchen implement! No manual or instructions were included in the box.

Aug 19 - "Steve, the Moving Guy + a team of 4 strong & smiling assistants immediately took charge."

Aug 18 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Aug 18, '15:

Aug 13 - A few photos of the pier clearance on 15/08/13.

Aug 11 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Aug 11, '15:

Aug 10 - The long-expected clearance of the YSW ferry pier: this Thu 10:30am! Safe your bikes and belongings!

Aug 9 - ...brought to you by the experienced people behind the YSW-Pak Kok-Aberdeen ferry.

Aug 6 - Some South Lamma thoughts on the pending re-launch of The Baroque on Lamma project.

Aug 1 - That's the verbatim reply I got in a Causeway Bay shop for AV nerds.

Jul 2015

Jul 30 - We're really spoilt and blessed with a sunset-facing harbour in Yung Shue Wan.

Jul 29 - "Fortunately, our residents are smart enough not to fall into the trap and hung up the phone."

Jul 28 - As the Lamma Calendar goes into its 5th year of publication...

Jul 27 - "Property development project 'Baroque on Lamma' returns!"

Jul 24 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, July 22, 2015, including Primary School Children.

Jul 23 - Plus a look back in ancient history, when the Lamma-zine was still a monthly publication, 10+ years ago.

Jul 22 - Rarely have we seen a storm centered right over Lamma for hours, like this morning.

Jul 18 - Getting your neighbours together for a chat and a few drinks is as easy as creating a Facebook Event.

Jul 17 - NEWS all over this website, forums, Facebook, any print media, anything, anywhere...

Jul 16 - It's a still small, but friendly, helpful, non-commercial and spam-free Facebook group...

Jul 14 - Click for more pictures and beery discussions...

Jul 9 - The ferry co. has applied for higher fares for this ferry route, around 8.33%.

Jul 8 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, July 8, '15.

Jul 7 - Our monthly Police Corner, written by our Police Chief, Ms. Camas TUNG.

Jul 6 - Webcam shots from YSW Ferry Pier.

Jul 5 - Free curry buffet and drinks attracted on/off-islanders, including yours truly.

Jul 4 - Walking through Sok Kwu Wan Main Street, on our way to look at a flat,...

Jul 1 - Our long-running Lamma Spotlights have 2 new categories: Person and Bird of the Week!

Jun 2015

Jun 30 - "20 years ago today... I left my home-town of Bolton, UK, and arrived in Hong Kong."

Jun 29 - "HK Electric submitted today its views on the future develop..."

Jun 28 - Ideas on what to do with the still unopened YSW Bike Park...

Jun 27 - June 25, '15
Jean the Photographer ~
by Olivier Yoan for SCMP.

Jun 26 - 1 Year Ago on Facebook's Lamma Gung.

Jun 25 - The biggest wildlife threat and major bother on Lamma are not...

Jun 24 - My favourite Govt. sign. Fishing never looked so exciting,...

Jun 23 - A little guide from Sok Kwu Wan resident Megaen, our new South Lamma correspondent.

Jun 20 - Lamma Dragons invading Discovery Bay races today.

Jun 16 - Why I still love living on Lamma, all in one photo gallery...

Jun 15 - More sunrise/sunset/ night views from my rooftop...

Jun 14 - No, 1 in dragonboat races 5, 13, 25 and 33!

Jun 13 - Sat, Jun 13, '15;
Houseboat in Aberdeen Harbour

Jun 10 - Let me give this beautifully designed posters some additional free publicity.

Jun 8 - Our long-running Lamma Spotlights of the Week has just added a new, 6th category:
Bird of the Week!

Jun 5 - Living on an almost all natural, almost traffic-free, 7km long island with just 6,500+ people on 13.55 km�,...

Jun 4 - Concrete recipe:
1 shovel-full of sand, 2 gravel, 1 bag Green Island cement,...

Jun 2 - "Maybach promotional event. Like Mercedes-Benz, but more monies ;-)

May 2015

May 26 - P.S. ... wondering about the title of this blog story: The main office PC crashed a few days ago,...

May 22 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, May 22, '15: ...
Mexican Poet ~ by Miso Zo

May 20 - Tourist Nikk Y. Conundrum spotted "some creepy heads at the bottom of a tree" along the Family Trail.

May 19 - "Lamma Dream - 2014 Working Report - Actualize your dream and my ideal together"

May 16 - Raining buckets, bright sunshine, dark and raining some more today,...

May 15 - I've been visiting my favourite restaurant in South Lamma today, The Bay.

May 14 - Another mixed bag of Lamma/Lammaite-related photos/videos/websites this week:

May 12 - Sunrise today, all shot before 6am with a smartphone or a smartphone controlled zoom lens.

May 8 - The Day of Reckoning is here! My neighbour Cheesey Tom, hubby of Jenni "Can't Get Jack", has started a cheese delivery.

May 7 - Photo galleries of earlier Tin Hau Festivals:
May 2, '13: Lamma Day 2013
Apr 20, '14: Lamma Day!

May 6 - Master chef of JJ on a rare break away from the pans of the Jing Jing kitchen.

May 5 - I've been playing with my latest gadget, a Sony QX30 camera, just bought 2nd-hand in our free classifieds.

May 4 - Lamma Invasion, Volume 1, Issue 2!  Starring: Darren & Aileen Alonzo, Shatalene, Transnoodle, Defiant Scum

May 3 - Another long weekend, more massive queues at the ferry piers in Yung Shue Wan and Central.

May 2 - Another great review by our Official Court Music Reviewer: Nepal Benefit at the Island Bar by Nick the Bookman - May 2, 2015

May 1 - "Thank you everyone who donated, came, bought, helped out."

Apr 2015

Apr 30 - Lots of "Typically Lamma!" photos/videos/websites this week: Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Apr 30, '15:

Apr 26 - "It's a beautiful day for a grand race! ;-) Ferry terminal is PACKED for Lamma 500 :)))))) Today is RACEDAY!"

Apr 10-21 - Lamma-Por and I'll be off on vacation from today - April 21. Thanks to cheap post-Easter Fanfare tickets,...

Apr 9 - AECOM: "I was advised that your website is a good channel to help spread news..."

Apr 7 - Many of the cheerful and happy aspects of Lamma Life are due to the presence of so many Filipinas/Filipinos living on Lamma.

Apr 6 - Lots of various vibrant, verdant, vivacious Lamma wildlife this week: Spotlights of the Week, Apr 6, '15

Apr 5 - In my 13+ years living on Lamma, not many hiking trails have remained unexplored. But I've explored a brand-new one...

Apr 4 - A very rare phenomenon to and from Lamma: Queues!

Apr 3 - 1:30am today, Good Friday, Linda, aged 68, died in her home in Tai Shan West.

Apr 2 - Lamma Photo, Video, Website, Wildlife, Artwork of the Week

Mar 2015

Mar 31 - The bins all over North Lamma have been overflowing yesterday.

Mar 30 - Camas TUNG Hei-man - Officer Commanding Lamma Island & Peng Chau and monthly guest blogger of Police Corner:

Mar 29 - Click for another picture of Chow Yun-Fat today.

Mar 28 - "Our Chance on Lamma Island" - by LegCo Member Miss CHAN Yuen-han.
Published in am730.

Mar 27 - Some of you might have noticed that the daily updates of this entire website have been interrupted this week?

Mar 21 - News, Events, Stories, Pictures, Forum, Artworks, Classifieds, from the Lamma Community & Visitors.

Mar 20 - "SNAKES AND CENTIPEDES: We moved to Lamma about 2 months ago ... been totally freaked out."

Mar 19 - "... described the Company itself as a "senior citizen" having served Hong Kong for more than 125 years."

Mar 18 - Ex-Quarry Lake Bridge, Mountainbiking video, Debra Morris art, Dragon of Pak Kok, Fishermen's Village.

Mar 17 - Rambler writes:
"The expedition finds more nocturnal creatures on Pandora."

Mar 15 - Click for great photos and a slide show by Ewa Wilkinson.

Mar 13 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week: Lo So Shing, Lamma Fun Day 2014, Lamma Workshop, Forest Bottles, Untitled; by...

Mar 12 - "Living Lamma get 100% of the proceeds of this lovely LUSH body lotion. $100..."

Mar 11 - Several of the bands from the last Dickstock and Lamma Fun Day will be playing on Sat in The Wanch.

Mar 10 - "Can't Get Jack is aiming to be a community based delivery service,..."

Mar 9 - "He is actually one of the most successful patients in terms of amount of excessive weight loss and control of diseases."

Mar 6 - Lamma isn't all about nature & seafood, relaxing & enjoying life. Sometimes, we...

Mar 5 - More info on Lamma Village Sewerage Phase II...

Mar 4 - Chow Yun-fat was visiting Lamma over the holidays, encountering a number of Lammaites while hiking...

Mar 3 - Our Island in the Sun, YSW Beach Wedding, Great Things About You, What's This?, Orchid and Screen.

Mar 2 - From a fascinating web page about the industrial history of Lamma, with input/links from quite a few senior Lammaites,...

Mar 1 - "My breakfast, home- grown plum tomatoes on my toast and home-grown strawberry..."

Feb 2015

Feb 28 - Free Big Bowl feast (Poon Choy) for Lamma's 65+ residents in the YSW Plaza on YSW Plaza Road.

Feb 27 - The Bike Park at the YSW ferry pier is finally getting close to completion, after almost 1 year of construction works.

Feb 26 - Click above for a brand-new brochure with Baroque on Lamma's revised ideas for South Lamma.

Feb 25 - How to avoid the big  crowds and big expense of a regular Valentine's Day dinner?

Feb 24 - "...share some good news with you that 3 residents of Lamma Island have obtained the Good Citizen Award."

Feb 23 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Feb 23, '15: YSW Ferry Pier, Computer Animation...

Feb 22 - "BIG THANK YOUs to everyone who attended our "wedding" yesterday."

Feb 19-21 - Taking time off the Lamma-zine while attending daily rooftop and beach parties.

Feb 18 - Feb 17, Pak Kok Village sunset (Google "Camera" app).
Fisheye smartphone clip-on lens.

Feb 17 - If you can understand the headline above and can converse in this language, you're welcome to join the occasional...

Feb 16 - Climbing onto the roof of our Pak Kok rooftop cabin was totally worth it.

Feb 15 - HKKF skipper convicted of manslaughter, HK Electric ferry captain cleared of same charges.

Feb 14 - So how did Lamma-Gung and Lamma-Por celebrate Valentine's Day? We were tempted by the many special...

Feb 13 - More Valentine's Day menus:
The Waterfront, Jing Jing, Concerto Inn, The Bay...

Feb 12 - These creative, hand-drawn notes are stuck up streetside in Po Wah Yuen, on the main path down to YSW.

Feb 11 - YMCA Lamma Camp website; Programme Brochure 2015; "Lamma's Got Talent", "Lamma Amazing Race",...

Feb 10 - "A Cordial Welcome
Anticipated Shrove Tuesday
Pancake Supper"

Feb 9 - "Donate your mobile for a good cause."

Feb 8 - Photos submitted by Ayelet the Veggie Chef, the market's host & organiser & a Middle Eastern cooking teacher.

Feb 7 - Will restaurants, boats and shops be open over Chinese New Year?

Feb 4 - Long-time Lammaite Brett has a lot of good advice for Chin. New Year. Click below for more advice and news:

Feb 3 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Feb 3, 2015:

Feb 2 - "Happy Green Ambassadors" from ... schools pledge to promote green living on campus and in the community."

Feb 1 - "Your data access speed will be reduced and restricted to not less than 128 kbps."

Jan 2015

Jan 31 - Nick the Bookman, our Official Court Music Reviewer writes: "Sasha in HK - 19/1/2015"

Jan 30 - "Those few holdouts [Lamma Bohemians] are being pushed out and soon it will be nothing but Armani and poodles."

Jan 29 - "It's a Never Never Land orbiting around the Death Star."

Jan 23 - More pictures, reviews and comments...

Jan 22 - Lamma Photos of the Week, Jan - Dec 2014.

Submit Your Photo(s)!

Jan 21 - Dickstock reviews by Nick the Bookman & Andy Maluche.

Jan 20 - Fallstreak Hole, Lamma Mainstreet UFO Sighting, SE Asia 2015, Black-eared Kites, Alien?

Jan 19 - Is this Blue Fallstreak Hole going to swallow up Lamma's famous Blue House?

Jan 16 - There's quite a considerable number of artists living on Lamma.

Jan 15 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Jan 15, '15: Turtle Beach, Lamma Music Video, Bamboo, ...

Jan 10 - "Lovely clean up and AGM today. Thank to those who came along. The Living Lamma committee for 2015:"

Jan 9 - "Santa Sprint Amount Raised: HK$6,010! Previous record $2,800, ..."

Jan 2 - "Resolution Walk on New Year's Day, 1/1/15: The departure points will be:"

Jan 1 - Happy New Year from!

Dec 2014

Dec 31 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Dec 31:

Dec 28 - What were your favourite Lamma-zine stories this year? Any? Here are my own, personal selections:

Dec 27 - Advertising and marketing your products and services, for free!

Dec 26 - See the full story in the SCMP print edition.

Dec 25 - Click below to see the whole cards.

Dec 24 - A seasonal, wall-sized Christmas Card from the same group of graffiti artists - The Wild Ones - who painted (legally)...

Dec 23 - "Holly Jolly Christmas and New Year Room Package and Candle Light Dinner For Two."

Dec 22 - Story and pictures about a pilot project of rice planting and harvesting on long abandoned S. Lamma farmland.

Dec 21 - Last day of Lamma Chimneys ~ 'My Garden - My Friend' ~ Afternoon breakfast

Dec 20 - Masterpieces, Every clicks donates, AmiBongo's fundraising family bike tour, 'My Garden - My Friend' book,...

Dec 19 - Jing Jing means "Perfect Essence" in Chinese, often used as a girl's name.

Dec 18 - Debra Morris is a former Artist of the Month and a long-time, frequent Lamma Artwork of the Week contributor.

Dec 16 - Good news for us HK Electric customers! ...tariff would be frozen for another year.

Dec 13 - It's basically tearing down and rebuilding of the YSW Library as a 3*1,000 sqft building.

Dec 12 - Helena Harrison:
"Transporting Christmas trees Lamma style"

Dec 11 - Both posters were done by professional artists, Harry Harrison and 3D animator/ professor Mike Robinson.

Dec 10 - Pick up this free wall calendar from a table outside Lammadonna's, err, District Councilor Yu Lai Fan's office.

Dec 9 - Click for Around HK Island Race, Nov 16, 2014 photo album.

Dec 8 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Dec 8: Lunchtime, Night at the Beach, Wendy's Musings, Snail Fight, R.I.P. Mr. DickStock.

Dec 7 - 16 years of Lamma Treasure Hunt, Sun, Dec 7, The Island Bar; for Operation Santa Claus HK.

Dec 6 - Awarded by the Lamma Outrigger Canoe Club!
Click above for details.

Dec 5 - "We love Lamma's creative community, and getting folks together for coffee and..."

Dec 4 - Posters above and below submitted by Harry Harrison. Plus a picture by Frazer of the Treasure Hunt in 2000!

Dec 3 - Project X can be ridden in a few variations, the most...

Dec 2 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Dec 1.

Dec 1 - One of us 3 Lamma-zine freeloaders, errr, Media representatives at Clockenflap, became a center of attraction.

Nov 2014

Nov 29 - "Many folks on Lamma are expatriates and you may use email as a primary channel for overseas communications."

Nov 28 - "My best friend, my brother Richard "Dick" Jones died peacefully in his sleep last night, way before his time."

Nov 26 - "With Grateful Appreciation, the Hong Kong Cleanup Recognizes..."

Nov 25 - This is the "impressive" sight greeting visitors and residents at the YSW Ferry Pier.

Nov 24 - SCMP story today, featuring our frequent Lamma Artist of the Week, Tanya!

Nov 20 - Many Lammaites love their dogs and love their gadgets, so why not combine these two passions?

Nov 19 - Opening today with a glitzy, high-society, invitation-only Pradasphere party on the rooftop of Central Ferry Pier 4.

Nov 15 - Click above for details of these 4 major events in YSW tomorrow, Sat.

Nov 14 - More pictures...

Nov 13 - New Lamma Spotlights of the Week: "Showing off..., The Lamma Islanders, Dayan Resort,

Nov 12 - Get a free drink from me if you figure out the meaning of these 3 symbols!

Nov 11 - Sat: Lamma Adventure Carnival @ YSW Plaza;
Sunset Children @ Open Space.

Nov 5 - Spotlights of the Week: The Ferryman Video, Lamma Families, Red Bug, Fractal 1.

Nov 4 - Review by Nick the Bookman, photos by Howard Sheard.

Oct 2014

Oct 31 - "Awesome!!! The village was so friendly. Everyone smiling. Exactly how Halloween should be. Thx, Lamma!"

Oct 30 - Have you ever missed the just leaving ferry... and it returned to pick you up?

Oct 29 - "DP - Making sounds so big, the angels weep and demons need to change their shorts."

Oct 28 - "Halloween B2B face-off @ Lamma Grill. CDJs Vs. Controller action all night long..."

Oct 27 - "HK Electric Institute to Nurture Future Engineering Leaders"

Oct 24 - Night View from Po Wah Yuen, Bike Ride timelapse video, Lamma Fun Day, 3 Spiders, king of autumn-birch.

Oct 23 - I've just measured the fastest 4G smartphone speeds I've ever heard of on Lamma...

Oct 22 - What new movements did I learn yesterday morning 8am, up on the 1st Cable Road?

Oct 21 - From our regular monthly guest blogger, Lamma Police Chief Camas Tung...

Oct 20 - Adele has recently enacted her sweet revenge on her BFF Heather, by hand-crafting the poster above...

Oct 12 - I've been "strong-armed" into joining a new Bear Camp!

Oct 11 - is proud to be a Media Sponsor again. We seem to be in great company, looking at the other logos.

Oct 10 - Granny Chan, how is she these days? My American neighbour is visiting her quite frequently in an "old age home".

Oct 9 - What's happening with the Baroque on Lamma project in South Lamma?

Oct 8 - You might have noticed several downtimes of our web site recently. Also, the automatic email notifications from the ...

Oct 7 - With many sincere thanks to our "content contributors" Karlo Vera Cruz, RTHK TV, Alain Jaquier

Oct 6 - "Low tide tomorrow is around 3 pm if anyone wants to get some exercise shifting..."

Oct 5 - "HK Electric recently launched Caring for the Elderly scheme at YSW on 18 Sep."

Oct 4 - Police Report TV programme by RTHK, broadcast on TVB Pearl and ATV Jade, subtitled in English,...

Oct 1 - Lamma Ferry Disaster, Oct 1, 2012.
Online Condolence Book.

Sep 2014

Sep 30 - Occupy Central has spread to Admiralty, Wanchai, Causeway Bay, even Mongkok & TST, and now to Lamma?

Sep 29 - Details and application forms to submit your photos. They might be exhibited in the Lamma Adventure Carnival...

Sep 28 - Lamma Fun Day - Free Music Festival - Sat, Nov 1

Sep 27 - Have the YSW Harbour Beach Cleanup Marathon and Bear Camp (featured in last Tuesday's SCMP) joined forced?

Sep 26 - "I sincerely thank you for your visits and greetings to the 10th anniversary party of s+clicks design studio."

Sep 25 - This week: People of Lamma, YSW beach cleaning, Ferry Disaster 2nd anniversary,...

Sep 24 - Lammaite Pascale has been bitten by a bright green Bamboo Pit Viper in the Yung Shue Long valley 4 days ago.

Sep 23 - Starting Sunday, Oct 5! If you'd like them to add Tai Peng to their route, contact them right away.

Sep 22 - "We wonder what the beach would look like without the construction rubble and teeny..."

Sep 21 - "Living on Lamma has been an experience. You get the best of both worlds,..."

Sep 20 - "Lamma Grill has been in YSW for quite a while, on Back Street. A few months ago,..."

Sep 19 - "Starting from Sep 2014, our bill has taken on a new look to give you clearer..."

Sep 18 - "DJ gig at Lamma Grill - Sep 3, 2014 - Review by DJ Nick the Bookman"

Sep 17 - "Let's Get Cooking Using the Colour Wheel. Demonstration and Lunch."

Sep 12 - YSW Harbour's old jetty last night (my own photo), plus an HDR shot from our newest Lamma-zine contributor, Karlo.

Sep 11 - Add YOUR very own photo/video/... to this home page!

Sep 2 - "One of our officers has got talent in magic and will demonstrate it at the [Mid-Autumn Festival] carnival."

Sep 1 - "All three of my kids are going to school on Lamma (P1, P2 and K1)..."

Aug 2014

Aug 28 - "This spider just bit me, and then the orange-assed waspy thing bit the spider."

Aug 27 - Email me to add your very own Lamma Photo, Video, Website, Wildlife, Artwork of the Week!

Aug 26 - A few sunrise shots from these splendidly clear August days, viewed from Lamma's "North Point" (Pak Kok).

Aug 25 - Many of us like taking smartphone pictures of their food, to the frequent major annoyance of our fellow diners.

Aug 22 - Approaching Lamma ~ by Steven Robert Hirst

Aug 21 - '12 Years of' commemorative poster.

Aug 20 - Fire Quad Bike accident this morning in Pak Kok. Path too narrow going up a steep hill. No reports of injuries. Enquiring...

Aug 17 - This is a poster from the Democracy Fence (just before the YSW ferry pier, opposite the former Democracy Wall).

Aug 16 - You might have seen these stickers all over North Lamma, Pak Kok ferry pier and on Tony the Coffee Guy's....

Aug 15 - Us Ed Pencil "had some inky fun times in Copenhagen and the UK over July."

Aug 14 - Another new guest blogger has just signed up for the Lamma-zine.

Aug 13 - "I've heard some of you are concerned about the python captured in early August."

Aug 12 - Lamma Photo, Video, Website, Wildlife, Artwork of the Week.

Aug 11 - Landing Pontoon -> Temporary Landing Point,
Aug 11-31

Aug 10 - Siuyu Yeung (GreenLammaGroup) has been teaching me how to take proper sunrise photos this morning.

Aug 9 - "Mission reports diversity of life and abundance of water on Pandora: new species found."

Aug 8 - Not performing on Lamma yet, hopefully soon, but in the Peel Fresco Music Lounge in Central, performing tonight.

Aug 7 - "Prime has a new menu with light tapas for the summer months, but we are also still serving favourites from..."

Aug 6 - New promotional poster, celebrating 12 years of this website. I used digital artworks by Yuri Malkov from Moscow.

Aug 5 - Ed Stokes: "Forget tower blocks at Lamma quarry."

Aug 4 - Introducing our newest, bilingual guest blogger, Lamma's brand-new Police Chief:
Camas TUNG Hei-man.

Aug 3 - "I was looking for a quiet place close to Hong Kong with small hotel on a beach, not crowded, where I could enjoy...."

Aug 2 - Lamma seen from a helicopter. Photo provided by Heliservices Hong Kong.

Aug 1 - Having left Switzerland half a lifetime ago, I rarely get homesick, except once a year, when we visit Swiss Chalet.

Jul 2014

Jul 31 - Dr John Wedderburn: Open Letter to Ms Yu Lai Fan, Islands District Councillor -
in English and Chinese.

Jul 30 - Ferocious strongman, proud PhD scholar and cheerful beer keg delivery man,...

Jul 26 - 1st person perspective of the Young Dragons team racing in DbAY, GoPro-ed by the drummer!

Jul 25 - Did you realise that 3 new restaurants have (re)opened in YSW in the last few weeks and 3+ have had major changes?

Jul 24 - Same, same, another happy, healthy, semi-retired Lammaite; still doing small moves (2982 0525),...

Jul 23 - 12 Years of!

News, Events, Stories, Forum, Pictures, Classifieds...

Jul 22 - "Try Outrigger Canoeing on Lamma. Recruitment Day Saturday 9th August, 103pm."

Jul 21 - Yama Girls Go Hiking

(TVB travel programme) - TVB J2 HD channel, Fri, July 18, in Chin.

Jul 18 - "Lamma Sprints July 1st:
Power Station beach saw the first ever Lamma Outrigger Canoe Club Sprints Race."

Jul 17 - To find out more details, click above (topic #15,054 in our 12-year old forum)

Jul 16 - This is a photo of Lamma-Por's ferry on her way to the office, 8am ferry YSW-Central on July 11, passing Pak Kok.

Jul 15 - The hardest part is getting up at 5:30am; sunrises are occasionally more amazing and colourful than sunsets.

Jul 14 - "James, my son (the naughty one), won our sweepstake!"

Jul 13 - Check out Lamma Gung on Facebook for more (almost) daily news & pictures!

Jul 12 - Send me YOUR best Lamma-related photos, videos, websites, wildlife, artworks to be featured on home page/Facebook.

Jul 11 - This is one of the best reasons I've got so far, from ex-Lammaite Hunter who lived on an ancient, traditional Chinese junk...

Jul 10 - The ongoing Bike Park construction works at the YSW Ferry Pier have become an involuntary "tourist attraction".

Jul 9 - "Most humans live for today and dream for tomorrow, but... cherished yesterday?"

Jul 6 - Sorry, I just can't stop taking pictures of sunrises these days!

Jul 5 - LegCo Panel on Development - Special meeting on Mon, 7 July 2014, at 2:30 pm...

Jul 2 - "Lamma Gung added 5 photos to the album Lamma Highlights of the Week.
5 minutes ago"

Jul 1 - Finally, I got around to design and print a new promotional poster; a simple one this time, all sunrise photos:.

Jun 2014

Jun 30 - "One of the few things that have been missing till now were Hungarian Chimney Cakes.
Fortunately, this sad state..."

Jun 29 - More photos (by Robert Hope-Jones and myself)...

Jun 28 - This morning, 5:30am, shot from our Pak Kok rooftop.

Jun 24 - Lamma Dragons Final Newsletter 2014. For a little recap of their highly successful 2014 season in our forum, click below:

Jun 23 - "Ira Otivar heads to Hong Kong's most colourful island to taste some organic treats and indulge in a spot of boho...."

Jun 22 - (Photos courtesy of Peng Pan and Justin the Bear)

Jun 21 - "Anyone else experienced CENTIPEDES in your bed at night? I'm not happy..."

Jun 20 - Streetometry: from Tue, Jun 17: Banyan Bay Cafe: details. Photo exhibition by Alain Jaquier.

Jun 19 - "Lamma Island tends to attract birds of a feather - laid-
back types who enjoy nature..."

Jun 18 - "Found two chicks abandoned on the ground. I can only assume they toppled out of their nest, so what was I to do?"

Jun 12 - No words necessary, the pics tell the story...

Jun 11 - A few days ago, dozens of these football-sized creatures were floating serenely past and under the YSW Ferry Pier.

Jun 10 - Children educated by Island Arts are exhibiting @ Banyan Bay Cafe, Jun 6-14.

Jun 9 - Public consultation on the Future Fuel Mix for Electricity Generation.

Jun 8 - Pak Kok ferry en route to Aberdeen, South HK Island (The Peak, Cyberport,...).

Jun 7 - "30% off discount on YoDog, Smoothies Bars and Mr. Froyo Mini Cup."

Jun 6 - "Wednesday, 4th June, Prime Bar & Grill".

Jun 5 - Open Space concert,
Sat, May 31, 2014 -
by Nick the Bookman.

Jun 4 - Alan writes: "There was an amazing red tide at HSY yesterday. I went in anyway."

Jun 3 - Photo gallery of Dragon Boat Races along Aberdeen Promenade, Mon, Jun 2.

Jun 2 - "Sun Jun 1, '14: Results: Women - 1st | Men - 3rd
Lamma U18 - 2nd
Mixed - In plate and cup finals."

Jun 1 - So many sunset watchers on Lamma rooftops last night, all our neighbouring rooftops were filled with tenants hosting their...

May 2014

May 31 - Bug season is in full swing on Lamma! So many Colourful Creepy Crawlies are swarming all over the island,...

May 30 - "With your great support, I'm happy to report that I completed the London Marathon!"

May 29 - "Petitioning Lamma Island District Council:
Development of Skateboarding Ground in YSW, Lamma Island"

May 28 - New music reviews by Nick the Bookman: DOA, Defiant Scum, MAD Paint Party,...

May 27 - The Lady in the Pink Hat, Living Lamma, writes about the launch of Coastal Watch, a gov't funded project led by WWF.

May 26 - ...this "semi-official" website of the Lamma community, which has also been recognised by Facebook and Wikipedia!

May 25 - Last night in the Dragon Saloon, err, The Island Bar...

May 24 - Interesting story in the GuestRoom blog...

May 23 - "Don't let the name fool you. Prime Bar & Grill is the perfect place to go if you are  craving a hearty vegetarian..."

May 22 - "We, the free Russian-speaking majority of Lamma..."

May 21 - Lamma-1 is the luxury housing development and gated community on Tannery Beach in Nga Kau Wan.

May 20 - In Lamma's multi-ethnic community, who's holding the REAL power here?

May 14 - More post-flood pictures from Hung Shing Yeh beach...

May 13 - Full Apple Daily story and pictures and translation...

May 12 - "SCMP cartoonist Harry Harrison celebrates 20 years in Hong Kong with a look back at his favourite work."

May 6 - Just Green is actually a great and inspiring Lamma success story.

May 5 - So much has changed in the village, and so much is still the same, 18 years later.
Spot the differences!

May 4 - Lamma 500 dragonboat results & photos of the winning teams; plus L-G's photo gallery.

May 2 - "What a sunny day! No rain drops with 1,080 people signed; total signatures more than 5,000 now."

May 1 - Power Station Beach, an (almost) yearly Lamma Tradition.
More photos...

Apr 2014

Apr 30 - "Today is the very last day of my solo exhibition Streetometry."

Apr 29 - "Google Street View has come to Lamma. See who you can recognize!"

Apr 28 - Cleanup of the Cantonese opera's huge bamboo arena, post-Tin Hau Festival.

Apr 25 - "New species identified on Planet Pandora"

Apr 24 - The only public benches on YSW Main Street before the Tin Hau Temple opened recently, behind the former Spicy Island.

Apr 23 - "Rezone ex-Lamma Quarry as an Eco Theme Park."

Apr 22 - Photo gallery by Howard Sheard

Apr 21 - "Updates: There were two known dogs poisonings over the Easter holiday behind Beer Garden."

Apr 20 - Lamma Dragons on the Rocks", close to the YSW Gaido Pier, by Nicky Jones,...

Apr 19 - There were long queues outside the Bookworm Cafe over Easter. Why?

Apr 18 - "Gardens, Photography and Food:
Enjoy Easter Saturday exploring gorgeous gardens,..."

Apr 17 - "I first met Alain on a beach on Lamma Island."

Apr 16 - Alysha Tarr - paddler of the new Lamma Dragons Under-18s writes:

Apr 15 - Like my new poster? Should I get it printed to display it in a few selected places?
P.S. Happy & Delicious Easter...

Apr 14 - Latest article from WebMD: Evidence Weight-Loss Surgery Helps Against Diabetes.

Apr 13 - Even after more than 12 years living on Lamma, I still discover new, major, yearly, local events with zero "Gweilos".

Apr 10 - We're still not sure if this will be a full reclamation or just the promised platform, similar to the ferry pier?

Apr 9 - Shot from our rooftop last night:

Apr 8 - "Beauty lost its mother on a fresh spring day...
Here's a little Many-Banded Krait who had left the nest."

Apr 7 - "Yesterday's walk inspired me to do a collage of some of ... unique post boxes."

Apr 6 - "Caroline & James are pleased to inform you all that in July we will be opening in our..."

Apr 1 - "How do two ex-Lamma residents meet? Neither Jules Meaney nor Bike Mike had ever encountered ... on Lamma."

Mar 2014


Mar 31 - "After years of not writing, I have been badgered and cajoled into writing mode."

Mar 30 - "What do you get when you have a beach, music, meat, 4 dragon boats and lots of friends? One hell of a party!"

Mar 29 - "OMG!!! It's TONIGHT!! I'm going to be NAKED on stage at the Underground Festival!"

Mar 28 - "Everyone was a winner today at LamMarathon. A heroic effort raised HK$3,658 for Children with Cancer UK."

Mar 27 - Lamma Village Sewerage Phase 2.

Mar 26 - This looks like one of Lamma's famous Black Holes.
But those infamous Gravity Pockets are usually located

Mar 19 - Deadline for comments on the EPD's EIA study:
This Friday, Mar 21!

Mar 14 - New takeaway place in the former location of the waffle shop, just after the former Diesel's.

Mar 13 - "Plan unveiled for high-rises at Sok Kwu Wan to double island's population."

Mar 8 - The Conservancy Association, GreenLammaGroup, volunteers & Lammaites...

Mar 1 - "Party Purpose: to drive out recently-awoken egg-layers, incl. snakes, centipedes etc...."

Feb 2014

Feb 28 - "...raise the awareness on prevention of this nature of crime in the Lamma Community."

Feb 27 - It mentioned several Lamma Celebrities by name, calling them "Offbeat Britons".

Feb 26 - "...action and adventures that will strengthen the bonds between fathers and their children."

Feb 25 - Only Half the Man I Used to Be.

Feb 22 - "New to Lamma?
Try Dragon Boating, Meet New People, Be Part of Lamma's Culture."

Feb 21 - "Lamma's Jack Wilson will be running the London Marathon this year in support of Children with Cancer UK."

Feb 12 - Bar & Restaurant News: Valentine's Day menus.

Feb 11 - "Have you ever wondered why we fall in love?
What exactly is this thing called love,..."

Feb 10 - Lamma's favourite son Fat Gor (Chow Yun-Fat) has got two major movies showing in HK's cinemas.

Feb 9 - Alain Jaquier writes:
"Lamma Unicorn dance is going around today....".

Feb 6 - "Blood - Damage after Typhoon Vicente, first T10 in a long time." - by Eva.

Feb 5 - Looking back over Lamma-Gung's last 7 years on Facebook, it's like a quick and simple history lesson of Lamma.

Feb 4 - Read and see more of Sean Creamer's photo blog post in The Guest Room...
P.S. Like to see one more?

Feb 3 - A little, nightly, 15-layer copy-and-paste job from my ever-changing, seasonal smartphone home screen.

Feb 2 - "3 fire engines, 1 ambulance, 1 fireboat, 1 rescue boat, 1 police boat & large crowd of onlookers for..."

Feb 1 - A few random photos of nighttime in quiet Pak Kok Village.

Jan 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Jan 31 - "Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends and family in Hong Kong and around the world!"

Switching on Tai Peng Man

Jan 30 - Can you resist the temptation to push that big button and find out what will happen?

Bike Park Start

Jan 28 - It's a container office for the Bike Park construction, placed outside the YSW Library today.

Getting Rid of Ratty

Jan 27 - "Any tips? An intelligent and cunning rat in my flat has so far foiled all attempts at entrapment and eviction."

Trap Neuter Release Controversy

Jan 23 - "Desexing scheme for strays has been an abject failure in village."

New Year & Valentine's @ Concerto Inn

Jan 22 - "Valentine's Day Room With Dining Package for Two.
Share your sweetest moment."

Tai Peng Man

Jan 21 - "Have you passed by the Tai Peng garden recently? We have a new addition to the garden called Tai Peng Man."

Geocaching on Mt. Stenhouse

Jan 20 - "sthlm greystones couldn't find Lamma Island - Mt Stenhouse (Traditional Cache)"

30 Years of Four Peaks Races

Jan 19 - ...times to get from the boat anchored off South Lamma to the top of Mt. Stenhouse,...

Fa Fa Fai Chun

Jan 18 - Chinese NY Calligraphy - Fai Chun Writing
@ Fa Fa House, Sun, Jan 12.

Colour, Great Food & Good Company

Jan 17 - Yearly tour by our Gardening Forum moderator:
All the Fun of the Fair @ Shenzhen

Bilingual Yellow Pages

Jan 16 - Let's update our Lamma Bilingual Yellow Pages!
There are so many local business contacts in our forum already.

Police Meeting: Dog Poisonings

Jan 15 - Primary School, Wed, Jan 15, 7-9pm: John F. Cameron, Police Superintendent

Free Digital Marketing!

Jan 14 - Banner ads, advertorials & mini-websites, to email campaigns, Facebook marketing & our bilingual Yellow Pages.

Dog Poisoning Meeting

Jan 10 - "A meeting will be held at 6pm on Wednesday 15th January 2014 at the Lamma Primary School..."

Beach Party, by P. K. Pebbles

Jan 9 - Winner for the most creative entry in the RTHK/SCMP short story competition, written by The Lady in the Pink Hat:

Secret Police Air Operations?

Jan 8 - "Incoming... I hope no one is badly injured and needing a ride. Nope, loadsa peeps. Strange cameo get-up and..."

R.I.P. Diesel's

Jan 7 - Robert Hope-Jones has been sneaking behind the tarpaulin hiding the total demolition-in-progress.

Become an Island Artist!

Jan 6 - To learn more about Roz's children art classes, check out these stories: Art Class; Birds & Butterflies.

Beach Shoes

Jan 5 - "The shoes were collected on a secluded beach just past Mo Tat Wan Village, also some shoes were collected on Tung O beach."

Colourful Village Houses

Jan 4 - So many Village Houses all over the New Territories and the Islands look so much alike, often in the "Spanish Villa" style.

Island Gym Promotion

Jan 3 - How about a low-cost gym, open 24-7, not crowded, and located close to your home in Yung Shue Wan?

Treasure Hunters in SCMP

Jan 2 - Straight from our forum into the SCMP, 4 of my photos made it on the City-2 page today.

Welcoming 2014 on Mt. Stenhouse

Jan 1 - Stone sign and photo by the Ed Williams family... climbing Mt. Stenhouse today.

Dec 2013

2013 Year in Review

Dec 31 - "Year in Review - A look at your 20 biggest moments on Facebook".

Santa in the Village

Dec 30 - Santa in the Village, for Operation Santa Claus, also organised by our 15-year OSC veterans, The Island Bar.

Hiking Lamma, the Hard Way

Dec 29 - Pak Kok - Tai Peng - Lamma Winds - Snake Trail - Lo So Shing - Sok Kwu Wan - Ling Kok Shan - Mo Tat Wan

Junior Christmas Camp

Dec 28 - Cooking, baking, archery, Frisbee golf, campfire,... are just some of the many campy activities the "Juniors" enjoyed...

Santa on the Beach

Dec 27 - Santa Claus visiting Power Station Beach: children's Christmas presents, carols, campfires, mulled wine,...

After-Christmas Sale

Dec 26 - Advertising Special Offer: all new ads free till end of Jan 2014!

Jing-le Bells

Dec 25 - Christmas Special Set @ Jing Jing Bar

Happy Holidays to All Our Readers!

Dec 24 - Happy Holidays from!

Christmas/NY Specials Menus

Dec 23 - Have you decided yet where on Lamma to celebrate with a festive meal?

'You have been arrested'

Dec 17 - Opening ceremony of the new Yung Shue Wan police station, Tue, Dec 17, 2013.

'You Guys Are the Best'

Dec 16 - "Thanks for the Butts.
I would like to thank the recent BBQ party on Power Station Beach."

Train With the Champ

Dec 14 - Records:
386 professional Muay Thai fights:
win 349, K.O. 227, lost 35,
drawn 2.

Jungle Jim Interview

Dec 13 - "Jim Brockman's
music collection became a sentient entity in the Autumn of 2007."

The Encyclo-delic Bearded Selectah

Dec 12 - "Hitching a ride on my SoundCloud page, Nick the Bookman and DJ Nipper..."

Foreigners and Honkanese

Dec 11 - Even sights that many of us are not enamored by at all seem to amuse many visitors,...

The Gunk with the Spunk

Dec 10 - What is it with Lamma and zombie videos? After the first smash hit, Isle Be Damned,...

Grass Skiing & Ballooning

Dec 9 - Where on Lamma to go for grass skiing, hot air balloon flying, weekend markets, recycled craft projects,...?

Diesel's Farewell Party

Dec 8 - For more photos and memories, see our Bar & Restaurant News forum...

Christmassy Sunday

Dec 7 - Treasure Hunt,
Christmas for Visayas,
Christmas Fair.

Join Joyce & Friends @ Diesel's Farewell

Dec 6 - Please leave your best memories and photos in our Bar & Restaurants News forum.

Nov 2013

Lamma, a Geocaching Mecca?

Nov 28 - Geocaching is an inexpensive, environmentally friendly family game that all can play for the cost of a few dollars.

Lamma Family Portrait Project

Nov 27 - They're Rambo & Lorraine, the Lamma Families Photographers.

FUN DAY on Saturday!

Nov 21 - Where to go this Saturday to meet Bollands, Bearded Ukuladies, Turing Apples and Fat Jokers?

Sybil Snake Slithering Into Banyan House

Nov 20 - "Sarah Brennan, author of the Chinese Calendar Tales, illustrated by Harry Harrison,..."

Lamma Calendar 2014

Nov 19 - "Here's a sneak preview of the Lamma Calendar 2014. Please snap them up from the Fun Day on Saturday."

Charity Auction @
Lamma Fun Day

Nov 18 - "The Charity Auction is always one of the biggest fundraisers at Lamma Fun Day."

Fun, Fundraising & Frivolity

Nov 17 - An amazing autumn Sunday in Yung Shue Wan, full of fun, fundraising & frivolity.

Saturday Evening on Lamma

Nov 16 - 7-a-side youngster football in YSW Football Pitch,
set dinner @ Green Cottage, new Dance Studio before opening day.

Love & Help from Lamma

Nov 15 - These are very busy days for Lamma's numerous fundraisers for the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Mobile Phone Themes

Nov 14 - Discovering and playing around with mobile apps is a major pastime for Lammaites, same as for so many HKers.

YSW Plaza Opening Ceremony

Nov 13 - Photos of the opening ceremony in the new YSW Plaza, just behind the Football Pitch..

Round HK Island Race

Nov 10 - Lamma Outriggers today, circumnavigating all of HK Island while the "Strong Monsoon Signal" was active.

A New Beginning?

Nov 9 - Some of my readers might remember my rather melancholic story about the end of my former rooftop garden.

HK Ferry HD

Nov 8 - Android/iPhone mobile App HKFerry HD, showing the schedules for the 4 Lamma ferry routes by 3 different companies.

Drilling Mystery?

Nov 7 - See what I discovered during a hike in North Lamma recently! Deep drilling equipment and works in progress!

L-G Goes Camping

Nov 6 - Being an official Google Publisher, they invited me to their DigiCamp in Quarry Bay today.

Lamma Winds Wedding?

Nov 3 - See what I found during my early Sunday morning biking constitutional from Pak Kok to the pavilion above the windturbine:

Sunset Photo Mania!

Nov 2 - Today's sunset generated a real flood of pictures from my mostly Lamma-based Facebook Friends within minutes.

Oct 2013

Free Dinner for Your Best Halloween Photo!

Oct 30 - Send me your best Halloween photos, all taken on Lamma between today - Sunday.

Lamma Transformer?

Oct 24 - More recent photos from Lamma's master nature photographer:

Ski Slope, Water Slide, UFO Landing Site?

Oct 23 - Some of the very best feedback I ever get on my Lamma-zine photos or stories...

New Observation Platform?

Oct 20 - Look what I discovered at sunset today, walking to Power Station beach, looking up the hill above the Power Station:

HK Clean Up Meets Brand on the Beach

Oct 17 - "Join us next Sat 26 Oct when Brand on the Beach contributes to the HK Clean Up!"

Rog-Raiser: Fund-Raiser for Roger Searl

Oct 16 - "See you all tonight at Rog Raiser! Great prizes to be won, awesome holidays..."

Best of Lamma-zine Photos

Oct 10 - 1 year of my best Lamma-zine picture collages in a Facebook public album, including links to the stories:

Lest We Forget...

Oct 9 - Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier, 1 year after the Lamma Ferry Disaster...

Fridge Fixer?

Oct 8 - "The general store opposite Chow Yun Fat's trees, if that makes sense. Or next to the couch murder house."

Snail Mail

Oct 7 - My letters seem to be delivered by tiny snails crawling all over the envelopes inside my letterbox!

Fun Day Volunteers!

Oct 4 - "WANTED:
Volunteers, Home Cooks, Volleyball teams, Stallholders, Bric a Brac."

No Public or Private Transport

Oct 3 - Most people seem surprised by our total lack of any motorised transportation.

'Lamma Incident Memorial Service'

Oct 2 - " memory of the 39 people who lost their lives in the Lamma boat collision last year..."

National Day, 1 Year Ago

Oct 1 - Remembering the Lamma Ferry Disaster...

Online Condolence Book.

Sep 2013

Lamma Calendar 2014 Deadline: Oct 4!

Sep 30 - Calling all photographers! How to get YOUR photos into the Lamma Calendar?

Vandalism @ Lamma Winds Pavilion!?

Sep 29 - This is the scene of utter devastation that greeted us this morning!

A True Belieber

Sep 28 - To the utter bewilderment of this old fogey here, who's almost illiterate in today's hottest music,...

Portraits of Lamma Families

Sep 27 - Well-known Lamma photographers couple Rambo & Lorraine are participating in the Families 300 exhibition.

Welcoming Our Feline Overlords

Sep 26 - "I wish to make a formal public apology. A couple of days ago in my foolishness..."

Village House Building Boom

Sep 25 - Sometime next year, we'll likely have 6 brand-new houses completed in a single tiny area.

Jing Jing Set Menu

Sep 24 - We're becoming major fans of Jing-Jing's new, daily changing lunch and dinner set menus.

Usagi Aftermath:
We're Alive!

Sep 23 - Typhoon Usagi - announced as the largest typhoon to hit HK in 34 years,...

Ready to Make a Change?

Sep 21 - "Find out more about upcoming Kinesiology courses."


Terrible Reviews

Sep 20 - We've published so many mostly positive Lamma visitor reviews, maybe it's time to counterbalance?

Mid-Autumn @ Hung Shing Yeh Beach

Sep 19 - Families and friends enjoying the clear full-moon night of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

We Demand Faster Broadband!

Sep 18 - Just click here for Faster Broadband For Lamma and join us in fighting for what we are...!

Brown Tree Frog Foam Nest

Sep 17 - "A single female makes the foam nest and she is about 50% larger than the males."

Shopping Trip to Tai Peng

Sep 16 - To do ANY shopping or eating, you have to either walk or bike a long way, or even take a ferry.

Inside's Home Office

Sep 4 - I apologise in advance if my writings these days sound even more feverish & confused...

Severe Concussion!

Sep 3 - A major accident happened this morning in the Lamma-Gung&Por residence!

Aug 2013

Jailiaimist, Peehoutlerego, Mofscasiasics, AiuryShaharr  & AromoDogetoob?

Aug 31 - New forum members or evil fiends & forum spammers?

Breakfast Is Being Served on the Balcony, Milady

Aug 30 - Settling slowly but very happily into our new home, we're simplifying/downsizing our lives.

A Sense of Mystery?

Aug 29 - Central Ferry Pier 4, what's happening?
Feedbacks to Lamma Gung's post w/picture on Facebook:

Forum Upgraded & Online Again!

Aug 28 - After a massive spam attack on our forum last week we've had to upgrade....

Forum Down Due to Spam Attack!

Aug 22 - Our forum is down at the moment, shut down by our US webhosting co. due to...

Perpetuating the Myth...

Aug 14 - "There'll be no newspapers on Lamma today [T8] so thought I'd post today's cartoon."

Lamma Dragons: The Next Generation

Aug 4 - "The Youth Paddling was a great success. About 24 kids turned up..."

Moving Break...

Aug 3 - Stories and photos from our move (using the excellent Trade Winds Transport moving services once again).

Island Gym Promotion

Aug 2 - The Island Gym is offering $50 monthly discount if you join before Sep 12th!

National Day @ Swiss Chalet

Aug 1 - Today is Swiss National Day and as members of the huge "Swiss Abroad" community it's our tradition to celebrate....

Jul 2013

Summer Splash @ Hung Shing Yeh Beach

Jul 31 - Big waves yesterday at Hung Shing Yeh beach! This was shot in Panorama mode....

Food Tasting @ Jing Jing

Jul 30 - Jing Jing (opposite Diesel's Bar) is now open for dinner as well.

Indian Specials @ The Waterfront

Jul 24 - We got an very pleasant surprise at lunchtime in The Waterfront Bar & Rest. yesterday.

11th Anniversary of the 'Lamma Website'

Jul 23 - 11 years today since this website started up, very hard to believe! 1,000s of daily stories,...

Yung Shue Long Farmer Retires

Jul 22 - The Old Farmer in the Yung Shue Long Valley has retired a few weeks ago.

Sunday Sunset Roasts @ Prime

Jul 21 - We'll be hearing a lot more good news from this classy venue soon as they'll introduce....

Varial Kickflip, Feebie Grind & Bigspin Boardslide

Jul 20 - "For all skateboarders, cruisers and long boarders on Lamma Island."

R.I.P. My Rooftop Jungle

Jul 19 - We have to move very soon, driven out of YSW by the recent massive rent increases.

Breakfast @ Shelly's

Jul 18 - Shelly's on YSW Back Street is only selling (cheese)cakes, right? Wrong!

Blind Leading the Blind?

Jul 17 - What's going on here? Tonight in the middle of YSW Main Street, opposite Banyan Bay Cafe. Facebook Comments:

'I Love My Licence Plate!'

Jul 16 - "So to make my jeep a little more obviously local, I got a personal plate. What else would I have chosen?!"

Learn How to Do the Spider Dance

Jul 15 - "I am thinking about moving to Lamma, but I have an extreme case of arachnophobia."

Pink & Orange & Black

Jul 14 - Cable Road along Power Station Beach on an early Sunday morning.

R.I.P. Sugar

Jul 13 - Farewell to Sugar.
by Emily the ex-Ice Cream Lady: Sugar's Human Companion: (Photos by Emily)

Juxtapose Thai Magic & Paper Airplanes

Jul 12 - Thai Food Cooking Demonstration & Food Tasting.

Volcano or Sunset?

Jul 11 - Sun setting behind huge sand piles @ Gaido Pier, YSW.

Constructive Development or Destructive Disaster?

Jul 8 - Social Impact Assessment Group Report: Ex-Lamma Quarry Area, by PolyU students.

Family Trail People Watching

Jul 7 - Most weekends, the Family Trail between Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan is severely crowded with Lamma visitors.

Livin' the Dream in Sleepy South Lamma

Jul 6 - Building a Cantonese Opera arena outside the Tin Hau Temple, Sok Kwu Wan.

Flickr Time Capsule

Jul 5 - Remember Flickr? You know, where people posted their best photos well before Facebook Albums became so pervasive?

New Recycling Collection Points

Jul 4 - New collection points for glass, electrical appliances, paper, plastics and metals.

Mural Painters @ Hans Andersen Club

Jul 3 - "Love Painting, Painting Love" @ HAC Lamma Island, YSW, Sat, Jun 29, 10am - 5pm.

Jun 2013


Watersports & Mongolian Yurts

Jun 30 - YMCA Lamma Island Outdoor Centre Grand Opening and Open House Day.

Sewerage Mini-Exhibition

Jun 29 - Connections to Sewers:

Why Connect?
How to Connect?
Who Will Pay?

Gravitic Lividity in the SpaceTimeContinuum

Jun 28 - Jethro Tull in HK - June 24, 2013, Asia Arena, HK Airport: Review by Nick the Bookman.

Dress Code on Lamma?

Jun 27 - I think this is the first time I've seen an explicit dress code, describing proper and improper attire in detail.

Lowest Tide of 2013

Jun 26 - Yung Shue Wan harbour yesterday, 6pm, lowest tide level of 2013, close to the minimum sea level of 0m.

Motor Pike & Push Carp

Jun 25 - This photo on my Timeline received some great captions from my Friends within a few hours,...

Interconnected & Intertwined

Jun 24 - Fri, Jun 21, 6:30-11:30pm: Part-of gallery, G/F 16 Sik On St, Wanchai: Feat. Lamma artists & musicians.

Art Class @ Banyan House

Jun 23 - Check out Roz Keep's art classes and the exhibition of the children's recent artworks, still running in Cath's Bar.

Serenely Serendipitous Summer Sunsets

Jun 22 - I'll miss these epic, long-lasting sunsets over Yung Shue Wan harbour...

KKK Listens to 'Voice of Lamma

Jun 21 - Legislator Council member Kwok Ka Ki, Civic Party, has visited Yung Shue Wan...

Turtles & Temples @
Cath's Bar

Jun 20 - The exhibition by Roz Keep, featuring her children classes' artworks,...

Investment Bankers & Refugees

Jun 19 - One more regular beach cleaning today on Pebbles Beach, Pak Kok....

There's an App for That!

Jun 18 - Communication with Lamma shopkeepers can be challenging, especially if your Cantonese is not up to...

Plastic Jesus, the Sequel

Jun 17 - "We're awaiting the day when it makes a cameo appearance in the background of a Harry cartoon somewhere..."

Lamma Dragons, 1996

Jun 16 - "Letdown for Marine Heroes": SCMP, June 16, 1996, from Backbites.

Prime Food & Prime Service

Jun 15 - Click for more photos and my full review...

Exciting News About

Jun 14 - Latest news of the sewerage works and the Sewage Treatment Plants.

The Forum & Classifieds Need Your Help!

Jun 13 - So many Lammaites have been selling & buying stuff, and finding & letting flats,...

Lamma Ladies Are #1!

Jun 12 - Congratulations to the Lamma Dragons, Ladies team; champions once again!
#1 in Discovery Bay today!

Plastic Jesus

Jun 11 - Frazer & The McGilvrays @ The Island Bar, Apr 13, '13

The Bearded Ukuladies Expeditionary Triumphs and Travesties...

Jun 10 - ...fine specimens of the endangered Homo Lammapiens.

New Official Court Birdographer

Jun 9 - Red-Whiskered Bulbuls - by Rambler

Beach Beancurd on Car-Free, Carefree Island

Jun 8 - Smile, the in-flight magazine of Cebu Pacific Airline, The Philippines.

'Is Lamma Island open whole year?'

Jun 7 - I've just received this email below. What do YOU suggest I should reply?


Jun 3 - June weather over Yung Shue Wan, taken from the ferry pier, this is the view greeting ferry passengers arriving!

Dog Poo Castles

Jun 2 - Has ANYBODY EVER seen a dog use one of these Dog Latrines?

Soccer Tots & Champs

Jun 1 - "Premier Junior Soccer.
Saturday and Sunday.
Boys and Girls welcome!"

May 2013

The Great Lamma Clean Up Continues...

May 28 - "It was threatening thunderstorms, but we had a fab start to the..."

Lamma Dragons Fundraiser

May 23 - Up for auction this Sat night in The Island Bar, an original by Harry Harrison!

Cargo Blocking Ferry Exits

May 18 - "Passengers stop overloaded ferry from sailing" - SCMP, May 11, 2013

Rooftop Jungle Home Office

May 17 - Once upon a time, 5 years ago, there was just a standard, empty, tiled rooftop when we moved in.

20 Years of YSW Canto Opera

May 16 - Congratulations to the Hing Fung Ming Cantonese Opera Troupe: 20th Tin Hau Festival!

Solar Power Boost

May 15 - Where's HK's largest solar power installation located? Just over the hill from Yung Shue Wan, in the Power Station.

Night Safari @ Sok Kwu Wan

May 14 - I joined one of 3 "Night Safari" tours on Sat, May 4, in Sok Kwu Wan.

Animated Lamma Map,
1987 - 2012

May 13 - Google has released timelapse image of how the Earth's surface has changed.

Over Ling Kok Shan

May 12 - On the way to the top of Ling Kok Shan, the 250-metre tall hill behind Sok Kwu Wan.

R.I.P. Allan Ferguson

May 11 - Do you recognise this beaming couple? A picture published in 1985,...

Canto Opera -
Behind the Stage

May 10 - "Fascinated to be at backstage of a Cantonese Opera for the first time."

Above the Lamma 500

May 6 - Video by Joe the Quadrocopter Aviator -
Results and winner photos of the Lamma 500 dragonboat races.

Zooming in on Lamma 500

May 5 - View from the Trig Point above Lamma windturbine, the highest point of N. Lamma.

Lamma Day 2013

May 2 - Yung Shue Wan Tin Hau festival & dragonboat/sampan races & Cantonese opera.

Apr 2013

Bilingual Yellow Pages

Apr 28 - Every Lammaite has name cards and a list of handy local contacts, like repairmen, etc. Please share them!

Your Opinion About Ex-Lamma Quarry Future?

Apr 19 - There have been many ideas about what do with this huge, natural, almost empty area.

Snake Season!

Apr 18 - The main snake season has started up again, the close encounters are getting more and more numerous.

Get $30 to Use E-Bills

Apr 17 - "To promote a low carbon lifestyle, the HK Electric rewards eligible customers who opt for receiving e-bills."

All Citizens MUST...

Apr 16 - Constant fiddling with mobile phones has reached even the most remote places on Lamma, locals and visitors alike.

5x Faster Internet

Apr 15 - Fed up with the pedestrian speeds you're getting from your home Broadband/Wifi or the local free Wifi hotspots?

Blooming Hippies

Apr 7 - Hippeastrum blooming @ Tai Peng Community Garden: (photos by Defensive Tulip).

LoSo Hippies

Apr 3 - South Lamma is changing fast, becoming the hip and fun place to visit and live.

Easter Weekend -
Random Photos

Apr 2 - Photo by Marcus: "Toy sale, top salesmen!"
Yummy home-made jam...

Bauhinia Island

Apr 1 - You might have seen the recently announced Govt. plans for 5 reclamations outside Victoria Harbour, plus artificial islands.

Mar 2013

Chow Yun-Fat @ Andy's Seafood

Mar 31 - Like every year close to the Ching Ming holiday, Lamma's favourite son, Chow Yun-Fat,...

Happy Easter Newsletter

Mar 30 - "Watch the Brand on the Beach video.

Support glass recycling."

Dragonboat Hitchhiker

Mar 24 - Lamma Dragons in training on a Sunday morning, chased by a dog!
Guess who's faster?

Live Music @ Bebe V

Mar 23 - "Sat, Mar 16, 3-6pm:
Live music at Bebe V, Sok Kwu Wan - with our special guests Ryan x Shirley."

Lamma's Future Sister Island?

Mar 22 - Did you hear about the Govt. proposal to reclaim a bigger sister island for Lamma?

Better Than 99.999%

Mar 21 - This is the little flyer that comes with our monthly electricity bill from HK Electric.

Lamma Illuminating HK Island

Mar 20 - Map from the HK Night Sky Brightness Monitoring Network - over a 3-year period.

Like the New Forum Header?

Mar 19 - I've redesigned the header of all our forum pages once again.


Mar 18 - T-shirts, anyone?
If there's enough interest, I might get some printed. A3 size posters would be free. Contact me, pls.

Holi Night @ 7th Avenue

Mar 17 - Saturday, March 16, 7:30pm-late:
7th Avenue Bar & Rest.

Joe the Quadrocopter Aviator

Mar 12 - Who's that cool dude with the shiny shades, the oversized, manly remote control, the relaxed stance, legs crossed?

More Lamma Planets

Mar 11 - One more photo, just received this afternoon from a HART team member atop Lamma Winds, Wai Kong Leung.

Planet Lamma

Mar 10 - Click above for an interactive, zoomable 360-degree view of North Lamma, viewed from flying up high.

Lamma for Kids

Mar 9 - A locally very popular and best- selling book is "Hong Kong for Kids - A Parent's Guide", published by Blacksmith Books.

Lamma War Game Venue

Mar 8 - Here's one more of the many ways the ex-Lamma Quarry has been used in the past, besides the current YMCA...

Pak Kok Market Day

Mar 7 - Pak Kok Village: Sun, Mar 3, 11am-4pm:

Pin Your Pledge for Earth Hour

Mar 6 - Only 6 individuals on Lamma so far pledging support for Earth Hour this year?!

What Fuels the Lamma-zine?

Mar 5 - ... besides copious, unreasonable amounts of French-pressed, home-delivered coffee...?

Brands on Pebbles Beach

Mar 4 - "The prize for the most rubbish from one brand goes to Vita Water, again!"

$2 Ferry Rides for 65+

Mar 3 - Starting today!

Click above for details or view "Your Ticket to Enriching Life".

'How Tall?'

Mar 2 - "'How Tall Do These Buildings Go Anyhow?�
Big Question Looms When a Lamma Pet Visits Central."

Windy Wonder, Rock Ramble & Night Safari

Mar 1 - The latest version of the Lamma Island Eco-tour map has been published by CA & HKE.

Feb 2013

Bad Contact of Optical (CCD/CMOS) Block - Feb 28

Always carrying a pocket snapshooter with me wherever I go comes in so handy...

Recycle Your Glass & Elect-
rical Appliances!
- Feb 27

"Pilot Community Recycling Programme in Islands District"

Advertiser Newsletters
Feb 26

Our "Free Ads" promotion is still running and has been extended till Mar 31, due to its popularity.

5th Surgiversary - Feb 25

Automatic email from ObesityHelp Services (plus my comments added in green; a bit like an interview with myself.)

Lamma - the Next Sardinia/Corsica? - Feb 22

Just in: the latest South Lamma newsletter from the Baroque on Lamma Team.

Lamma Island MTR? - Feb 21

Look what I found!
Still secret plans, a train sim or pure fantasy? You decide.

How Slow Is Your Mobile Broadband? - Feb 18

These low mobile Broadband speeds are probably similar for all other mobile networks,...

Yu Lai Fan's Working Report 2012 - Feb 16

Copies available outside YSW District Council office (besides Lamma Gourmet).

Deadline for Ex-Lamma Quarry Comments! - Feb 6

TODAY is the last day to submit comments to the Govt.'s plans to build private and public housing...

Rorry Chan - Wood Sculptor & Builder - Feb 5

He's one of just a few sculptors and builders who works mostly in driftwood, typhoon leftovers,...

Jan 2013

Sewerage Digging Outside Your Home (Again)? - Jan 31

"Phase 2 of Lamma's new sewerage system will begin soon. It will mean digging in..."

Lamma Dog Owners Group
Jan 30

A new Facebook group has just been set up by Trey and has quickly gained traction.

YSW Plaza - Jan 29

This is the new Activity Centre
in-between the Gaido Pier and the future YSW Police Station.

Hans Andersen Club @ Lamma - Jan 28

Fairy Merry Lamma Project -
Photo Album -
Contact Lamma Island Centre

Auction of Lamma Oil Painting - Jan 21

So who'd like to buy this beautiful and unique original oil painting by Tony to support this website?

'We Were There!' - Jan 20

Top of Mt. Stenhouse, Sunday, Jan 20, early morning. Sincere congrats to these 8 Lammaites & friends & their 5 dogs!

Catradise Castle - Jan 11

These styrofoam boxes for YSW's feral cat colony close to the ferry pier have just been cleared away.

Free Lamma-zine Ads 'til Feb 28 - Jan 9

We're offering free adverts to all new or returning advertisers 'til end of Feb!

Ex-Lamma Quarry Public Forum - Jan 8

You might have noticed the 10 display panels in the Central Pier 4 since Monday, Jan 7?

Best Events of 2012? - Jan 7

There has been such a wealth of events last year, serious, enlightening and uplifting ones, but also some unusual,...

Early Riser Lammaites
Jan 6

Quite a number of Lammaites seem to be up and about pretty early on Sundays.

Inside the Ex-Lamma Quarry
Jan 5

Ex-Lamma Quarry photo gallery, including the future YMCA Outdoor Centre.

A Very Ethically Diverse Population - Jan 4

"The green and clean Discovery Bay" is described as "home to a very ethically diverse population".

Treasure Hunt 2012 - Jan 3

Click for captioned photo gallery of "Santa in the Village" & Treasure Hunt Awards.

Treasure Hunters, Gangnam Style - Jan 2

This is the best & funniest Lamma video I've seen in a long time, Lammaites acting up...

Happy, Healthy & Humorous New Year! - Jan 1

New Year's Eve on Lamma, 10 years ago.
Click to enlarge: (C) SCMP.

Dec 2012

Tin Hau Temple Reopening
Dec 31

Click for photo gallery. Taoist gods statues inside the temple, before and after replacement:

Lamma Bee Valley - Dec 30

Encounter on the Family Trail between Hung Shing Yeh beach and SKW, right where you can go up to the Youth Hostel.

YMCA Lamma Island Outdoor Centre - Dec 29

Click for photo gallery of ex-Lamma Quarry, cement factory and YMCA's Centre.

B�b� V - South Lamma's First Coffee Shop - Dec 28

I stumbled upon this cheerful place on SKW's main strip, amidst all the seafood restaurants.

A Great Day in South Lamma!
Dec 27

... one of the most enjoyable, memorable and unplanned days I've ever enjoyed on Lamma!

East Lamma Geopark?
Dec 26

HK Countryside Watch blogs: "Should East Lamma be included in the Hong Kong Geopark?"

A Merry Band of Fairies & Elves - Dec 25

"Santa on the Beach � Dec 22 - As the sun sunk beneath the horizon, a ripple of excitement..."

Pak Kok Nativity Play
Dec 24

'Twas the night before Christmas Eve, when in the idyllic, remote hamlet of Pak Kok Village.

Christmas/New Year Specials - Dec 23

What's on offer from some of Lamma's best restaurants this Christmas and New Year?

Calendars to Go... - Dec 22

Did you get your Lamma 2013 Calendars yet? Need some more for your off-island and overseas friends and families?

THE END or a New Beginning? - Dec 21

Here's a more positive spin, an optimistic vision from a Lamma Author, Laurence James Lucas.

A Quarter of a Century in HK!
Dec 20

Tomorrow, it'll be the 25-year anniversary of my arrival in HK, visiting my HK-Chinese girlfriend.

Brand on the Beach - Dec 19

"Many thanks to all who helped make our first Brand on the Beach clean up a success."

Harbour Reclamation Buildings - Dec 14

... the last time you took a walk or bike ride into the 1st phase of the YSW Harbour Reclamation?

QR Coding - Dec 13

This is the QR code for this web page. Try it! If you haven't done so yet, download any free QR reader app.

Charitable Lammaites
Dec 12

"Lamma 2013 Calendars are now available from Diesel's, 7th Avenue, Lamma Grill and...."

Roving Exhibition @ Ferry Piers - Dec 11

This Roving Exhibition about the Govt.'s plans for the ex-Lamma Quarry is currently only shown....

Cheung Chau Outing by Wild at Art-ist - Dec 10

... introducing Cheung Chau, via a photo album by Lamma "Wild at Art" Artist, Katie Flowers.

Lamma Quarry Feasibility Study Released - Dec 8

"Stage 1 Community Engagement launched for Study on Future Land Use at Ex-Lamma Quarry Area."

Volunteers Needed:
Fairies, Fire Starters, Mulled Wine Brewers
- Dec 7

Santa on the Beach: Sat, Dec 22, 6pm: Power Station Beach

Lamma Ferry Disaster Donations - Dec 6

"Lamma Boat Tragedy Donation Expected to Raise more than HK$6.3 million"

Do Lamma Snakes Hiss in English? - Dec 5

"Lamma Island, Hong Kong �
A Great Place To Practise Your English Speaking Skills"

Seek & Ye Shall Have Fun! - Dec 4

"Follow brain teasing clues on an adventurous exploration of Lamma Island."

Flockenclappers - Dec 3

Clockenflap - Dec 1/2 -
West Kowloon Cultural District -
Photos by Lamma-Gung.

Nov 2012

Whoopsie-doopsie! - Nov 29

"You don't have permission to access /forum-OK/index.php on this server."

$250,000!! - Nov 28

"The gross income (net will be determined after all expenses come in) from the entire Fun Day was just over HK$250,000."

How to Use a Life Vest?
Nov 27

"Seminar on Safety at Sea & Emergency Handling."

Auctions, Bands, Children, Drinks,... - Nov 23

More photos and last-minute news: Facebook page and our Fun Day forum.

Blacksmith/Bookazine Booksigning Extravaganza,...
Nov 22

How many of these 14 book writers do you recognise?

Bye-bye, Diesel's - Nov 21

A letter from Lands Dept. to a Senior Lammaite who had objected to the redevelopment application for Diesel's.

Why? - Nov 20, Rocky Malcolm's official website, built by himself.

After the Ferry Disaster
Nov 19

"Local community on Lamma island is still recovering from the economic blow & the emotional."

On the Family Trail - Nov 18

Plus a fine, first-hand report from an actual visitor, "a long time Lamma Island lover" and blogger.

Water Sports @ The Bay Rest. - Nov 17

I noticed this surprising, unex- pected sight from atop the hillside, overlooking Mo Tat Wan.

Musical Extravaganza of Mirth & Mayhem - Nov 16

It's Behind You!! 2 Lamma residents take to the stage in this year's Christmas pantomime.

One More Interview?
Nov 15

Ming Pao Teens, Nov 7, 2012,
an interview I gave pre-Ferry Disaster.

Typically Lamma? - Nov 14

Let me showcase the amusing, often quirky, other side of Life on Lamma. This side is usually reserved for residents,....

Lamma Fun Day 2012 Music & Children's Games - Nov 13

For the very latest news & updates, see our forum!

Dangers & Delights of a Rooftop Jungle - Nov 12

My former rooftop garden is reverting to a natural state, more a subtropical jungle than a....

The Life Aquatic - Nov 11

"The night was a fantastic success, people sat back whilst enjoying 7th Avenue's specialty dishes and were transported...."

Highly Dedicated Expats
Nov 10

PLANET_EXPAT Booksigning:
Click for my captioned photo gallery.

Clash of the Newsletters
Nov 9

Here are two of the latest news-
letters with very different visions on Lamma's future development.

Fun Day News & Updates
Nov 8

The Lamma Calendar 2013 just went into production. Many thanks to all the photographers....

Buoyant Businessmen & Woeful Whines - Nov 7

Dymocks Book of the Month!
Many congrats to the Lamma-
zine's Senior Correspondent!

What's That Huge Hole in the Hillside? - Nov 6

The South Lamma Sewage Treatment Plant is making good progress.

Pebbles Beach - Before/After
Nov 5

Lamma Corner writes: "With 100 students from Delia Memorial School on last Sunday...."

Oct 2012

Make Lamma Fun Day a Huge Success! - Oct 30

Volunteers Needed!
Saturday 24th November.

Only Half the Man I Used to Be - Oct 29

Finally, here's an index of ALL the major stories published about my 175-pound weight loss.

Reporting Your UBWs?
Oct 28

Should you report your "Unauthorised Building Works" and illegal rooftop structures?

Looking for HD TV Channels?
Oct 27

"Anyone know the options available on Lamma these days for satellite TV?"

My Lamma Calendar Photos
Oct 26

Many thanks to all photographers submitting their best Lamma shots for the Lamma Calendar!

My Weight Loss Book - Oct 25

When was the last time your doctor made your day, giving you such good news that you've felt great and upbeat for days?

Latest Lamma News - Oct 24

New ferry for YSW-Central route

Repainting the YSW Tin Hau Temple.

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk - Oct 23

Our (cheer)leaders, Sallie & Vicky (many thanks!) enjoying a rest on the famous, newly renovated....

Poets Laureate of
Lamma- zine
- Oct 22


Round Lamma Race - Oct 21

Another Round Lamma race is happening today, organised by the LOCC. I've been following them all around Lamma....

Clockenflapping @ Dec 1/2
Oct 20

Vision - Line Up - Music - Art - Film - Food - Facebook - Tickets

How Much Per Square Foot?
Oct 19
Square Foot Magazine: Pressure Points: "Forget the cheap rents. The hippie haven is fast...."

Sofa Taxi Service - Oct 18

A brand-new open-top taxi service has just opened up for North Lamma residents. This very cozy'n'comfy-looking VV....

Slippers, Ovaltine & Viagra
Oct 17

A spitting image of Dan the Bastard, wouldn't you agree?
By Harry Harrison, of course.

Memorial Lighthouse?
Oct 16

Ideas for a memorial at or above the crash site of the Lamma Ferry Disaster have been floated.

Trig Point Family - Oct 15

Life is slowly returning to normal on Lamma, people reverting to their former, comfortable routines and sleeping patterns.

Goodbye, Lamma IV - Oct 14

Photos by our Pak Kok Senior Correspondent.

'Do You Feel Disturbed?'
Oct 13

Have you ever been invited to an event and then were the ONLY one actually showing up?

'An Even Closer Neighbour'
Oct 12

SCMP, Oct 12, 2012 - Click above to read the entire story, including an interview with....

Live Visitor Traffic of - Oct 11

"FEEDJIT Live shows what is happening on your blog or website right now."

Baroque on Lamma Stakeholder Workshop
Oct 10
"... participate in a Lamma envisioning exercise."

'Life, Death, and Lamma Island' - Oct 9

View a collection of stories from the last 7 days - news, blogs, web and videos.

Religious Condolences Ceremony - Oct 8

"Date: 10 October, 2012 (Wed)
7:00 p.m.
Venue: Yung Shue Wan Pier"

Open Day @ Banyan House
Oct 7

"Please pop by and enjoy a morning of craft-making, Lynne�s oral storytelling,..."

After the Tragedy... - Oct 6

"After Lamma Ferry Crash, how do you feel?

After the tragedy, what can you do?"

Are You an Eyewitness?
Oct 5

"Police appeal for information -
Vessel collision off Lamma Island 2012-10-01"

Online Condolence Book
Oct 4

Following the 3-day official mourning period set up by the HK Govt. starting today, Oct 4-6, ...

Additional Floors on Central Piers - Oct 3

"A Facelift for Central Piers Nos. 4, 5 and 6"

Sep 2012

Mid-Autumn Lights @ Hung Shing Yeh Beach - Sep 30

Photos from Hung Shing Yeh beach, by Gareth Dunster.

Two-Foot Scotsman Goes Viral! - Sep 27

Doggy, the Lamma Fun Day founder, has finally published his first novel.

Bomb on Mot Tat Wan Beach
Sep 26

"Police condoned off a beach on Lamma Island after a bomb-like object was discovered...."

'This Is a NON SMOKING Area!' - Sep 25

"They say there were eight of them altogether, arriving unannounced, all in full uniform."

Declaring Your Illegal Structures? - Sep 24

All Lamma households received this form letter from the Buildings Dept. just a few weeks ago.

Lamma Calendar 2013: Calling All Photographers!
Sep 21

This year�s calendar will again be open to the Lamma community.

Wavy Panoramas - Sep 18

I got a low-cost Sony HX10V compact camera a few months back, accompanying me everywhere I go these days.

The Dolphin Quest - Sep 17

"Earlier this month 29 paddlers from the Lamma Outriggers were involved in The Dolphin Quest, a 70K relay paddle around Lantau."

Private Pavilion Breakfast (Dogs Welcome) - Sep 16

What are some Lammaites up to on early Sunday mornings, even before 7am? Going running,....

Rubber Tree Leftovers
Sep 15

Tai Peng Village, opposite the Regent Store, the healthy land- mark rubber tree has been cut....

An Irreplaceable Encyclopedia of Lamma Lore? - Sep 14

I've been so pleasantly surprised about all the feedback & emails...

'Insufficiency of Medical Facilities in the Lamma Island' - Sep 13

The Lamma-zine has a long- standing policy in highlighting....

'It's So Beautiful!' - Sep 12

"... there in the garden wall is a Rat Snake with its head stuck in a hole."

Most Popular Bar Drinks?
Sep 11

What do people like to drink in Lamma bars? This is the list of free drinks given out at the....

Lamma's Only Restaurant?

Sep 10

Searching for Lamma restaurants & bars on the Internet is a real hit-and-miss affair.

Chill Out - Lamma Island
Sep 9

29 pages & 100+ photos of interviews with Lammaites, including me,....

The World's Highest Feeling
Sep 8
That's how I felt on Friday night, enjoying "The World's Highest" for a few hours during the 10th...

Lamma-zine Graffiti - Sep 7
Graffiti by Dofi for the 10th birthday of, celebrated in The Island Bar tonight,...

10th Birthday Party Tomorrow! - Sep 6

The anniversary will be celebrated tomorrow, Fri, Sep 7, starting 6pm in The Island Bar!

Discover Paint-o-genic Places - Sep 5

"Do you ever think of putting aside your camera and picking up a pencil or paintbrush to ...?"

Breakfast @ Green Cottage
Sep 4

"1. Listening.  2. After the second cup of coffee, another conversation.  3. Musings"

Mid-Autumn Carnival & 'Official' Fall Events - Sep 3

"Just in from the North Lamma Rural Committee (click for more details and Eng. info).

Free Ferry Rides! - Sep 2

"Visiting Scheme to Outlying Islands"

Childhood Game Day - Sep 1

Hans Andersen Centre,
Sat, Aug 11, 2012.

Aug 2012

Are You a Responsible Pet Owner? - Aug 30

"Be a Responsible Pet Owner" roadshow today, Aug 30

Bike Explorations - Aug 29

That's all that's left of the iconic ancient rubber tree besides the Regent Store.

'Places to Visit on Lamma Island' - Aug 28

Should I publish more of this kind of travel guide content, targeted at Lamma visitors and tourists?

Subscribing to Lamma-zine Emails? - Aug 27

Are you already a Lamma-zine email subscriber? Or is your spam filter eating them, or your ....

Zheng De Taoist Temple

Aug 26

Zheng De Temple visit in Sok Kwu Wan - Aug 14, '12
Photos by L-G

The Blue Girl Prefers Silver

Aug 25

We've had an unusual encounter last night in Andy's Seafood:

We met a real-life Blue Girl!

L-G the Biological Hazard

Aug 24

How would you like to be declared an official "Biological Hazard" by a health authority?

United Nations Fishing Village - Aug 23

"I am writing on behalf of Cultural Outings, a non-profit making organization which aims to...."

Power Station Tour Q & A

Aug 22

After the Lamma Power Station Tour on Aug 15, there were a few questions left to be answered.

God of Hell @ Tin Hau Temple
Aug 21

If you'd like to know about what's going on above and why the huge paper statue of the God of Hell....

The Daily Lamma - Aug 20

"HONG KONG�S LAMMA ISLAND, which looks like an upside-down, frisky puppy on two legs biting a strangely shaped, dead bird."

My Famous Neighbour

Aug 19

"...a programme called �Big Fun on Little Rocks� on TVB�s Jade Channel, introducing islands...."

Plastic Disaster @ South Lamma - Aug 18

Click for captioned photo gallery.

The Natural Beauty of South Lamma - Aug 17

Click for captioned photo gallery.

Island of Gospel? - Aug 16

Picking up a flyer outside the newly opened centre of the Canaan Church of the Joshua Church, Hong Kong,...

Lamma Power Station Up Close - Aug 15

Tour itinerary & invitation & feedback from tour participants, plus several photo galleries.

Using Our Free Classifieds?
Aug 14

This community website has been providing a classifieds forum as a free, non-commercial service....

Fat-Gor & Icey - Aug 13

Look what I just saw in the LAWC thrift shop on Back Street, where they're still selling this popular Lamma documentary on DVD.

Power Station Tour - Aug 8

Our yearly guided tour for Lammaites into the Lamma Power Station will be happening next Wed, Aug 15.

Saving Fat-Gor's Tree?
Aug 7

One of the four trees Chow Yun-fat planted in Tai Yuen was blown down by Typhoon Vicente.

T10 Aftermath - Aug 4

Typhoon T10 Aftermath -
Photos by Lamma-Gung.

'Don't Drink the Tea!'?
Aug 3

'I had my (slightly surreal) meeting with the Islands District office today.'

Jul 2012

'YOU are here' - Jul 31

Historic tourist map - Etched & painted rust-proof steel plate - Click to enlarge to width of 1,000 pixels, 2,000 pixels, full size.

Who Delivers to Your Home?
Jul 30

Selina & Becky outside Sha Po's Red House -
Coffee Run Megan's bike delivery.

Sunday Morning at 6am
Jul 29

There are surprisingly few Lamma bloggers out there in the HK Blogosphere.

Verdant Gems & Frog Choirs
Jul 28

"Spot the 8 'Verdant Gems' and be a Winner."

Fifty Shades of Grey on Lamma - Jul 27

"I'm sure you've all heard of this three-volume bawdy, brutal bonkbuster called Fifty Shades...

T10: The Great Lamma Tree Massacre - Jul 26

Photos from T10-strength Typhoon Vicente's aftermath,
part 1.

Lamma: A Haven to Heal
Jul 25

Many Lammaites choose to live away from the city to be in a peaceful environment....

Musings & Observations @ Green Cottage - Jul 24

Outside the Shop -
Poem by John Stuart, Official Court Poet of Lamma-zine.

10th Birthday of! - Jul 23

I've been announcing to do a bungy jump from the Macau Tower today to celebrate.

Lamma 1965 - Jul 22

T-shirt I found and bought recently in the Lo So Shop  (click to enlarge).

Discovery Bay Ferry Visiting YSW - Jul 21

Several people coming off the 6:40pm ferry from Central yesterday, Fri July 20, ....

Cockroaches in a Melting Pot
Jul 19

By Emily - Renowned English- Language Author - aka The Ice Cream Lady.

Interviewed by Ming Pao Reporters - Jul 18

By Chili_Bean_Sauce - Lamma-zine Intern & Junior Lammaite (photo by L-G):

Northern Lamma Primary School Graduation - Jul 9

Graduation Ceremony photo gallery - Northern Lamma School, July 9, 2012.

Share Lamma and Win a Room @ Concerto Inn! - Jul 6

Concerto Inn Hotel at Hung Shing Yeh beach - a Lamma-zine advertiser - is rolling out their ....

Sean's Pan-whoa-ramas
Jul 5

Photos by Body Surfer Sean Creamer - Facebook, Flickr - click to enlarge.

Lamma Grill Opening - Jul 4

18E Tai Yuen Village - Back Street
Yung Shue Wan - Lamma Island
Hong Kong.

Vote for Lamma's Basketball MVP - Jul 3

Basketball League Tournament forum - Video of Aqua Sharks vs White Stallions, July 8, 2012, Q1

Shark Off Lamma - Jul 2

Triggered by an SCMP story today - Family tells of terror after shark shuts down beaches - a discussion erupted in our forum.

Gloomy About Future of Lamma? - Jul 1

400,000 (60,000 according to police) demonstrators on HK's streets today, airing various....

Jun 2012

Andy's Seafood & Sunset
Jun 30

First impressions from the opening night of "Andy's Seafood SAU KEE" on Fri, June 29, 2012.

L-G the Photography Enthusiast - Jun 29

...a full page and story with all my own photos, in the HAC quarterly newsletter....

Lamma Zombies Invading DbAY - Jun 28

The Lamma Dragons had great fun in Discovery Bay last Sat, winning 3 trophies.

From a Person Who Likes Girls in Swim Suits - Jun 27

"Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the Dragon Boat Festival held in D-Bay."

Plants vs. Zombies - Jun 26

"This past weekend was our favorite holiday:
Dragon Boat Festival Day."