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Mon, Nov 25

Lamma District Council election result

Nov 12-14

Toilet Cleaner, Lamma Island  (HK Shifts)

Wed, Nov 6

Dive Into Hell  (Race for Water, Sok Kwu Wan)

Fri, Nov 8

She Climbed Kilimanjaro. But the Real Achievement: Keeping Her Phone Alive.  (Wallstreet Journal)

Thu, Nov 7

Temple Attendant, Lamma Island  (HK Shifts)

Tue, Nov 5

Video interview with Nick the Bookman  (Youtube)

Thu, Oct 24

How to Plan a Day Trip to Lamma Island  (Cathay Pacific magazine)

Tue, Oct 22

Ms. Fa, Street Cleaner  (HK Shifts)

Mon, Oct 21

Lamma Island: Ultimate guide  (Timeout HK)

Mon, Sep 30

Goodbye JustGreen  (Green Queen)

Sun, Sep 15

Plant-based restaurant pioneer Bobsy Gaia's journey  (SCM Post)

Wed, Sep 11

Lammaite Michelle Harris's Dayfests  (SCM Post)

Mon, Sep 9

Lamma passenger ferry disabled today...  (NEWSworthy HK)

Mon, Aug 26

Govt to renovate public piers for more convenient access  (EJ Insight)

Fri, Aug 23

5 protest-free sights in HK: Lamma  (Telegraph UK)

Sat, Aug 17

New Islands team to challenge for district council seats  (Lantau News)

Fri, Aug 2

Eco-Heroes: Bobsy Gaia, Founder of Mana!  (HK Tatler)

Wed, Jul 31

T8: Last Tsui Wah/HKKF ferries today

Wed, Jul 10

YSW Library Opening Ceremony w/Carrie Lam
(Gov't. release - HK01 - Apple Daily - Ming Pao -
Coconuts HK)

Thu, Jun 13

Hong Kong Was My Refuge  (Time magazine)

Sun, Jun 9

Lamma's famous Island Bar to close its doors after almost 40 years in operation  (SCM Post)

Fri, May 10

HK man, 61, dies in hospital after bike accident on Lamma  (SCM Post)

Apr 23/30

Skyluck, the ship that smuggled 2,600 boatpeople to HK (beached on Lamma)  (SCM Post Magazine)

Tue, Mar 12

Fishing boat sunk after oil tanker crash south of Lamma  (SCMP)

Sun, Mar 10

Artist of the Month - Lammaite Chloe Grimmett  (hk ELD)

Tue, Jan 29

Meat-free restaurants thriving in HK...  (SCMPost)

Sun, Jan 27

Here's Why Chow Yun-fat Vows to Donate US$714m Wealth to Charity  (Epoch Times)

Thu, Jan 17

Bodies of missing Vietnamese crewmen found  (Vietnam+)

Fri, Jan 11

... 2 missing Vietnamese sailors in blast-hit tanker  (SCM Post)

Tue, Jan 8

The tragedy of the oil tanker Aulac Fortune  (SCM Post)

Tue, Jan 8

Deadly oil and chemical tanker blaze of Lamma  (SCM Post ~ SCMP video ~ HK Free Press ~ EcoWatch)

Sat, Jan 5

Retrospective by Brian Tilbrook  (SCM Post)

Sat, Dec 29

Five arrested for supplying drugs on Lamma  (RTHK ~ MenaFM ~ Oriental Daily ~ HK01)

Mon, Dec 24

HK actor Chow Yun-fat vows to donate his entire fortune of US$715 millions  (HKFP ~ dozens of newspapers worldwide)

Wed, Dec 19

New life jacket rules mooted after Lamma sinking  (RTHK)

Sat, Dec 15

The Cirque de Soleil star who found rejuvenation and inspiration among the peace and creativity of Lamma Island  (SCM Post)

Sun, Dec 9

Bad Men and Good Wood  (HK Free Press)

Sun, Dec 9

Santa on the Beach  (YouTube)

Sun, Dec 2

Hong Kong lawmaker Eddie Chu disqualified  (SCM Post, HK Free Press, Facebook), Letter to HK)

Fri, Nov 30

Lamma ferry disaster official walks free  (SCM Post)

Mon, Nov 19

Lamma-related stories 2018  (HK Free Press)

Mon, Nov 19


Restaurant/Bar News: Waterfront, Andy's Seafood, Bombay, The Bay, Island Bar, Jing Jing, Ozen Corner

Mon, Nov 12

Cult of Craft Beer  (SCM Post)

Sun, Oct 21

Police Dog bites child during performance in YSW Plaza  (HK01)

Fri, Oct 12

Chow Yun Fat plans to give entire net worth to charity  (Resonate)

Tue, Oct 9

11 harshest TripAdvisor reviews of HK   (TimeOut HK)

Tue, Oct 2

Mourners remember victims of Lamma ferry collision tragedy, six years on  (HK Free Press)

Fri, Sep 28

Lawmaker slams panel's decision to block further discussion of 2012 Lamma ferry collision  (HK Free Press)

Sat, Sep 29

'Giving feels good': Briton's Lamma Facebook project...  (SCM Post)

Fri, Sep 21

Restaurant/Bar News: Waterfront, Bombay, The Bay, Island Bar, Andy's Seafood, Diesel's, Jing Jing, The Bay, Ozen Corner, Spicy Island, Lamma Grill

Thu, Sep 20

Typhoon Mangkhut: Hong Kong's outlying islands...  (SCM Post)

Wed, Sep 19

Dora the Pilgrim interview  (RTHK Radio 3)

Tue, Sep 11

A haven for seafood and beautiful beaches  (Free Malaysia Today)

Wed, Aug 29

Four arrested for drug trafficking on Lamma  (MenaFM)

Mon, Aug 27

Social Dining Heaven on Lamma Island  (Green Queen)

Thu, Aug 16

Enjoying everything Lamma Island has to offer  (Global Times)

Sat, Jul 28

Speed boat collision off Lamma leaves eight injured  (SCM Post)

Sun, Jul 22

Another cleanup of Aberdeen harbour, will environmental efforts be in vain?  (HK Free Press)

Sat, Jul 7

How to hike wild side of Lamma Island  (SCM Post)

Tue, Jul 3

HK$8.7 billion helping hand to pay electricity bills over next 5 years  (SCM Post)

Thu, Jun 21

Luk Chau gives way to Lamma's encroaching jungle  (HK Free Press)

Wed, Jun 20

Your Neighbourhood Guide to Lamma Island  (Sassy HK)

Wed, Jun 20

Danish equivalent of Lamma Island  (SCM Post)

Tue, Jun 12

Why Visit Lamma?  (Zolima City Mag)

Tue, Jun 5

How a Lamma apt. was redesigned  (SCMP)

Sat, Jun 2

Escape the urban jungle and retreat to the city's last bastions of laid-back life  (SCMP)

Fri, Jun 1

Restaurant/Bar News: Waterfront, Bombay, Island Bar, Andy's Seafood, Diesel's, Jing Jing, The Bay, Ozen Corner, Spicy Island, Just Kitchen moving

Mon, May 28

HK's conservationists want government to expand restrictions around Turtle Bay...  (SCMP)

Sun, May 27

Lamma Island beach clean-up for sea turtles draws 2,000 volunteers...  (SCMP)

Sat, May 26

Island that lures creatives and entrepreneurs to throw in the day job and pursue their passions  (SCMP)

Sun, May 7

Restaurant/Bar News: Bombay, Spicy Island opening, Just Kitchen moving, Island Bar, Waterfront, Andy's Seafood, Jing Jing, The Bay

Mon, Apr 23

Medical waste are making city's beaches unsafe  (SCMP)

Mon, Mar 19

"UFOs vs. 2 Gigs"  (Nick the Bookman)

Wed, Mar 14

Dora Tsang interview  (Pak Kok artist/author, RTHK Radio 3)

Thu, Mar 1

Review of The Ruts @ Fringe Club  (Nick the Bookman)

Thu, Mar 1

Lamma caves & tunnels  (SCM Post)

Wed, Feb 28

Harry Harrison's & Sarah Brennan's Chin. zodiac book  (SCM Post)

Tue, Feb 27

"Hundreds of domestic workers spend day-off helping clean up" Powerstation Beach  (HK Free Press)

Tue, Feb 27

"Over 500 volunteers turned up to clean the shoreline of Lamma Island"  (Dimsum Daily)

Mon, Feb 26

Restaurant/Bar News: Just Kitchen, Waterfront Rest. & Bar, Andy's Seafood Rest., Bombay Bar & Rest., Island Bar, The BayJing Jing

Thu, Feb 22

Birdwatching in HK (incl. Lamma's Guy Miller)  (SCM Post)

Sat, Feb 10

"Gov't-backed rural broadband..."  (Lantau News)

Wed, Jan 31

"Reports of Chow Yun-fat's death have been greatly exaggerated"  (Coconuts Hong Kong)

Tue, Dec 19

Zurich @ The Island Bar review  (Nick the Bookman)

Tue, Dec 19

Lamma Fun Day '17 review  (Nick the Bookman)

Thu, Jan 16

"Lamma house becoming Party Central at weekends"  (SCMP)

Wed, Dec 15

Restaurant/Bar News: Just Kitchen, Waterfront Rest. & Bar, Andy's Seafood Rest., Bombay Bar & Rest., Island Bar, The BayJing Jing

Wed, Dec 15

Restaurant/Bar News: Bombay Bar & Rest., Waterfront Rest. & Bar, Island Bar, Andy's Seafood Rest., Just Kitchen, The BayJing Jing

Thu, Dec 7

Clockenflap 2017 review  (Nick the Bookman)

Tue, Nov 14

'The Second Biggest Number'  (Nick the Bookman)

Sun, Oct 29

'Get away from the tourist traps of Lamma and Cheung Chau...'  (South China Morning Young Post)

Tue, Oct 24

'Hill fire rages on Lamma Island, with HK Govt. Flying Service called in to dump water on flames'  (South China Morning Post)

Tue, Oct 24

'Lamma Island hill fire bigger than six soccer fields continues to rage'  (HK Free Press)

Sun, Oct 22

'HK adventurers to launch paramilitary 'assault on trash' washed up on hard-to-clean beaches'  (SCMP)

Fri, Oct 20

Restaurant/Bar News: Bombay Bar & Rest., Waterfront Rest. & Bar, Island Bar, Andy's Seafood Rest., The BayJing Jing, Just Kitchen

Mon, Oct 2

Mourners remember victims of Lamma ferry tragedy five years on
(HK Free Press)

Sun, Oct 1

Lamma Ferry Disaster feature stories  (SCMP)

Dec 31, 2016

6 Things People Don't Understand About Living On Lamma Island
(All That Junk HK)

Sat, Sep 16

Why are HK expats still down ... about living in the city?  (SCM Post)

Thu, Sep 14

Daily 5:30am ferry YSW - Central

Wed, Aug 23

T10 Typhoon Hato  (various sources)

Mon, Aug 21

Palm Oil Spill stories  (South China Morning Post)

Mon, Aug 14

Green tourism to get boost with renovated piers
(The Standard. 10 piers, incl. Pak Kok and YSW)

Mon, Aug 14

Govt under scrutiny over oil spill location...  (Lantau News)

Sun, Aug 13

About the palm oil spill  (Heartbeat)

Fri, Aug 11

From Forest Destruction to Marine Destruction  (Sea Shepherd)

Thu, Aug 10

Palm Oil Spill Cleanups all over Lamma

Fri, Aug 4

Mountain Unicycle Championship on Lamma
(South China Morning Post - SCMP.TV)

Tue, Aug 1

Restaurant/Bar News: Andy's Seafood Rest., Island Bar, The BayJing Jing, Bombay Bar & Rest., Just Kitchen

Mon, Jul 24

'Australian dedicated to cleaning HK beaches...'  (EJInsight)

Mon, Jul 13

Restaurant/Bar News: Andy's Seafood Rest., Island Bar, The BayJing Jing, Bombay Bar & Rest., Just Kitchen

Sun, Jul 2

DOWN & UP  (Nick the Bookman)

Sat, Jul 1

New daily ferry, 5:30am YSW => Central  (HKKF)


Fare adjustments for HKKF's Lamma routes  (HKKF)

Thu, Jun 29

2 suspects in Lamma Island burglaries arrested  (SCMP)

Wed, Jun 28

2 Lamma burglars arrested!  (ON.CC: Chi/video - Eng)

Mon, Jun 26

Sham Wan (Turtle Beach) protection  (RTHK Radio 3)

Fri, Jun 23

'Why dining out on Lamma Island is worth the trip'  (SCMP)

Fri, Jun 16

Visiting Scheme to Outlying Islands 2017-19  (Transport Dept.)

Thu, Jun 15

Agarwood: The scent that's pricier than gold  (BBC - Facebook)

Mon, Jun 12

Why Visit Lamma?  (Zolima City Mag)

Fri, Jun 9

Duo from mainland China arrested after Lamma crime spree  (SCMP)

Fri, Jun 2

Camouflaged police hide in bushes to catch serial Lamma Island burglar  (SCMP)

Wed, May 31

Serial Burglaries on Lamma Island  (

Wed, May 31

E-Bill and Autopay Promotions  (HK Electric)

Mon, May 29

HK woman rescued after jumping into sea from Pier 4  (Asia Times)

Sat, May 27

Interview with Chris B, "the tattooed fairy godmother of the HK music scene"  (RTHK Podcast "HK Heritage")

Thu, May 25

AirBnB flats on The Peak cheaper than on Lamma  (SCMP)

Sat, May 20

Interview with renowned Pak Kok artist Brian Tilbrook  (RTHK)

Sat, May 20

Latest music review by Nick the Bookman:
Red Star Rising and River Roots @ Lamma Grill,

Bo Ningen @ Hidden Agenda

Tue, May 9

Restaurant/Bar News: Andy's Seafood Rest., Island BarJing Jing, Bombay Bar & Rest., Just Kitchen

Sat, May 6

Lammaite nominated for government advisory role   ("Meet the ethnic minorities breaking through Hong Kong's race barrier", SCMP)

Sun, Apr 30

Golden Week Mainland visitors flooding Lamma  (Apple Daily video)

Fri, Apr 28

Reclamation along west Lamma coast?  (HK Free Press)

Wed, Apr 19

Tin Hau Festival in Yung Shue Wan  (Asia Times, incl. drone video)

Fri, Apr 14

Why do these failed paradises exist in HK?  (Lamma-1 on CNN)

Fri, Mar 31

Ferry fares up 20+%, fare concessions end today

Mon, Mar 20

Chow Yun-fat in bid to help Lamma puppies  (Asia Times)


YSW Playground/Football Pitch closed for Chinese Opera

Mon, Mar 13

Doctors Without Borders fundraiser trash  (HK Free Press)

Thu, Mar 3

Restaurant/Bar News:  Waterfront, Island BarJing Jing, Bombay, Just Kitchen, Lamma Grill, Blue Goose Tavern

Tue, Jan 17

Lammaites #StartMeUpHKFest17  (SCMP)

Wed, Jan 11

'Years of Living Dangerously'  (Sigourney Weaver visiting Lamma Power Station) @ Nat Geo channel (NOW TV)

Thu, Jan 5

Bike Clearance @ YSW Ferry Pier & Library

Thu, Jan 3

Restaurant/Bar News:

Just Kitchen, Waterfront, Island BarJing Jing, Bella Vista, Corner 84, Cath's Bar, Blue Goose Tavern, Happy Papaya

Sat, Dec 31

Hong Kong's everyday heroes of 2016: Jo and Nick  (SCMP)

Fri, Dec 30

H-J Roedelius gig  (Nick the Bookman)

Sat, Dec 28

Provisional North Lamma Public Library opens

Fri, Dec 23

Responses to felled Lamma tree  (HKFP)

Thu, Dec 22

Lamma environmentalist confronts tree felling  (HKFP)

Thu, Dec 22

Open Space Gig ~ Dec 10/11  (Nick the Bookman)

Thu, Dec 15

'Turkish Pizza House' closed down today

Wed, Dec 14

Michael Rother in Concert  (Nick the Bookman)

Wed, Dec 7

'Biking, running and treasure hunts as day of fun on Lamma builds community bonds'  (SCMP -

Wed, Dec 7

Operation Santa Claus: Funds raised

Tue, Dec 6

Clockenflap review  (Nick the Bookman)

Fri, Dec 2

Lamma Community - Operation Santa Claus on Dec 3/4  (RTHK)

Thu, Nov 17

Lamma Fun Day Music review  (Nick the Bookman)

Tue, Nov 15

Ferry fares to go up  (SCMP)

Sun, Nov 13

Lamma Fun Day '16: Pictures!

Fri, Nov 11

'Eating Smoke' radio/podcastby several (ex-)Lammaites  (RTHK)

Thu, Nov 10

Trash polluting beaches in South Lamma and HK  (CNN)

Sat, Nov 12

Lamma Fun Day Beach Music Festival  (Foodie World)

Sat, Nov 12

Lamma Fun Day: Events & Happenings...

Sat, 10/29

Island Spirit on Show at Fun Day  (SCMP)

Fri, 10/28

Leisure Time in HK's Backyard  (World Tourism Cities Federation)

Fri, 10/21

Typhoon Haima: Ferry schedules:  HKKF - Tsui Wah - Chuen Kee

Thu, 10/20

The Hunter, the Bookman and the Hip & Happy Hippy

Wed, 10/19

Lamma's PIRATE, featured this month in FOUR magazines!

Wed, 10/19

Lamma Fun Day: Declutter for Charity! Events & Happenings...

Mon, 10/10

Restaurant/Bar News:  Island BarWaterfront, Jing Jing

Wed, 10/5

Ten must-do Hong Kong hikes: Lamma  (Southside HK mag)

Wed, 10/5

Four years on, still no report into ferry deaths  (SCMP)

Mon, 10/3

Endangered turtles rescued off Lamma  (SCMP)

Mon, 9/27

Restaurant/Bar News:  Island Bar Waterfront, Jing Jing,
LoSo Kitchen, Lamma Ginger Beer, Cath's Bar exhibition, Taipeng Spice
(333 posts in our Lamma Bar/Restaurants news forum!)

Mon, 9/12

Rural Issues/Village House discussion  (RTHK's Backchat)

Mon, 9/5

Open Space party ~ review by Nick the Bookman

Sat, 9/3

Lamma Ginger Beer  (Headline, HK free newspaper)

Tue, 8/30

World's most surprising hiking destination?  (Telegraph UK)

Fri, 8/26

Bar & Restaurant News: Island Bar, Waterfront, Jing Jing, Carlito's Away, Taipeng Spice popup

Fri, 8/19

Gold Award for "Fisherfolks' Chilli Crab" ( - Facebook: Rainbow)

Mon, 8/15

Lamma Beer  ("HK's New Brew Scene": Wall Street Journal)


That Papa  (Sassy Mama, featuring a Pak Kokian and his daughter)

Fri, 8/12

Bar & Restaurant News: Waterfront, Island Bar, Blue Goose, Lamma Grill

Sat, 8/6

Ten Places to Watch the Rio Olympics  (Localliz)

Tue, 8/2

Typhoon Nida @ Lamma: Pics & Videos

Wed, 7/27

Lamma Reggae Festival: Behind the Scenes

Mon, 7/25

Catch a Pokemon on Lamma: Win a free lunch & drinks!

Fri, 7/22

Lamma Reggae Festival #2: Nick's review

Tue, 7/19

Last Straw Movement in Lamma Bars & Restaurants


'Favourite Hong Kong restaurants of Bobsy...'  (SCMP)

Mon, 7/18

Pokemon Go on Lamma?

Sat, 7/16

'Hong Kong is destroying itself'  (Living Lamma in SCMP)

Fri, 7/15

Lamma Calendar 2017: Your photos?


Nick the Bookman's review: Psycho in Mongkok/Shatalene/Cowboys

Thu, 7/14

Lamma Calendar's Yellow Pages now online

Wed, 7/13

'Crazy things I see on Lamma that I still can't explain'

Fri, 7/1

Ferry fares Central - YSW/Sok Kwu Wan REDUCED


10 Years of Banyan Bay Cafe

Mon, 6/27

Lamma Ferry Crash: marine official jailed 16 months

Sat, 6/25

'Fish for Trash' Aberdeen Harbour Cleanup today

Sat, 6/18

Nick the Bookman: 'Lamma's number one hippie'  (SCMP)

Fri, 6/17

Sewage pipe works @ Fishermen's Village

Mon, 6/13

Giant Grouper campaign updates

Sat, 6/11

Lamma parents fight for vital playground upgrades  (SCMP)

Fri, 6/10

Draw the Best YSW Playground Competition


More Incense Tree Vandalism

Mon, 6/6

'Best of Harry'  (SCMP)

An adorable community of aging hippies, expats and dreadlocked Gen Y'ers  (Huffington Post)

Sun, 6/5

Mother Child Healthcare Clinic Petition

Sat, 6/4

Lamma's Internet: DAB press conference

Fri, 6/3

Nick the Bookman: 'Mad as Hell...!'

Thu, 5/30

Pak Kok Ferry Pier Questionnaire

Thu, 5/26

Broadband Investigation Survey

Wed, 5/25

Uncle Moon Biking Lamma - Kowloon City  (Apple Daily video)

Thu, 5/19

Ferry Fare Concessions, Jul-Dec 2016  (HKKF - SCMP - Facebook)

Sat, 5/14

Littering Lamma Drama  (HKFP)

Mon, 5/9

Beach Cinema 2  (photos, feedback)

Sat, 5/7

Tai Peng Regent Store reopening

Wed, 5/4

KPMG Lamma 500 2016 video

Mon, 5/2

Lamma 500 Dragon Boat Festival: Pics & Results  (Localiiz)

Thu, 4/28

SURVEY: Pleasure Travel by Expats  (HK Polytechnic U)

Wed, 4/27

Catch a dragon boat race this long weekend on Lamma  (Coconuts)

Mon, 4/25

SCMP Video of the Week: Harry's View  (SCMP)

Fri, 4/22

The Island Series: Lamma Guide  (Localiiz)

Mon, 4/18

Suicide in Lamma 'hotel'  (Apple Daily)

Sat, 4/16

'Subsidised Hong Kong ferry firms to cut fares due to excessive profits amid low oil prices'  (SCMP)

Fri, 4/15

'Ferry firms to offer discounts'  (RTHK)


'Rugby Rambles'  (Nick the Bookman}

Thu, 4/14

'Enforcing life jacket laws on Lamma disaster ferry'

Wed, 4/6

No more paywall on!


'This Charming Man' - Barnaby Bruce interview (Time Out HK)

Tue, 4/5

'Open Space Gigs' - review by Nick the Bookman

Mon, 4/4

Vhils: DEBRIS exhibition @ Central Ferry Pier 4: "Best Art Show"

Wed, 3/30

What community project to realise for $50K?

Tue, 3/22

Ferry Pier 4 Rooftop exhibition starts: DEBRIS

Sat, 3/19

Free ads on this cover page?

Mon, 3/7

DickStock 2016 pictures & Nick the Bookman review

Mon, 3/7

Another burglary in Po Wah Yuen

Mon, 3/7

Signature campaign for YSW Ferry Pier shelter

Mon, 3/7

Olive Leaf brunches/cooking classes  (SCMP paywall)

Sun, 3/6

Song about Harry Harrison, by Steve James of RTHK!

Thu, 3/3

Preorder your DickStock T-shirts!

Wed, 3/2

Hedgie the Day Dreaming Hedgehog: A Nighttime Adventure

Thu, 2/25

Ferry Disaster: Ex-marine inspector jailed for 15 months

Wed, 2/17

7-0-X ~ Space Stories - by Nick the Bookman

Fri, 2/12

Power Station Beach underwater photos!

Fri, 2/5

Falling asleep on the ferry? Experiences

Wed, 2/3

Lamma Bear Camp team opened own gym (SCMP)

Mon, 2/1

Ex-official found guilty in Lamma Ferry Disaster

Fri, 1/29

Morris Dancers in Sok Kwu Wan  (Facebook, HK Heritage)

Thu, 1/28

CNY Party in Sok Kwu Wan, feat. Lamma VIPs

Mon, 1/25

Body found in 'Party House' (between Tai Peng-Pak Kok)


New Power Station Beach Sitting-out Area

Sun, 1/24

Floor tiles cracking/lifting in Village Houses

Sat, 1/23

2 More Tree Poachers Arrested

Fri, 1/22

Nick the Bookman review: Lamma Mad Circus, NY Eve

Wed, 1/20

$3 Billion Construction Project on Lamma


Lamma Dragons Newsletter

Tue, 1/19

Free ads on this home page - end Feb!

Mon, 1/18

Lamma Police Corner: Crime Prevention

Fri, 1/15

Police Corner Survey


New "Canaan Kitchen"


Four Peaks Race details

Thu, 1/14

Local event posters in Chinese only!?

Mon, 1/11

Lamma Calendar Sale!

Wed, 1/6

Police photos of incense tree poaching in Tai Wan Old Village

Mon, 1/4

5 incense tree poachers arrested!

Sun, 1/3

Photos from Lamma Mad Circus NYE Festival 2015

Sat, 1/2

Lamma Forest story & video  (Ming Pao Weekly)


Last day of Regent shop in Tai Peng

Thu, 12/31

New Year's Eve:  Menus - Parties - Ferry schedules

Wed, 12/30

Hiker collapsed & died (51, brain surgeon, Queen Mary Hospital)

Tue, 12/29

Ferry schedules for New Year's Eve

Wed, 12/23

"My Garden - My Friend", paperback by Dave Sanders  (Amazon)

Mon, 12/21

Christmas/New Year Set Menus in YSW!

Tue, 12/15

HK Electric to Reduce Tariff for 2016


3 construction machines burnt at night in Tai Wan Nam


Gluten-free grieving: A last lunch at 'Life'  (Coconuts HK)

Sat, 12/12

Worldwide Orders of Lamma Calendar 2016!

Fri, 12/11

Lamma Beer Club ~ every Thursday

Wed, 12/9

Death Knell for Life Cafe  (SCMP)

Sun, 12/6

Clockenflap review ~ by Nick the Bookman

Thu, 11/26

Yung Shue Long Farmer's Shack: gone


New Aberdeen ferry pontoon

Thu, 11/19

RIP, Granny Chan, Oct 29, 2015

Thu, 11/19

Lamma Fun Day review by Nick the Bookman

Wed, 11/18

Faster Internet on Lamma update

Thu, 11/12

Po Toi Islands turned into country parks?

Wed, 11/11

Worldwide Orders of Lamma Calendar 2016!

Tue, 11/10

Lamma Fun Day Results  (from CWS)

Mon, 11/9

Another snake bite and hospitalisation

Wed, 11/4

Lamma Police Corner  (by Police Chief)

Tue, 11/3

Lamma Fun Day article/video  (Little Steps Asia)

Sat, 10/31

'Drive Electric Vehicles, Charge Easy'  (HK Electric)

Thu, 10/29

Halloween events on Lamma!

Wed, 10/28

'Why Gordon Ramsay is not a TV Chef'  (Andrew Dembina, Le Pan)

Tue, 10/27

Yu Lai Fan re-elected Lamma & Po Toi District Councilor

Sun, 10/25

6:40am ferry YSW-Central: Sign the petition

Wed, 10/21

Lamma Calendar 2016: Pre-order worldwide!

Tue, 10/20

'Secret Island Party' review, by Nick the Bookman

Thu, 10/29

Halloween events on Lamma!

Wed, 10/28

'Why Gordon Ramsay is not a TV Chef'  (Andrew Dembina, Le Pan)

Tue, 10/27

Yu Lai Fan re-elected Lamma & Po Toi District Councilor

Sun, 10/25

6:40am ferry YSW-Central: Sign the petition

Wed, 10/21

Lamma Calendar 2016: Pre-order worldwide!

Tue, 10/20

Secret Island Review, by Nick the Bookman

Sat, 10/17

Island residents getting left behind internet  (SCMP)

Sat, 10/17

2 of 3 District Council candidates rejected

Fri, 10/16

Pak Kok Ferry Pier incident last Sun: Ferry co. replies

Fri, 10/16

Lamma drama on Central-YSW Ferry

Fri, 10/16

Turtle Beach trespassers

Fri, 10/16

District Council election news/forum  (Eng - Chin)

Thu, 10/15

Broadband on Outlying Islands: HKT meeting  (Lantau Confidential - FB)

Tue, 10/13

Lamma Photo Competition: awards ceremony  (FB video)

Mon, 10/12

Over 100 passengers evacuated [in Pak Kok] after Cheung Chau ferry takes on water  (HK Free Press, all photos by L-G)

Sun, 10/11

Flooding/fire/electrical problems on Aberdeen-Cheung Chau ferry, docking in Pak Kok  (photos on FB)

Thu, 10/8

Open Space DJ Gig ~ Review by Nick the Bookman

Wed, 10/7

PRESS clippings of publicity-savvy Lamma Artist

Tue, 10/6

Lamma Fun Day 2015: When, What, Who!

Mon, 10/5

Aberdeen Ferry Fare Increases

Sun, 10/4

Blue Goose, Lamma Grill, Bombay: YSW Bar & Restaurant News

Thu, 10/1

Three years after Lamma tragedy, victims' kin still seek answers

Sun, 9/27

Aberdeen Ferry Fare Increases

Tue, 9/22

Tanya Piratay in The Exquisite Edge  (FB)

Mon, 9/21

Harry Harrison exhibition: PANDAMIC  (forum, SCMP)

Sun, 9/20

Lamma's Next Supermodel: Jean Gorguet?  (FB)

Fri, 9/18

Lamma Ferry Collision, YSW-Central  (forum, HK Free Press)

Thu, 9/17

Bike Clearance @ YSW Ferry Pier till Thai Rest.

Wed, 9/16

Happy Mondays & Lamma Reggae Fest reviews, by Nick the Bookman

Wed, 9/16

Bombay Bar & Rest.: YSW Bar & Restaurant News

Mon, 9/14

Islands' Digital Dark Age  (forum, SCMP)

Sun, 9/13

Allegra's Ambition run/walk  (FB)

Thu, 9/10

Police Corner, Sep '15:  Mid-Autumn Festival, phone deception

Wed, 9/10

The Muddy Road: A Zen Story for children, by Lamma Author/Illustrator

Sun, 9/6

Lamma Events: 2. Bike Clearance, Mid-Autumn, Fun Day,...

Mon, 8/24

Lamma Reggae Festival photos  (forum, FB)

Fri, 8/21

A cheaper & nastier version of DBay?  (forum, FB)

Wed, 8/19

Your photo in the Lamma Calendar 2016?  (forum, FB)

Tue, 8/18

Outer islands underground night spots: Open Space  (Time Out HK)

Mon, 8/17

Top 10 Things To Do in HK: #1: Lamma  (Localiiz)

Thu, 8/13

YSW ferry pier clearance today  (forum, FB)

Tue, 8/11

Calling all Lamma Businesses & Entrepeneurs!  (forum, FB)

Sat, 8/8

New ferry route from Aberdeen  (forum, FB)

Wed, 8/5

More Lamma events this month

Sun, 8/2

Beware of Telephone Deception  (Eng., Chin.)

Fri, 7/31

YSW Bar & Restaurant News

Thu, 7/30

'Rejected HK$10bn Lamma Island luxury development may be resurrected'  (HK Free Press)

Mon, 7/27

Baroque on Lamma returns  (Apple Daily, translation)

Sat, 7/25

Outrigger Canoeing Recruiting today: postponed

Thu, 7/23

13th Anniversary of

Wed, 7/22

Lightning over Lamma  (FB only)

200mm+ rainfall in North Lamma  (FB only)

Sat, 7/25

Outrigger Canoeing Recruiting today: postponed

Thu, 7/23

13th Anniversary of

Wed, 7/22

YSW Bar & Restaurant News
Lightning over Lamma (FB only)
200mm+ rainfall in North Lamma (FB only)

Mon, 7/20

Lamma's Best Bike Routes (China Highlights)
Secret Alfresco Eating @ The Bay (Little Steps Asia)
HK Electric Interim Results Highlights (PDF)

Sun, 7/19

Lamma Calendar 2016: your photos? (forum - FB)
SheiLAP about puppy dog breeders  (SCMP - FB)

Fri, 7/17

Bike Park soft-opened today (FB - forum)
Fish Farming Culture on Lamma (FB - Time Out mag)

Tue, 7/14

Fire in Wang Long Village (FB only)

Sun, 7/12

Brand-new Lamma Island Facebook group

Sat, 7/11

Chris Bonington hikes on Lamma (forum - SCMP)


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