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Dec 2009

Andy the Architographer

There are so many photo- graphers calling Lamma home, but have you ever encountered an architographer?

Strip Searches Optional

The Undercover Policeman's Ball.
Come and raid The Island Bar in your best undercover disguise, Thursday December 31st.

Santa Paddlers on Boxing Day

Lamma Dragons & Outriggers paddling for Op Santa Claus: Sat, Dec 26, 2:15-3:30pm.

Delicious Dinner @ The Waterfront

Christmas Tree, Christmas Cheer & Christmas Seaview on this very foggy night.

60th Anniversary Open Day @ Primary School

Open Day & Fund-raising Bazaar
Sun, Dec 20, 10am-4pm
Northern Lamma Primary School.

What's Happening @ Power Station Beach?

I've been riding my bike again for the first time in 2.5 months, while slowly recovering from....

Catholic Fun & Games

Christmas Carnival:
Sat, Dec 19, 9:30am-1:30pm:
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Kindergarten.

Santa on the Beach

"We will sing some carols, drink some mulled wine, hang out around the fire. Then the presents will be handed out."

Christmas Carnivals, Markets, Bazaars & Parties!

60th Anniversary Open Day & Fund-Raising Bazaar: Sun, Dec 20, 10am-4pm: Primary School.

Carpentry, Glitter & Paint @ Santa's Workshop

"Volunteers from Lamma were very busy last week, putting the final touches to Santa's sleigh!"

Jill's Show of Unique Creations

"Jill's having a show of her jewellery, chandeliers and candle bowls next Tue at Cath's bar."

Treasure Hunters & Gatherers

"11th Annual Treasure Hunt a Grand Success.
The hills were alive on Lamma Island yesterday,...."

Eco-Bike, Retired

After over 2,000 Lamma-zine stories published over the last 7.5 years, wouldn't it be nice to follow up on some for them....

More Free Adverts

After recently losing several top advertisers for various reasons like business closures or major business changes, I've offered....

Interactive Panorama From Trig Point

Lammaite Newbie and multimedia artist Stratoponjak has created the first 360-degree,

HK Electric to Freeze Tariffs for 2010

China Light & Power is increasing their electricity tariffs for most of HK by 2.6% from Jan 1.

Missed out on Your DickStock T-Shirt?

Mr DickStock (email) writes:
"I would like to offer people... DickStock XV T-shirts."

"Where Professors Daydream of Retiring"

"I am an anthropologist doomed to fail my PhD. Why?
Because I moved to Lamma."

Nov 2009

Free Advertising!

As an early Christmas present from the Lamma-zine, we're offering FREE HOME PAGE ADS for the entire month of Dec!

Funeral Service for "The Gregarious Gentleman"

A solemn, dignified and beautiful funeral service was held in St. John's Cathedral in Central, HK.

What's Going on in the Next Few Days?

For more Lamma Events, you can always check out...updated Lamma Events Calendar.

A Latter Day Utopia?

"These nights were part comical, anthropological, educational, historical, whimsical, touching, reflective, hazy and hysterical!"

The Generous Spirit of Lamma Residents

"These Lamma residents, past and present, paid a donation to be part of this calendar."

RIP, Jenkin Waldo Hiles

Memories & messages from his many friends in our forum, including Mr DickStock's memorable quote....

Bars & Restaurants Update

After just a few minor changes in the local bar & restaurants over the last two years, the dining & drinking scene will be changing.

Sunny Funny Day

Photo gallery by Rambo Lai
More photo galleries by Debi, Dirk & L-G in progress...
Submit YOUR photos!

All You Need Is...
Peace Love Lamma

Who is ERA signing these graffitis? Is he one of the few remaining "Ageing Hippies"....

Alba's Charity Walk Today

A charity and historical walk to raise funds for "Children's Cancer Foundation".

Lamma Fun Day - 10 Years!

Live Music Line-up:
Twisterella (3pm), Of Moths And Stars, Quasar, The Curs, Transnoodle, Red Star Rising.

Flock'n'clap Highlights

Photos by Grahame of grahamecollinsphotography.
Forum and 1st Day Review by Nick the Bookman.

Faces of DickStock XV

Click above for Desmond's DickStock XV photos.
Click here for our DickStock XV forum with even more photos.

Wastrels of All Shapes & Sizes

SCMP, Nov 15, 2009, Letter to the Editor: "Lamma drug raid not best use of resources"

Eco-Adventure #2:
Operation Egg Transfer

Eco-Adventures of the Valiant Eco-Warriors Growing the Tai Peng Community Garden!

HK Cricket Sixes -
Vibrant & Fervent Enthusiasm

"It's late afternoon on Sunday at the Kowloon Cricket Club and the 2009 Hong Kong Int'l Cricket...."

15 Years of Peace Love Lamma

More info in our DickStock XV forum. This is the revised poster with the current sequence of....


Sitting on our balcony this morning at 7am, this is the sight that wowed us all through our breakfast.

What's the Taste of Your Strawberry Ice Cream?

New chapters in the serialisation of Emily the Ice-Cream Lady's memoirs have been published!

Like a Dream. Like an Illusion.

The walls of Lamma are a great source of what's happening locally, often very informative....

Lamma Drug Story Discredits Residents

Finally, there was a Letter to the Editor in the Sunday Post today - Lamma drug story discredits....

Flock'n'clap Ferry Leaves "Centre of HK's Underground Subculture"

A few of my pictures from today's specially chartered ferry, 11:30am

Free Flock'n'clap Ferries!

"A fantastic fun-filled weekend of international music, multi-media arts and custom-built contraptions!"

Rocky Horrors @ Island Bar

The police raid the night before did little to dampen the spirits of the revelers at The Island Bar's Halloween Bash.

Drug Bust!

"Disparate Trains of Thought, Hilarity & Misery, Splashes of Colour & Visitations From the Past."

Halloweenies '09

Halloween is getting bigger and more important every year in HK, and on Lamma as well, see YSW Main Street above.

Oct 2009

12 EXCITING Ideas on Renewable Energy

A new and exciting press release from HK Electric: 12 exciting ideas on renewable energy....




Speedo Slave Auction & Jello Wrestling!

"The Halloween Party is a 'small f', fund-raising party with auctions and games and...."

Can Shower Heads Kill?

A great example of how informative and helpful our forums can be to local residents, often answering unique local questions.

Stop Dieting, Eat Cheese & Ice-Cream!

This is the clear advice I got today, following several friends and even Lamma-Por who....

A Lifetime of Pleasure & Creativity

"Anyone can learn to draw!
Drawing and Painting Classes on Lamma. Tutor: Roz Keep."

The Mango Tree

"On October 14 the Northern Lamma School held an impromptu puppet show called The Mango Tree."

The Merchant of Lamma?

"William Shakespeare's classic of love, friendship, revenge, prejudice and a severe credit-crunch in an English-language...."

Young Guns @ HK Cricket Sixes

Six-a-side cricket is the quickest, most fun-filled version of the game - a feast of world-class....

Breakfast Is Being Served on the Balcony, Milady

What Lamma-Por seems to have been missing most while I was away for a week of hospital....

Redesigned, Refurbished & Reopened

Newly refurbished Bookazine Grand Opening at the Prince's Building.

Craft Market @ Open Space

"A heart felt and loving thanks to all who ventured up the hill to Open Space last Sunday afternoon - vendors, browsers & shoppers!"

Rambo's Pendulum

It never ceases to amaze me what Lammaites are coming up with in their spare time.

Seeing Double

I spent the entire week in Queen Mary Hospital, starring in something similar to a HK version of House M.D., the TV series.

Short. Sweet. Tough.

$1,320 for the entire 8-week Bootcamp. Special discount on Studio membership for Bootcampers, only $500/month.

Circling Lamma Clockwise

"I just wanted to send you a "thank you" for coming to the Round Lamma Race this year. I think you will all agree...."

Mid-Autumn at the Beaches

Sat, Oct 3, Hung Shing Yeh Beach, photos by Dirk Claus.
Power Station Beach, photos by L-G:

Rooftop LammaBBQ

Family visit on National Day by most of my 3 HK-Chinese step-children, 2 sons-in-law and 3 step-grandsons, visiting their....

Crafty People Doing
Crafty Things

Another Lamma weekend with a wide range of activities for all ages: Round Lamma Race,...

Happy 60th Birthday, PRC!

Banner at the YSW Library, opposite the ferry pier, front/back, night/day.

Sep 2009

The Detoxed Yoga Bunny
How to Lose 175 Pounds

Finally, after 1.5 years of strict weight loss diet and exercise, I've reached my goal of....

Mother of All Rock Piles

Evidence Found of Lamma Island Rock Piles-Arctic Link
Iqlauit, Canada: New scientific evidence has been discovered....

Asian Food Extravaganza

Every Friday evening in The Waterfront Restaurant, they're offering a "choice of delectable Buffet items from around Asia".

Junior Police Callers

Junior Police Call volunteers handing out burglary prevention leaflets along Main Street this Sunday morning.

A Spontaneous Mini-Vacation

How to enjoy a mini vacation on Lamma on a weekend but staying away from the often huge and maddening weekend...

Lamma Fun Day Calendar, Featuring YOU!

Calling all Lamma residents and ex-residents. Your photo could improve the lives of....

Lamma's Cool Quad Bikes

The local Fire & Rescue Services have been using these cool- looking, fire-red quad bikes for years, the only motorbikes....

Stars of Mid-Autumn Carnival

Photos by Bob Davis. See Harry Harrison & John Hutton above perform in the Football Pitch on Sat, Sep 19, & the enthusiastic...

HarryLi -
Lamma Birdographer

See more of HarryLi's fantastic birds photography in our longest-running and most popular forum.

Are You Courageous, Responsible & Supportive?

The job market is still really tough out there and the job ads are becoming very specific and very...

The Shining World Hero

Notice that last sentence about "Acknowledgment of heroes of the world for their noble actions to save the planet."

Mini-Robinson Crusoe Is Leaving Lamma

This story is Alanika's reply to me asking for the reasons of him leaving Lamma soon....

We Are the Champions

So it is eight weeks on and I completed my mofo Bootcamp!! Wooohooo... It has gone fast and there have been many glaring...

Photo Pros Point Lenses at Pets

Does your pet want to be 'a somebody' in the animal kingdom?

IMAGE+TEXT Exhibition

IMAGE+TEXT, Exhibition by Robert Scherle & Chris Hall,
Sep 7 - Oct 3, Culture Club.

My Rooftop Canopy Got Koppu'd

My brand-new rooftop garden, exposed 360 degrees and unprotected from the extreme...

iMiEV Electric Car Departs

As I just found out, our local police is actually following our forums with great interest and is a bit disappointed about all...

Her Smile Was Priceless

Yesterday, I just got to Lamma Island. It's a small island not too far from Central, Hong Kong, but it's so far from the noise and....

The Official Court Artist Went Cold Turkey

I've been asked quite a few times to provide Before-After photos of my weight loss.

iMiEV Electric Car Arrives

Did you already see the shiny, brand-new electric vehicle of the Lamma Police? It arrived yesterday morning, Wednesday,...

Liz Gower - Tree Hugger Extraordinaire

More and more trees are being cut down all over Hong Kong and there are multiple notices....

What's a 'HOODOO'?

"CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI, Canada – Before I even met Canadian truck-driver Joe Thibodeau when strolling through a city park,...."

Bookidzine Opening -
Bookazine For Kids

"We are delighted to invite you to free Afternoon Tea for Mums-to-
be and new Mums: Wed, 9 Sep."

'Green Lamma Green' Goes HK-Wide

What are all these people ogling at (or should that be googling?) Is it a contest, a flash mob,...

Single Mom w/Baby on Lamma?

"Is it safe for a single mom to live with a 4 month-old baby on the island? Is it inconvenient?"

Open Space - Music, Movies, Markets, Masterpieces

"Open Space Calendar:
Art Jam - Sunday September 13th, paint the day away: noon 'til 6"

Aug 2009

Trade Winds Lamma Moving Adventures!

"I have just moved to Lamma and was asked by Steve Dressler to write a short testimonial...."

A warm welcome to our new advertiser, Great Wall BBQ Place, just on the right side of Hung Shing Yeh beach and online....

Fun to Go Back to School?

Bake & Yard Sale,
Back-to-School Fun!
Venue: Island Life Studio

Hungry Ghosts @ Tin Hau Temple

Buddhist ceremony for Chinese Ghost Festival marking the start of the Ghost Month, Tin Hau temple.

Dan Is Going to Be Grown Up!

"A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants!"
   – Chuckles the Clown.

Dreaming of a Rooftop Canopy

A canopy-less Village House dreaming of having a canopy?
A canopy-less Village House is....

What's New in the Lammarina?

A private guided tour of the Lamma-1 luxury property development in Nga Kau Wan.

Our Way to a Greener Future

HK Electric has recently published a very informative and colourful bilingual booklet, their 2008 Social and Environmental Report.

Do Kungfu Cyborgs Like Organic Water?

Some of us Lammaites not working in town rarely venture off our semi-idyllic island.

Indian Curry Night @ The Waterfront

So what about the actual FOOD at the Indian Curry Night in The Waterfront?

Last-Summer-In-Lamma Series

It's Alanikali's last summer on Lamma. He sounds sad to be leaving, so he's put together....

Top 3 HK Community Website

The weekly Time Out Hong Kong magazine has just published their list of HK's Top Websites. They awarded this website in the top 3.

Handstands, Pull-ups & Virgin Cocktails

Could you imagine me, Lamma- Gung, doing a handstand, balancing on a beach ball for....

The Age of Wireless?

Yes, technology is moving fast and the advances especially in communications have been astonishing....

One of My Favourite Places in the World

"I have to say, Lamma Island is one of my favorite places in the world."

Flooded Farmland in Yung Shue Long Valley

What many Lammaites worried about has finally happened this morning.

Do You Like Mandarin Orange Bikinis?

Some of you will know of Mandarin Orange already, so will welcome the news of another....

Fountain Shopping

Having to leave my old, fixed pond behind on my former rooftop, Lamma-Por & I ventured off-Lamma to Fish Street....

Farewell to L-G's Rooftop Jungle & Pond

I've called my rooftop garden a "low-cost, all-year source of joy, relaxation, education, fitness....

HK Electric's Local Profits Decrease 35%

"Emission reduction work at the Lamma power station continued during the first half of 2009..."

TV Options on Lamma: Complex & Confusing?

Today, 8/8, is the 1st anniversary of the start of the Beijing Olympics 2008,....

Summer Break for Moving

The Lamma-zine will go on a moving summer break till I'm all set up and operational in my new home office.

July 2009



Harvest Season in the Lamma Forest

Forest fruits and seed pods harvested in the Lamma Forest.

Siuyu's Spectacular Panoramas

Sitting in Lamcombe Rest. for dinner, who's passing by on his trademark racing mountain bike,

Cherish Our Children, Cultivate Our Community

Hans Andersen Club Newsletter (Jul-Sep '09, pdf, 2.4 MB),
Summer '09 Program Table.

Ban Bikes, Dogs & Kids !!!

Is this a catchy headline or what? It's a bit different from the usual positive-news feel of the Lamma- zine, but expressing some of....

Lamma Island's Island

Have you ever visited Lamma Island's very own island, located inside a man-made lake in the former Lamma Quarry,....

Capoeira @ Island Life Studio

Want to see a few more of my pictures from every Saturday's Capoeira lessons....

Mika's Missing

MIKA went missing in the 10th July between Yung Shue Wan and Hung Shing Ye.

Radio 3 Interview w/L-G

Phil Whelan - Morning Brew - Radio 3, RTHK, preparing to interview Lamma-Gung live today.

7 Years of "That Fine Lamma Uniqueness"

It's exactly Jul 23, 09 10:07 right now, exactly 7 years since this website saw the virtual light....

Solar Eclipse Animation

From a top secret location on a trig station near the Lamma Winds, the newly opened Jack Brooke Solar Observatory....

Lamma-Gung's Rooftop Flat for Rent

We're moving on Aug 1 to another nearby new rooftop flat, so our current flat will become available.

The End of L-G's Rooftop Pond?

A fellow forum moderator asked me about my outdoor rooftop pond and problems she's had....

My 5,000th Forum Message

Here are the photos from Vene's sale, resized and quality-improved.

Consistent, Committed, Caring...

"...will continue serving Hong Kong and our customers the way we have always been...."

Vivid Vibrations in Open Space with the Punk Pussy

Exclusive party: Friday, July 17, 10pm-4am: Open Space, Tai Ling.

The Waterfront Reopened

As many will know, The Waterfront now has a nice new kitchen after a total refit.

Is Steve Getting Unplugged?

Lammaites Steve Cray (Red Star Rising) & Sue Shearman play bc Magazine's unplugged night, tomorrow, Thu, July 16.

Best Documentary Award:
Save the Human!

Sincere congratulations to Bobsy & co. for just winning the "SCMP Documentary Award".

Welcome to Neusimmaxia, Irrastejats, Grdonatkos, Lymbordildity, LofeEffeny & Dathawattebum?

L-G, a Health & Fitness Nut?

Today, Sunday morning, 7:30am, in the Football Pitch, you could have witnessed a really strange and unusual sight:

Most Scenic Road on Lamma?
Cable Road #1!

Today, I've been biking the first Cable Road from the upper Power Station gate all the way to....

Emission Reductions @ Power Station

HK Electric has marked the completion of the first of a two-phase emission reduction....

Alba Wins the Heart of England

Lamma movie Masks has won the BEST SHORT INTERNATIONAL Tammie Award at the....

Want to Adopt a Pet Python?

Attached photos of the python found outside my neighbour's lawn. It had half of a cat in its mouth when found.

The Lamma Bugle, Dec 1994

Only 14 and a bit years late, attached for your delight and delectation, is the December 1994 edition of The Lamma Bugle....

Primary School Graduation

Goodbye green, goodbye bugs and a lot of animals. Goodbye friends, goodbye classmates and teachers.

A Stray Cat on Lamma

A new book, A Stray Cat on Lamma boosts Lamma Island's reputation as a haven for animals and their human admirers.

Village Gossip Runs Rampant

New chapters in the serialisation of Emily the Ice-Cream Lady's memoirs have been published!

Maria, Tigra da Lua

Maybe it's an innate wanderlust mixed with her fierce independence that's seen Lamma's Maria Soares live....

A Small Romanitical Story

The early morning sun casts its golden rays over Yung Shue Wan bay. A large White Egret slowly glides in from the west....

Swapan Mukherjee's Lamma Album

Many of us have browsed some of the photo galleries that Lamma visitors put online after....

June 2009

Bootcamp 2 - Intensive Indoors Fitness Training

The heat's rising but your workouts don't have to stop!
90 minute sessions:...

Spicy Bones Mystery

...a human skeleton had been unearthed during excavations for the new sewer system.

Isle Be Damned or I'll Be Shot?

Great success and HK-wide appreciation for The Lamma zombie movie "Isle Be Damned"!


I Do Not Like...

"The disadvantages of Lamma, from my point of view:

"I do not like..."

One-Woman Country & Western Musical

Marg Szkaluba (Pissy's Wife) runs at the Deli Lamma Restaurant on Sat, July 11 2009.

Fruit of Weaver Maid

The Scarlet Sterculia (Sterculia Lanceolata, 'Fruit of Weaver Maid' in Chinese) fruits are ripe once again!

Spiders in the Sky Season

While hiking in the hills of Lamma these days, there's life and death drama all around you.

New Photo Galleries

Lamma Dragons Party, Boot Camp 1, Tree Planting.

Get Moving With Links Moving

Moving home? Have a limited budget? We have the solution!

YSW Swimming Pool & High-Diving Platform

The (semi-public) Yung Shue Wan swimming pool with high-diving platform is open now!

R U Tough Enough
4 Bootcamp 2?

The Island Life Studio Proudly Presents - Back by Popular Demand - Bootcamp 2.

"I'm climbing Mt. Stenhouse tomorrow"

This was one of the first sentences spoken to me by Lamma-Gung.

Only on Lamma (?)

Finally, the weather combined with the lack of anywhere flat to run has persuaded me to join a gym again....

Street Pole Dancing

Browsing the web for you about all things Lamma, it's usually only all the touristy stuff I can find.

Dragonboat Season End Review

The ladies generally rose to the challenge and we managed to hit a few team records this year.

Charmingly Unpretentious Expat Communities in Appealingly Ramshackle Villages

Summer School @ Banyan House

With the long, hot summer months ahead of us, many parents are looking for....

Rusting Away...

Where on Lamma?

Firefighters in Action!

Returning home from an occasional foray off-island a friend alerted me to the fire brigade in full action.

New Police Station

A Lands Dept Notice has popped up on the Main Street noticeboard, announcing the planned building of a new police station.

Get Published!

Is there something you wanted your fellow Lammaites to know, any local topic close to your heart, a rave or rant....

First Summer Visitors

The very best time of the year to photograph bugs is coming up, so get your gear ready, if you're one of the surprisingly numerous....

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

It's all free to sell/trade off YOUR stuff next Sunday, June 7, 11am-1pm @ Island Life Studio.


Free Classifieds

Moving season, loads of people moving on, into and out of Lamma these days.

Further Fun in Filmland:
Masks Premiere

It's the evening of Saturday, the 30th of May. Dave Parker and myself are on the way to....

A New Lamma Gravity Pocket?

I've always wondered about the truth behind stories from Senior Lammaites about the infamous....

May 2009

8*8 Reasons to Love Living on Lamma

Let me present 8*8 reasons why I still love living in our island community,....

Trig Point -- Today @ 9am

Ascent to the highest hill of North Lamma, the Trig Point (140+ metres) above left, via the wind turbine.

A Restaurant Worthy of Jade Chiefs

Continuing our series of little-known Yung Shue Wan restaurants which most of us...

Now You See It, Now You Don't

A new photography workshop is now being offered by professional photographer Andy Maluche.

Memoirs of an Ice-Cream Lady

Cool Sweetness - Part 1;
Tasty Memories Stay Strong - Part 2;...

HK: Immunized from Swine Flu Fear?

Have a look at this great story written by Lammaite musician (ex-NUDE,....

5 Years of Underground HK

THE UNDERGROUND was created in April 2004 as a result of the dearth of live music venues in Hong Kong.

Bavarians & Lederhosen on Lamma?

...we were about to be visited by a bunch of Bavarian guys in lederhosen.

Business English Made Easy

Business English Made Easy, a two-volume set by long-time Lamma resident Frank Murdoch,....

The Lamma Fun Day Needs YOU!

Each year the continuing success of the LFD relies heavily on the huge support of all our volunteers.

Masks Premiere

Click for the full story of "A Film Set on Lamma Directed by a Lamma Resident":
Masks - Lamma Stars in a Movie.

The Valiant Mikania Exterminators

The infamous rapid-growing "mile-a-minute" weed is taking over big areas of Lamma.

Jointly Build a Joyful Lamma

What's the low-profile Hans Andersen Club's Lamma Island Center up to these days, over there in No. 19, Tai Wan New...?


Attending this huge art fair of over 100 art galleries in the Convention & Exhibition Centre,...

Don't Be a Lamma-Pooper

...I was again amazed about the number of dog turds on our paved paths, sometimes right in the middle of the path.

Living Lamma Update

Are you looking for a comprehensive update of what's been happening to the Lily Pond and the construction waste dump?

Lamma 500 Round-Up

A piggish dragonboat drawing by a certain well-known cartoonist, plus a few assorted contributions from our correspondents.

Sea, Sand, Sunshine, Sounds, Sweat, Silverware:  Success!

Alliteration aside, what an awesome day's racing was had by the 37 competing teams.

Lamma 500 Photo Gallery #1

The first photos are coming in from the third annual Laracy Gall Lamma Int'l Dragon Boat Festival

Free Fitness Corner

...a public and free Fitness Corner with LifeTrail exercise equipment just besides the YSW Playground.

This Sunday on Power Station Beach!

37 Teams to Compete at the 3rd Laracy Gall Lamma Int'l Dragon Boat Festival....

Five-Star Green Electric Kitchen

What is this huge, glowing contraption that HK Electric and govt. officials are launching....

Lamma Under Quarantine?

Did Lamma Island get close to being quarantined a few days ago?

Self-Employed Expats & Chinese Retirees

An intern working in Time Out HK magazine was doing research on our website for the story below....

Appeasing the Goddess

The ceremony was first done prior to last year's dragon boat festival and the weather was superb, of course.

Romer's Tree Frog:
A Lamma Icon

Not many places as small as Lamma Island can claim the discovery of a new animal.

AROUND Sound Surround

When was the last time you went trough a terrible ordeal, getting massively inconvenienced and annoyed about your fellow....

May Pole Power!

Photos by Katie Flowers & Lamma-Gung.

Apr 2009

AROUND Sound Festival in South Lamma

AROUND is a month-long sound art festival about listening.

The Biggest Loser of Lamma?

At my weekly weigh-in this morning, I discovered that I have lost exactly 150 pounds since starting my personal....

Eco-Adventure #1:
Bike-Powered Water Pump

Eco-Adventures of the Valiant Eco-Warriors in the Tai Peng Community Garden!

It's Love For David & Lamma

You'll remember "David" the sun bear rescued by Animals Asia from a bile farm in Vietnam...

Friday Night Frivolity
@ Island Bar

The Lamma music scene was once again enlivened with another rip-roaring Friday night.


Kayoko: "This is one of the reason I love living here in Lamma. There are so many cats and cat-loving people!"

Fisherman Village Fisheye Views

Forum moderator Leggova got a brand-new fisheye lens and she loves it, rarely ever taking it off.

El Destroyo Invading Lamma Again!

Click to see the full poster.

Save the Human Launch Party

L-G's photo gallery - Website - Facebook group - Story on HolisticAsia - Promotional video

Lamma Dragons - The Season So Far

An excellent start to the 2009 dragonboat race season saw the Lamma Ladies take Silver....

Operation Pinky

Cutting edge Eco Art teachers Katie Flowers and Claire Kirk have developed an innovative new approach to educating....

Lamma Garden of Remembrance, Revisited

I paid a return visit to the Lamma Garden of Remembrance columbarium up just beyond....

Tin Hau Festival in Yung Shue Wan

More of Lamma-Gung's photos above in the Tin Hau Festival 2009 gallery.

Electric Cart to Lamma Winds

Remember the hot, controversial topic in Feb 2008 when HK Electric was occasionally running diesel-powered vehicles....

Bamboo Poles Become an Opera House

Each year, workers on Lamma Island bind together thousands of bamboo poles to create an....

L-G the Accidental Mountain-Biker

Despite using a second-hand mountain-bike almost every day as part of my ongoing quest....

LAMMA DAY This Saturday!

Lamma Day/Tin Hau Festival/ Dragonboat races: Sat, Apr 18, 10am-3pm: Reclamation area in front of Football Pitch:

City Hordes Invade Lamma

When too many thousands of big-city folks arrive on an outlying island like Lamma, the place deteriorates lickety-split.

Digging for Easter Eggs on the Beach

A few photos from the yearly Easter event organised by the evangelical Lamma Church,...

Excavate Lamma

Look what I've just found on Facebook where big virtual crowds of Lammaites are gathering and socialising these days.

Saving the Yung Shue Long Valley

The SCM Post sent a photog. today for a story about the recent near-destruction of...

Garden Passages

What's the Tai Peng Community Garden all about?

The End of the Lily Pond?

Discuss this very heated topic in our Yung Shue Long Valley Development forum and the Chinese forum.

Easter Sunday Disco

Party Moms & Dads!
Funk up your family's Easter celebration with a 2-hour glittery dance session!

Eco-Yoga-Hike to Trig Point

YSW Ferry Pier - Po Wah Yuen - Pak Kok Village - Tai Peng - Lamma Winds (via Snake Tail & Back Passage) - Trig Point!

Cirque du Soleil @ Island Bar

Photo Gallery in progress...

Panoramic Lamma Views

I've taken this on a clear day, May 30, lying on a huge rock at the top of Ling Kok Shan, the 250-metre hill behind SKW.

After a Rainy Day...

Photos taken on the path from Tai Peng Village to the Kindergarten & Basketball Court, probably the most romantic path in N Lamma.

I'll Make the Same Mistake...

Exploring some of my favourite areas of Lamma by bike, this is what I came across in the former temporary helipad.

Cirque du Soleil du Lamma du Ching Ming Festival

This year's Lamma Dragons fundraiser is happening on the Ching Ming Festival holiday.

Mar 2009

Rocky Malcolm - Lamma Celebrity

Rocky Malcolm's fame is increasing week after week.

A Weekend of Roots & Rugby

Astrophonix @ The Island Bar;
Transnoodle & El Destroyo @ Grappa's.

Outdoor Candle Light Yoga

How did some Lammaites observe Earth Hour today from 8:30-9:30 besides switching off their lights?

Public Swimming Pool on Lamma?

A discussion about whether Lammaites would like a public swimming pool or not....

Promoting Energy-Saving Culture

Smart Power Campaign 2009 Promotes Energy Saving Culture.

Power Station Beach Life

Power Station Beach rarely fails to surprise and delight the amateur and professional photographers...

Twinkling CNY Ferry Pier

Photo by Vivian Lam, design & animation by L-G...

Young Lammaites on RTHK

Radio Televison HK broadcast a great Chinese documentary about Lamma's Young People on ATV Home last Sun, Mar 22.

Earth Hour -
Sat, Mar 28, 8:30-9:30pm

In 2009, WWF is calling on 1 billion people in 1000 cities to be part of Earth Hour.

Future Recruits for the HK Police?

...join our Junior Police Call recruitment exercise on 2009-02-28, Sat, at 1430 hrs,....

Little Learners on Lamma

Banyan House, the early learning centre which opened in Yung Shue Wan last summer, is having an open day on Sun 29th March.

Blooming Rooftop

...just a few blossoms from Lamma-Gung's Rooftop Jungle & Pond.

Lamma Dog Poisoned,
Dies on March 18

In the back of the VV lay a young-looking female dog, convulsing so violently...

Return to Lamma,
After Nearly a Decade

'Why are you going to Hong Kong, Mummy?' asked my daughters. 'Because it's my home.'

CNY Carnival!

A Big Bowl Feast for Lamma's elderlies and celebrities.


Thursday night's chilly thunder- storms did nothing to deter the largest crowd yet for James' BBQ at the Banyan Bay Cafe.

Tai Hang Dim Sum

There's a restaurant on Yung Shue Wan Main Street that you've probably never visited...


Within one year, my health has progressed from 6 different daily medications for various health problems to zero pills!

B&B BBQ - Curiousity Satisfied

Mini Review of Ribs at B&B Bar & Restaurant.

Tung O Beach Cleanup

Tung O Shek Pai Wan is on the south coast of Lamma Island, with a really spectacular coastline.

Singing Hymns on Power Station Beach

Power Station Beach, as an open, non-regulated, unrestricted beach...

El Destroyo - Psycho-
Grooveabilly Powerpunk Trio

...The Island Bar for an evening with The Curs and special guest headliners El Destroyo.

Snow Dog Days

We've had actual "bean-sized hail" in several locations in HK last Friday,...

Want to Learn Kinergetics?

Do you want to learn about Muscle Response Testing?

May the Forces of Power, Courage & Beauty Be With You Always!

Kongkretebass have been invited by HK Live! to open...

Lamma People Slideshow

Best Lamma People photos by Lamma-Gung.

Cleaning Tung O Beach

This Sunday, March 8, 10am, Tung O beach.

Lamma's Official Mascot?

Another little masterpiece of an eye-catching, funny, effective and deceptively simple concert poster by Harry Harrison.

Feb 2009

Nature Magick by Peter Zezschwitz

Some of my photos in the Lamma-zine end up in various places on the Internet...

Junior Police Call

A large scale Junior Police Call recruitment exercise will be held at the coming Sat, 2009-02-28, 2:30pm at Hans Anderson Centre.

Meat Eater on Bicycle vs. Vegetarian in SUV

The best and quirkiest Lamma-zine headlines are sometimes based on submitted quotes.

My 1st Surgiversary

It's been exactly one year since my weight loss surgery (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) in Queen Mary Hospital.

Gina & Anna -
Newspaper Delivery

Ahhh, another Sunday morning, sleeping in late, relaxing to a cup of coffee or tea,...

Stumbling Randomly Through the Hills

What started out as just a little quick stroll up to Lamma Winds ended a few hours later in...

A Spicy Afternoon Beer

Look what our Alert Reader and Lamma-zine writer OM found in the Cultural Center this week.

Masks -
Lamma Stars in a Movie

With a modest production budget but a big theme, independent film-maker Alba Rayton....

Fellow Lammayans and Friends!

As we all know the economy has not been good lately and it is not likely to get any better....

Forum Message #50,000!

When webdog founded our forums on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 10:07am,...

Lammayan Tigers

In the Old Days when Lamma was connected to the northern land mass, the sea level was much lower.

Mogwai -- Screech-Honking Blasts of Sonic Delirium

I was returning home from Mogwai's second HK gig in about two years.

A Little Valentine's Day Encounter

Yes, it's something I thought I'd never ever put into the Lamma- zine, a Hello Kitty sticker!

Unlucky in Love?

The Island Bar is celebrating Valentine's Day one day earlier than everybody else, on an "unlucky" Black Friday, Feb 13th

51,272 Runners & a Very Happy 發 (Fat) Woman

Last Sunday was the Hong Kong Marathon. My decision to participate was made one year...

'She's Crazy,' Said the Landlord, 'Completely Crazy'

In 1989 I started teaching slightly more formal yoga sessions on Lamma.

Serendipitous Stroll on a Spring Sun-day

lucky in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries.

Jobs for the Boys

Summer students working in New Holiday Mood. Story printed in English Street, a magazine for HK students.

A Boot Camp? On Lamma?

Made the same New Year's fitness resolution as last year?
Well, here's your chance to succeed!

New Baby Group

There are some little creative art projects happening on the walls of Yung Shue Wan, sometimes unintentionally.

Clive Brook-Fox Memories

A rather larger than usual, albeit somewhat subdued crowd, gathered at The Island Bar.

'You Great Big Idiot!'

She was referring to my SkyJump off the Macau Tower yesterday ("the world's highest"), calling it "Pure Unadulterated Idiocy".

Feisty & Flashy Flamboyance

Visiting Macau for one night to celebrate Lamma-Por's birthday, we were astonished by the CNY lighting displays...

20-Cylinder Engine With PLF Spin-Cycle

Give your Alter Ego A Lift:

Go Pink - Get Powerful

Jan 2009



Yoga with Wendy Teasdill on Lamma

Wendy will be doing an in-depth session at Yoga Central, Sat, Feb 7, 12 noon-6pm.

RIP, Clive Brook-Fox

Clive died at Queen Mary Hospital on Thursday morning, 29th January... Wake at The Island Bar from Sunday 3pm...

'LAMMA Bigger and Better for 2010'

Amid all the economical gloom and doom in the news these days it's so refreshing and uplifting...

Tying Yourself in Knots

Lamma Island rose up out the South China Sunday afternoon sea in all her glory... for the first time in 1987.

Gong Xi Fa Chai

Buffalo, Lantau © Bob Davis 2009

Good luck & good fortune in the Year of the Ox!

Kung Hei Fat Choy

Picture by Rocky Malcolm, Rock Pile Builder & Balancer Extraordinaire.

Bike Mike's Farewell

This sure ain't Kansas, Toto! It's not Lamma either! There's frigging snow everywhere!

Cunning Canines Guide Lamma-Gung to New High

For the first time, Lamma-Gung reached the 353-metre-high peak of Mount Stenhouse.

Beach Wedding Photos

Photos from a wedding photo session at Hung Shing Yeh beach.

Mia's Frog

Large numbers of people seem to follow the Lamma-zine, but actual, specific feedback on recent stories is still...

One-Woman Musical @ Deli Lamma

Bigbox Theatre presents "Marg Szkaluba (Pissy's Wife)", a one-woman musical story...

Trash & Garbage Everywhere...

After our last email conversation, the places along the Yung Shue Long drainage channel...


Becoming No. 1 in Google - the first result in all searches for "Lamma" or "Lamma Island"...

Secret Crystal Caves

Photo poem submitted by Lamma Artist Katie Flowers who also took these additional pictures in a Lamma crystal cave.

The Tale of Oswald Ox

"The odd couple" and "dynamic duo" behind HK's bestselling English-language children's books"...

L-G Goes to Disneyland

L-G made it all the way to Disneyland HK for the very first time a few days ago...

Rocky Caught Red-Handed

If you've been wondering about the strangely beautiful and artistic rock piles on Power Station Beach...

The Back Passage of the Snake Tail

In progress...

Scenes of Money and Death in Local Pub?

Bingo will be happening tomorrow night at The Island Bar...

Yung Shue Wan?
No, Yung Shue Ha!

In progress...

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of...Tourists!

What better way to celebrate the start of a brand-new year than with a little hike in our hills.

Fancy a Secret, Private Beach?

There are the public beaches just besides absolutely deserted and much more beautiful beaches.

Best of Lamma-zine 2008

Taking stock of another great year for the Lamma-zine, I've compiled a little list of my own personal favourite stories of last year.

Ageing Western Men With Greying Ponytails

"...a hippy enclave that is one of the last vestiges of the old trans-Asian overland trail."

Lamma's Cloudmakers

Photographic evidence of where some of the emissions from the Power Station actually come down during some of the year.

Snake Banquet

When was the last time you've had dinner with 150+ fellow Lammaites?

Wishing You a Happier 2009!

May your lives and dreams recover this year and help you to re-focus on what's most important and precious in your life!

Dec 2008

Tarting up on New Year's Eve!

Vicars & Tarts - New Year's Eve Party @ The Island Bar.

Beware of Blameworthy Burglaries!

Submitted by Senior Inspector Woo-Woo, chief of Lamma's Valiant Police Enforcers:

Beach Partayy!

Thanks for all your Xmas wishes! We had a really good time with a big beach party on Power Station Beach!

Season's Greetings & a Green, Peaceful New Year

Animated e-card from Greenpeace, click here if you can't see it. Wait for the unicorn!

Santa's Lamma Tour

Treasure Hunt for Operation Santa Claus, organised by The Island Bar every year, with lots of helpers!

The Secret Love Life of Ophelia in The Blue Room

Lamma resident Andy Fullard is contributing originally-scored music to a forthcoming theatre...

Advertisers Wanted & Needed

You might have noticed a few ads on this home page, the cover page of the Lamma-zine.

Christmas Specials

BOOKWORM CAFE, Dec 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 & 28
WATERFRONT Christmas Special

Kids Xmas on Main Street

Come to join 'wonderful music Christmas' on Lamma. Enjoy music, dance, swing.
Sing!! and drink!!

Daniel the Landscape Painter

During my more and more frequent biker-hiker tours of discovery into the hills of Lamma...

Mad Dogs Running for Toys

Thank-You! to all who attended our Charity Toy Run! What a great day, sunny and cool weather made the ride perfect.

The Fun of Learning Skincare & Roasting Turkey

Christmas is fun and joy for these retired senior citizens who get tips from skincare and make-up to...

Bakery @ Sunrise

I happen to like a lot what they've done with the bakery, repainting, redecorating, reviving and upgrading it...


Not having a single escalator or lift anywhere on Lamma (yet), we have to take a ferry to enjoy escalating ourselves...

The Intrepid Biker-Hiker Overdoing It

Perfect weather for biking & hiking on Lamma - warm, sunny and dry.

Here Come the Robots...

Kraftwerk in Hong Kong - Dec 5, '08 - reviewed by Nick the Bookman.

Lamma Winds Is Multiplying!

HK Electric announced that its first wind power project in China, a 48 MW wind farm has been completed.

Cute & Cuddly Toys & Bikers

Mad Dog Motorcycle Club HK is holding our Charity Toy Run 2008 this coming Sun, Dec 14 at 11am. Rooftop Jungle Party forum moderators, sponsors & major content contributors (plus family) were invited...

Cantonese Home Cooking

Our Chinese forum has grown into a really friendly, good-neighbourly community meeting place, thanks to our three moderators...

H Is For Hong Kong

"Imagine visiting a new city today. Imagine flying to Hong Kong! Journey through this wonderful, busy place and what will you see?"

A Car-Free, Bohemian,
Green Oasis

"A short boat trip from the noise and bustle of HK Island... Harriet O'Brien sets sail for peaceful Lamma."

Who Remembers the Corner Bar?

The Corner Bar was the heart of Lamma life for lots of people for a while.

Banyan House Fair(ies)

Started by a small group of Lamma parents earlier this year, Banyan House is a new English language play space.

Ups and Downs of the Lamma Simpsons

Did you ever hear of the Lamma Simpsons? The Lamma Ups and Lamma Downs? Me neither.

Lamma's Outstanding Third Age Citizens

HK's First Ever Award to Recognise Outstanding Third Age Citizens.

Where Heaven and Earth Meet

Peter Lloyd, Senior Lammaite & Earth Champion, relaunched his long-running website.



Nov 2008

Nov 30, 2008

Fast & Furious Fire Elves

Nov 29, 2008

Round Island Race - Take 2 (Rachel)

Nov 28, 2008

Round Island Race - Take 1 (Mike)

Nov 27, 2008

Enduring Hong Kong Exhibition

Nov 26, 2008

Open Space Opening Party

Nov 25, 2008

5 Hours of Suffering & Pain

Nov 24, 2008

Does Lamma Island Have a Master Switch?

Nov 23, 2008

Iuri the Gladiator - Enduro Hero

Nov 22, 2008

Dangerous Public Area

Nov 21, 2008

Earth Champions in the Lamma Forest

Nov 20, 2008

Ravaged Ruins or Remarkable Relics?

Nov 19, 2008

RIP - Brain Macnay

Nov 18, 2008

More Blurry Snapshots From L-G

Nov 17, 2008

Peaceful in the Middle of Chaos

Nov 16, 2008

Congrats to the Earth Champions!

Nov 15, 2008

'Is there one speak and write Arabic?'

Nov 14, 2008

David the Sun Bear

Nov 13, 2008

The All-Seeing Eye of Pak Kok Tsui

Nov 12, 2008

Project X - GP ReCyko AA MTB Enduro

Nov 11, 2008

Imagining in the Ruins

Nov 10, 2008

Our Favourite Chin. Restaurant? Lamcombe!

Nov 9, 2008

Danger! Slipper Floor Opening!

Nov 8, 2008

Bubbly Boggart Boogie Nights

Nov 7, 2008

Green Lamma - First Open Meeting

Nov 6, 2008

Are You a Hong Kong Cutie?

Nov 5, 2008

Weekend Tourists Get on Your Nerves?

Nov 4, 2008

Dear All Lamma Fun Day Friends

Nov 3, 2008

Temporary Berthing Barge @ Pak Kok Pier

Nov 2, 2008

'What Keeps YOU on Lamma?'

Nov 1, 2008

Halloweenies 2008

Oct 2008

Oct 31, 2008

Inside the Flowers of Lamma Island

Oct 30, 2008

Island Gym Panty

Oct 29, 2008

Funworld Magazine Launch

Oct 28, 2008

Curly's Miracle

Oct 27, 2008

Larma Pun Day Photos

Oct 26, 2008

Barking Angry: 'Another No-Fun Day!'

Oct 25, 2008

Louie the Violin @ Lamma Fun Day

Oct 24, 2008

Get NUDE on the Beach - One Last Time

Oct 23, 2008

Bike Mike's Further Adventures

Oct 22, 2008

NUDE, Spicy Boys, Yung Shue Wankers, Red Star Rising,
El Destroyo, HK Electric Band, TransNoodle!

Oct 21, 2008

Spreading Global Hilarity (Hillaryty?)

Oct 20, 2008

BOGgy Marketing?

Oct 19, 2008

OzArt 2008 - Body & Soul

Oct 18, 2008

Rocky II - Improbable Virility

Oct 17, 2008

I'm Not Gay; I'm Canadian!

Oct 16, 2008

Marc Bekoff Visiting Humphrey & Co.

Oct 15, 2008

Bike Mike's New Girlfriend

Oct 14, 2008

'May the Lamma Air Be Everywhere'

Oct 13, 2008

Lamma Fun Day!

Oct 12, 2008

'Lamma Story' Book Review

Oct 11, 2008

Chance Encounter With Lamma's Favourite Son

Oct 10, 2008

Malcolm's Rock Pile Has Spawned!

Oct 9, 2008

The Price Is Right?

Oct 8, 2008

Lamma Coven's Cabalistic & Sinister Acolytes?

Oct 7, 2008

The Lily Lady

Oct 6, 2008

Reflections of a Lamma Newbie

Oct 5, 2008

A Somewhat Exotic Place?

Oct 4, 2008

Mt. Panorama Panoramas

Oct 3, 2008

Swiss Summer

Oct 2, 2008

Shoulder Massage by Waterfall

Oct 1, 2008

White Legs & the Broken Leg

Sep 2008

Sep 30, 2008

A Lamma Newbie's Commute

Sep 29, 2008

Recycling, Lamma-Style

Sep 28, 2008

Devilishly Deadly Dinner & Dance

Sep 27, 2008

World Animal Day Concert

Sep 26, 2008

The Electronic Mistress's BBQ

Sep 25, 2008

Whiplashed by Typhoon Hagupit

Sep 20-24, 2008

Macau break

Sep 19, 2008

9th Annual Lamma Fun Day - Sun, Oct 26, 2008

Sep 18, 2008

Busy Times @ Lamma Fitness Centre?

Sep 17, 2008

Wild at Art

Sep 16, 2008

Lamma & DbAY Are in Parallel Universes

Sep 15, 2008

Last Day of Nam Wah Yuen Rest.

Sep 14, 2008

Mid-Autumn Carnival

Sep 13, 2008

Reduce BBQ Waste

Sep 12, 2008

Death of a Village?

Sep 11, 2008

No Lamas or Llamas on Lamma

Sep 10, 2008

Cleaning up the Drainage Channel

Sep 9, 2008

Tips for Lamma Business Owners

Sep 8, 2008

Olympic Haze of Platitudes & Hyperwaffle

Sep 7, 2008

New Adventures of Confluence King & Queen of China

Sep 6, 2008

Love, Sex and the Whole Shebang

Sep 5, 2008

Getting Business Help on Lamma

Sep 4, 2008

Bicycle Parking Area

Sep 3, 2008

March of the Tai Penguins

Sep 2, 2008

What's a CAREnival?

Sep 1, 2008

Lamma, I Loved Ye Once

Aug 2008

Aug 31, 2008

Sexy Time & Losing Your Virginity

Aug 30, 2008

URGENT!!!!! Do you want to be famous?

Aug 29, 2008

Saheb's 18. Birthday @ Deli Lamma

Aug 28, 2008

Exploring Lamma in the Saddle

Aug 27, 2008

Fat-Gor Opens Helipad

Aug 26, 2008

Olympics Cat Caper

Aug 25, 2008

High-End Digital Doodling

Aug 24, 2008

Flotsam, Jetsam & General Codswallop

Aug 23, 2008

Typhoon Nuri Photos

Aug 22, 2008

Typhoon Signal No. 9!

Aug 21, 2008

CheungChauHK Website Revamped

Aug 20, 2008

Benvenuti a Isola di Lamma

Aug 19, 2008

Spectator Charlie Atop Ling Kok Shan

Aug 18, 2008

A Stinking Concrete Trench Full of Mud & Trash?

Aug 17, 2008

New Aberdeen Ferry Service

Aug 16, 2008

Farewell to HKKF's Aberdeen Ferries

Aug 15, 2008

More Weirdness Hits Lan Kwai Fong

Aug 14, 2008

Oriana the Master Pizza Baker @ Deli Lamma Bakery

Aug 13, 2008

Wonder, Whimsy, Weirdness –
25 Years of Digital Figments of Imagination

Aug 12, 2008

Grassroots Democracy in Action?

Aug 11, 2008

A Triptych of Cultural, Fiscal & Sociological Observations of the
Increasing Importance of Mall Culture

Aug 10, 2008

Capoeira Roda @ Ferry Pier

Aug 9, 2008

New Aberdeen Ferry From Aug 15

Aug 8, 2008

Beijing Olympics Opening

Aug 7, 2008

Hey, How About Playing Cricket?

Aug 6, 2008

It's Typhoon Partytime!

Aug 5, 2008

End of a Landmark

Aug 4, 2008

Haven From the Hectic HK Lifestyle

Aug 3, 2008

Looking for Talented People Like You!

Aug 2, 2008

Lamma Ladies Conquering Penang

Aug 1, 2008

A Swiss Pyromaniac on National Day

July 2008

Jul 31, 2008

Rainy Days and Night Walks

Jul 30, 2008

BOLG - BOG Presents L-G

Jul 29, 2008

RIP, Red & Sandy Brown

Jul 28, 2008

High-Definition Heaven

Jul 27, 2008

Open Day @ Beatles Nite

Jul 26, 2008

Family Summer Visit

Jul 25, 2008

Damn Internet Kids!!

Jul 24, 2008

Spiders in the Sky

Jul 23, 2008

Attack of the Vile Spambots

Jul 22, 2008

So Many Flats For Sale

Jul 21, 2008

Graffitising the Fountain Head (Again)

Jul 20, 2008

What's Going on in the Lamma Activities Centre?

Jul 19, 2008

100 Pounds off!

Jul 18, 2008

Thanks for the Beach Cleanups!

Jul 17, 2008

Trapped in Lamma Hippie Commune

Jul 16, 2008

Street Dance or Extreme Yoga?

Jul 15, 2008

A True Renaissance Man & Insiration

Jul 14, 2008

Saheb's MacMix Photo Booth

Jul 13, 2008

Sweet Smell of Sunset

Jul 12, 2008

Saturday Night on Main Street

Jul 11, 2008

Japanese Sitar & Mexican Tabla Maestros

Jul 10, 2008

Doggy & Wee Davy

Jul 9, 2008

Warning! Distemper Is Spreading!

Jul 8, 2008

Sok Kwu Wan Dragonboating

Jul 7, 2008

A Great Ambassador to Lamma?

Jul 6, 2008

Dinner Ideas in a Hurry

Jul 5, 2008

Surviving 9 Days of Dodging Traffic, a Typhoon,
a Record-Breaking Storm, Hunger and Injury

Jul 4, 2008

Uncover Our Beautiful Lamma, Literally

Jul 3, 2008

Politically Correct Absurdists

Jul 2, 2008

Welcome to The Waterfront

Jul 1, 2008

End of the Bright Green Era

June 2008

Jun 30, 2008

Go Green Fashion Show

Jun 29, 2008

Cleaning up Our Beaches

Jun 28, 2008

Malcolm's Rock Pile

Jun 27, 2008

Last $531 Monthly Ferry Ticket

Jun 26, 2008

Feeling BOGged Down?

Jun 25, 2008

Waves of Trash Wash up on Lamma Beaches...

Jun 24, 2008

Cleaning up Power Station Beach

Jun 23, 2008

Approved Lamma Island Outline Zoning Plan

Jun 22, 2008

Confirmed Ferry Fares & Time Tables

Jun 21, 2008

High Alert! Danger! Beware of Lamma-Gung!

Jun 20, 2008

Revered Thespian or Hopeless Drunkard?

Jun 19, 2008

Photo © Lamma-Gung

Jun 18, 2008

Eclectic Velting-Pot of Arty Culture and Chinese Tradition?

Jun 17, 2008

Bug of the Day: Rose Chafer

Jun 16, 2008

DVD, Book & Magazine Sale for Burma

Jun 15, 2008

When a Butterfly Dies, Does It Change Into a Flower?

Jun 14, 2008

The Petersons Will Rock You!

Jun 13, 2008

Home Office Warriors, Unite!

Jun 12, 2008

Garden of Eden? Let's Not Eat the Apple But the Snake!

Jun 11, 2008

Kung Fu Kids, Yoga Practice & So Much More...

Jun 10, 2008

Ant - Cicada Rendezvous

Jun 9, 2008

#12 Top Website in All of HK?

Jun 8, 2008

New Beach, Anyone?

Jun 7, 2008

Blooming Boom, Interrupted

Jun 6, 2008

Win a Vibrating "I Rub My Duckie"

Jun 5, 2008

Speed Boat Prostitutes Heading for Lamma

Jun 4, 2008

11 Years of Tree Planting

Jun 3, 2008

New Laudable Lamma Luminaries

Jun 2, 2008

A Mad Village of Stray Dogs & Stray Expats

Jun 1, 2008

Mum & Dad & Fluffhead

May 2008

May 31, 2008

Eco-Routes - Click & Learn

May 30, 2008

Ferry Re-tender Results

May 29, 2008

Games, Tunes, Hooch & Hoochie Mamas

May 28, 2008

Wanna Buy an iPod Sampan?

May 27, 2008

Lamma Mamas Charity Day

May 26, 2008

Across the Lamma Channel: Aberdeen

May 25, 2008

New Eco-Trails Boast Lamma's Natural Beauty

May 24, 2008

Pristine Mountains of Childhood Playground

May 23, 2008

Tin Hau Festival in Sok Kwu Wan

May 22, 2008

Charity Sales, Raffles & Rides

May 21, 2008

Greening Your Life?

May 20, 2008

Clean Energy Fund Applications

May 19, 2008

When the 6 Lions Met the Lamma Unicorn

May 18, 2008

Earthquake Search & Rescue Team Leaving Lamma

May 17, 2008

Hamada's Funk Jazz Unit 08

May 16, 2008

Policebox Relocated?

May 15, 2008

An Incredible, Awesome, Fantastic Day? Definitely!

May 14, 2008

Last Lamma Show @ The Cyan Studio

May 13, 2008

Blame Lamma-Gung, That's My Motto

May 12, 2008

Why We Love 'The Lamma 500'

May 11, 2008

Dancing & Prancing Around the May Pole

May 10, 2008

Crazy But Sustainable Adventures

May 9, 2008

Raising a Funk w/TransNUDE

May 8, 2008

The Tale of Run Run Rat

May 7, 2008

The Lamma 500 on Sunday, May 11

May 6, 2008

May Pole Dance Revival

May 5, 2008

Mysterious Black Turds

May 4, 2008

Hong Kong: The Next Shenzhen?

May 3, 2008

Bastards on the Beach -
Scintillating Solos & Soulful Sonic Scriptures

May 2, 2008

Tin Hau '08 Photo Gallery

May 1, 2008

Trials & Tribulations of an "Official Photographer"

April 2008

Apr 30, 2008

An Unexpected Fruity Surprise

Apr 29, 2008

Olympic Fun Photo Competition

Apr 28, 2008

Tin Hau Festival Photos

Apr 27, 2008

Another Very Busy Lamma Weekend

Apr 26, 2008

DANSTOCK 2008 - The Bastards Beach Bonanza!

Apr 25, 2008

Violet Whistling Thrush - The Sequel

Apr 24, 2008

'Could You Tend to My Tea, Please!'

Apr 23, 2008

Lamma's Blog Rated 8.6 (Great)

Apr 22, 2008

Know Your Carbon Footprint

Apr 21, 2008

Tasty & Tasteful - New Bookworm Menu

Apr 20, 2008

Ferry Survey Results

Apr 19, 2008

Take Care of Your Valuable Metals

Apr 18, 2008

Tree-Poisoning or -Saving?

Apr 17, 2008

No Trespassing on Lamma Power Station!

Apr 16, 2008

French Spiderman Defies Fears, Gravity and Authorities

Apr 15, 2008

Finally, an RSS Feed!

Apr 14, 2008

Meet the Human Spider

Apr 13, 2008

Early Struggles With a Paddle

Apr 12, 2008

When Stevie Met Tommy

Apr 11, 2008

Tin Hau Festival - Cantonese Opera

Apr 10, 2008

A Wonderfully Shambolic Performance by Those Mangy Critters

Apr 9, 2008

SOB - Save Our Bikes!

Apr 8, 2008

Bad, Bad, Bad Power Supply!

Apr 7, 2008

Discharged/Died on 4/4/08

Apr 1-6, 2008

Lamma-zinus Interruptus

March 2008

Mar 31, 2008

Ferry Service Online Questionnaire

Mar 30, 2008

DVD Rentals by Mail

Mar 29, 2008

Lamma Gardens Excursion

Mar 28, 2008

RIP, Pierre Ingrassia

Mar 27, 2008

One Week on Paradise Island

Mar 26, 2008

Dead Loss

Mar 25, 2008

Cyan Butterflies

Mar 24, 2008

Above YSW & Power Station

Mar 23, 2008

Bookworm Corner Stone

Mar 22, 2008


Mar 21, 2008

Revealing Glimpses of Village Life

Mar 20, 2008

'What a Mother Does'

Mar 19, 2008

Underground #55: Return of Thinking Out Loud

Mar 18, 2008

Recycle Your Used Clothes!

Mar 17, 2008

'All the Mutants on the Island Are Dancing'

Mar 16, 2008

Want to Become a Blogging Gourmet Magician?

Mar 15, 2008

What's That Big Glass Container?

Mar 14, 2008

Welcome Home!

Mar 13, 2008

The Butterfly Man @ The Cyan Studio

Mar 12, 2008

350 Rans & The Underground Rock Mum

Mar 11, 2008

HK Electric Hits Maximum Permitted Return

Mar 10, 2008

Ferry Protest March

Mar 9, 2008

Community Evening @ Holiday Mood

Mar 8, 2008

My Epic Struggle for Congee

Mar 7, 2008

Bob Davis @ The Cyan Studio

Mar 6, 2008

Maintain Our Island Life Lines!

Mar 5, 2008

Violet Whistling Thrush

Mar 4, 2008

Protest Against Ferry Service Re-tendering

Mar 3, 2008

Ferry Meeting TONIGHT, Deli Lamma, 7:30pm!

Feb 2008

Feb 25-Mar 2

Hospital stay for operation, published from hospital Mar 3-10

Feb 24, 2008

FASTER Ferries May Be the Answer!

Feb 23, 2008

YOU Are All They Have

Feb 22, 2008

Risque Raunchy Rendezvous

Feb 21, 2008

Hot-Water Bottles, Not Bottled Water

Feb 20, 2008

Vacation in Queen Mary Hospital

Feb 19, 2008

Free Lamma Tourist Guide & Map

Feb 18, 2008

Temple Puppets Making Sign Language

Feb 17, 2008

Unicorn Dancing Through the Village

Feb 16, 2008

Buses to Windturbine?

Feb 15, 2008

Village Vandals & Prowlers

Feb 14, 2008

Romantic Dinner in B&B

Feb 13, 2008

Valentine's Day Menus

Feb 12, 2008

Power Drumming on Power Station Beach

Feb 11, 2008


Feb 10, 2008

Willow's Song

Feb 9, 2008

Free Children's Party in New Holiday Mood Rest.

Feb 8, 2008

Simon Li - My Passion for Lamma

Feb 7, 2008

Fireworks Over Yung Shue Wan Harbour

Feb 6, 2008

Kung Hei Fat Choy to All Readers!

Feb 5, 2008

Colourful Banners Decorating the Village

Feb 4, 2008

For New Western & Local Families

Feb 3, 2008

Green Turtles on Lamma on Their Way out

Feb 2, 2008

'We Posed & Preened & Wore Pink!'

Feb 1, 2008

Lunar New Year Flower Market

Jan 2008

Jan 31, 2008

HK International Boulodrome of Tai Peng

Jan 30, 2008

'So You're Something of an Extremist!'

Jan 29, 2008

HK's Deadliest Group of Pink Paddling Goddesses

Jan 28, 2008

An Emphasis on Inter-Cultural Exchange

Jan 27, 2008

What's This on Lamma?

Jan 26, 2008

Open Day @ Lamma Mission Centre

Jan 25, 2008

Nature Is Our Manuscript...

Jan 24, 2008

Blow Yer Socks Off!

Jan 23, 2008

You're Asking Me to Do What?!

Jan 22, 2008

Pier Pressure Party Part II

Jan 21, 2008

Quintessential Lamma

Jan 20, 2008

Boom! Innocent Birds Have Kicked the Bucket

Jan 19, 2008

Lamma Ferry Pier Parties?!

Jan 18, 2008

Get Published!

Jan 17, 2008

Advertise in the Lamma-zine! Subscribe!

Jan 16, 2008

A Flock'n'clapping Photo Gallery

Jan 15, 2008

A Cyberdelic Woodstock!

Jan 14, 2008

Sex and Violence @ Ferry Pier!

Jan 13, 2008

The Numerous Notable Accomplishments of DAVE PARKER -
Artist, Author and Designer!

Jan 12, 2008

We Flocked and We Clapped!

Jan 11, 2008

Incredible & Impossible Spaces

Jan 10, 2008

Flock 'n' Clap to Clockenflap!  Free Ferry!

Jan 9, 2008

Electricity Tariffs - Up or Down?

Jan 8, 2008

Boisterous Bollywood Beauties @ The Island Bar

Jan 7, 2008

Shady Dealer, Bollywood Star or Loving Husband?

Jan 6, 2008

Pak Kok Village Hillfire

Jan 5, 2008

Beaches, Bars & Bizarre Residents

Jan 4, 2008

Tennis Titans

Jan 3, 2008

Ruby's Warholized Turbine

Jan 2, 2008

Dancing in Doggy Delight

Jan 1, 2008

Happy Two Thousand and Eight!

Dec 2007

Dec 31, 2007

Lamma Island King and Queen

Dec 30, 2007

Tricky Trails Test Hikers on Mount Stenhouse

Dec 29, 2007

More Snake Wine!

Dec 28, 2007

A Lamma Book Signing

Dec 27, 2007

'Congratulations on Your Successful Social Events!'

Dec 26, 2007

A Lamma Flat for $2,000/Night?

Dec 25, 2007

Christmas Dinner Sets

Dec 24, 2007

Meandering Minstrels on Main Street

Dec 23, 2007

Rooftop Gardening Update

Dec 22, 2007

Charitable Classical Christmas Concert

Dec 21, 2007

Free "Caring Rice"!

Dec 20, 2007

Christmas Acrobatics

Dec 19, 2007

A Gourmet Dining Yung Shue Wan?

Dec 18, 2007

Results of CCCC Questionnaire

Dec 17, 2007

Go Green Fashion Design

Dec 16, 2007

Treasure Hunters & Fund Gatherers

Dec 15, 2007

An Exceptionally Friendly Village

Dec 14, 2007

Oscar Death File

Dec 13, 2007

What Happened to HK Copy News?

Dec 12, 2007

Mad Dog MC Annual Toy Run

Dec 11, 2007

Deli Lamma Turning 15!

Dec 10, 2007

News from OSC's Lamma Headquarter

Dec 9, 2007

LammaCelebrityCam Desktop Calendar 2008

Dec 8, 2007

Dear Agents of Consciousness

Dec 7, 2007

Affordable Art by Lamma Artists

Dec 6, 2007

Butterflies & Moths of HK

Dec 5, 2007

This One Is for Oscar

Dec 4, 2007

Sunny & Deborah's Wedding Reception

Dec 3, 2007

My Best Birthday Present!

Dec 2, 2007

Circling Lamma in a Ferry

Dec 1, 2007

Do You Lead a Sustainable Lifestyle?

Nov 2007

Nov 30, 2007

Mrs Santa Claus Is Looking for Ideas!

Nov 29, 2007

IFC's Christmas Fairyland

Nov 28, 2007

Butterflies and Plants - and More

Nov 27, 2007

Lamma Outriggers @ Round HK Island Race

Nov 26, 2007

Trauma of Going Around Lamma in a 2-Man Kayak

Nov 25, 2007

Grahame Collins - Photographer of the Month

Nov 24, 2007


Nov 23, 2007

Concours de Pétanque

Nov 22, 2007

Ex-Lammaites in Slovenia

Nov 21, 2007

3 Eco-Business Awards for HK Electric!

Nov 20, 2007


Nov 19, 2007

Wanted: Sponsors & Advertisers!

Nov 18, 2007

A Coastal Stroll -- Portraits of Lamma Island

Nov 17, 2007

SaraSen Gallery Opening

Nov 16, 2007

Save the Lily Pond from Vandalism!

Nov 15, 2007

Helipad Construction Sunset

Nov 14, 2007

Wonderful Voyage Around Lamma

Nov 13, 2007

Deep Appreciation From Lammadonna

Nov 12, 2007

Win a Free Artwork

Nov 11, 2007

But Is It Art? You Decide!

Nov 10, 2007

You Might Get Leied...

Nov 9, 2007

Lamma-Gung Exhibiting @ The Cyan Studio

Nov 8, 2007

Interview of Changing Life on Lamma

Nov 7, 2007

Mudwrestling on

Nov 6, 2007


Nov 5, 2007


Nov 4, 2007

Bobsy's Bold Bald Bonanza - Lopping of the Locks

Nov 3, 2007

Meet the People Behind

Nov 2, 2007

!!Save Tung O Beach!!

Nov 1, 2007

Round Lamma Canoe Race

Oct 2007

Oct 31, 2007

Halloweenies 2007

Oct 30, 2007

Want to Join a Community Garden?

Oct 29, 2007

Lamma Property of the Week

Oct 28, 2007

Slovenian Mountain Village Morning

Oct 27, 2007

R&R & Yummy Veggie Menu

Oct 26, 2007

Bobsy's Head – Shaved for Charity!

Oct 25, 2007

Evening Rush Hour in Yung Shue Wan

Oct 24, 2007

Take a Break & Make a Difference

Oct 23, 2007

Seedy Activities

Oct 22, 2007

Katie Flowers - Wild at (He)art

Oct 21, 2007

Expats With Telekinetic & Clairvoyant Abilities?

Oct 20, 2007

Seeding the Gardening Forum

Oct 19, 2007

Lamma Gardens

Oct 18, 2007

High-Tech Pet Poetry

Oct 17, 2007

Thinking About Adopting a Cat/Kitten?

Oct 16, 2007

District Councillor Lammadonna Uncontested

Oct 15, 2007

Keren & Her Pigs - TVB Pearl Report

Oct 14, 2007

Wild Teenage Beatnik Ghost Dancers

Oct 13, 2007

Green Patches & MicroGardens

Oct 12, 2007

Lamma Activities Centre

Oct 11, 2007

Who's Digging up the Beach?

Oct 10, 2007

Oct 9, 2007

No Pampers on Lamma?

Oct 8, 2007

Lamma Tourist Alert

Oct 7, 2007

Gardeners of Lamma, Unite!

Oct 6, 2007

Emails to the Editor

Oct 5, 2007

Join the Hillfire Prevention!

Oct 4, 2007

Lamma Fun Day on Nov 4th

Oct 3, 2007

'Reflections From Asia' #500

Oct 2, 2007

Facial Fur Fascinates Feline

Oct 1, 2007

The Highest Peaks of Urban Discharge

Sep 2007

Sep 30, 2007

Meeting 'The Other Fat Bastard'

Sep 29, 2007

New Parenting Forum!

Sep 28, 2007

Fireworks @ Cyberport

Sep 27, 2007

'HK On Air' Is Breathing Thin Air

Sep 26, 2007

The Simple Pleasures of Being a Lamma-Gung

Sep 25, 2007

A Greener Mid-Autumn?

Sep 24, 2007

Dusky Shrikes, Black Drongos & Plaintive Cuckoos

Sep 23, 2007

Unicorn Dance @ Mid-Autumn Carnival

Sep 22, 2007

Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival Tonight!

Sep 21, 2007

A Siberian Band That Mixes Throat Singing and Punk Rock!

Sep 20, 2007

Noise Annoyance From Sound Magnifier

Sep 19, 2007

Urgent!! Help! Big Gecko in the Kitchen!

Sep 18, 2007

Get Tangled up in Spinoza's Web

Sep 17, 2007

Chris Hall - Artist of the Month

Sep 16, 2007

Bazaar of International Cuisines

Sep 15, 2007

Karate Kid

Sep 14, 2007

Battle For Lamma

Sep 13, 2007

May She Rest in the Peace of the Hills

Sep 12, 2007

Should I Move to Lamma?

Sep 11, 2007

Helipad Construction Starts With Hedge Destruction

Sep 10, 2007

Lamma Goes Everywhere Contest

Sep 9, 2007

Northern Beauties

Sep 8, 2007

Modern Mandalas or Flimsy Flights of Fancy?

Sep 7, 2007

Marilena's Nudes

Sep 6, 2007

Viva Lamma - T-Shirt Designs

Sep 5, 2007

Crops Clearance or Demise of a Biotope?

Sep 4, 2007

Impressions of Lamma

Sep 3, 2007

Superjumbo Fly-bys

Sep 2, 2007

Lamma, a Future Atlantis?

Sep 1, 2007

Johnny English & Andy Scottish

Aug 2007

Aug 31, 2007

S.O.S - Beach Party Posters

Aug 30, 2007

Katie Flowers - Artist of the Month

Aug 29, 2007

Electricity Brings Hope and Love

Aug 28, 2007

Warning Notice: Dangers of Lamma Island!

Aug 27, 2007

On the Ferry on a Grey & Rainy Day

Aug 26, 2007

Become a Forum Moderator!

Aug 25, 2007

School's Out!

Aug 24, 2007

Layabouts, Ne'er-Do-Wells, and Complete Psychos?

Aug 23, 2007

Lamma Kids on TVB Jade

Aug 22, 2007

'Mesmerizing Go-Go Girls Frolicking in Laser Beam Light'

Aug 21, 2007

'Create Paradise on Earth'

Aug 20, 2007


Aug 19, 2007

Be My Ghost

Aug 18, 2007

In Praise of Our Lap Sap Ladies!

Aug 17, 2007

'We do not stop playing...'

Aug 16, 2007

Dr. Marcus's Valiant (and Ultimately Victorious) Fight
Against The Construction Noise Makers

Aug 15, 2007

'I'm a Man of Wealth and Taste'

Aug 14, 2007

Everything Old Is New Again

Aug 13, 2007

An Expression of Relief, Perhaps Disbelief, Even Joy!

Aug 12, 2007

'Please don't kill me, I'm a cute little piggy.'

Aug 11, 2007

Deranged, in a Lamma Sort of Way

Aug 10, 2007

Ship Wreck Island?

Aug 9, 2007

United Front for the Liberation of the Wayward Sampan

Aug 1-8, 2007

Lamma-zine on Summer Break

July 2007

July 31, 2007

Lamma-zine on Summer Break

July 30, 2007

Escape to Lammatopia, Part 1

July 29, 2007

Nature Photographers Should Wear Tin Hats

July 28, 2007


July 27, 2007

RIP, Tony Marsh

July 26, 2007

Obituary for Tony Marsh

July 25, 2007

Very Animated Birds

July 24, 2007

The Dark Side of the Gung?

July 23, 2007

5 Years !!!!!

July 22, 2007

Maximum Spike Current of 90,000 AMPS

July 21, 2007

The Philosophical Phenomenology of NOW Broadband Marketing

July 20, 2007

More Brazilian Beach Babes

July 19, 2007

Brazilian Beach Babes

July 18, 2007

The Old Man and the Sea

July 17, 2007

Danger! Swarms of Salespeople Invading Lamma!

July 16, 2007

Inappropriate Content in the Lamma-zine?

July 15, 2007

Sooo Cute...

July 14, 2007

War Child, Bookworm Cofounder & Ecopreneur

July 13, 2007

'Blessed are the pure in heart'

July 12, 2007

Eulogy for David Kerr

July 11, 2007

Name the Little Grey Newsreader Guy

July 10, 2007

A Montessori Kindergarten on Lamma?

July 9, 2007

'Hey, I Saw You in the Lamma Website!'

July 8, 2007

Crafty Cartoons & Cunning Caricatures

July 7, 2007

Goodbye David

July 6, 2007

HK Photography Club Goes to Lamma

July 5, 2007

SARAsene @ The Cyan Studio

July 4, 2007

Lamma-Gung Savagely Attacked!

July 3, 2007

Improving a Sunset Photo

July 2, 2007

The End for Lamma's Green Turtles?

July 1, 2007

So Far, So Good...

June 2007

June 30, 2007

3 Million Hits/Month

June 29, 2007

Sick or Injured Native Wild Animals

June 28, 2007

Two Days, Two Sunsets

June 27, 2007

Ian the Wanderer

June 26, 2007

1st Anniversary of Pinky Chan's Death

June 25, 2007

Emission of Excessive Smoke

June 24, 2007


June 23, 2007

Hyper-Levels of Magical Realism

June 22, 2007

A Massive Blamestorm Erupted!

June 21, 2007

Lucky Louie's Last Lunch

June 20, 2007

Paws on Planes: Lamma's Globe-Trotting Pooches

June 19, 2007

Two Stanley Gold Cups in a Row!!!

June 19, 2007

Cloud of the Day

June 18, 2007

Elizabeth Briel – Cyanotype Artist of the Month

June 17, 2007

Sunday Excursion to Cyberport

June 16, 2007

2006 By-Census Statistics for Islands District

June 15, 2007

Awesome Grit, Determination, Teamwork, Camaraderie
and Community Spirit!

June 14, 2007

Extend Your Caring Spirit, Bring a Touch of Love

June 13, 2007

The Green Mean Machine Is Going Wireless

June 12, 2007

Bienvenue à Hélène Augé, Portrait Artiste

June 11, 2007

Welcome to Nicole_Kam, New Moderator!

June 10, 2007

ABLE Tree Planting Day, May 27, 2007

June 9, 2007

How Many Nationalities?

June 8, 2007

Dragons Flying Over Lamma

June 7, 2007

Space Invaders in Yung Shue Wan Harbour!

June 6, 2007

Tongue-Tied News

June 5, 2007

New Dragon Boat Festival on Power Station Beach

June 4, 2007

Unlimited Drinks in Lan Kwai Fong for Only $150?

June 3, 2007

Beauty and the Piggy

June 2, 2007

The Enchantments Institute

June 1, 2007

The Howls & Cackles of the Local Banshees

May 2007

May 31, 2007

I Dub Thee "Lamma Romeo"

May 30, 2007

Sao Feng, the Lamma Pirate

May 29, 2007

A New & Inconceivably Cool Lamma Band

May 28, 2007

A Flock of Migrating Cattle Egrets

May 27, 2007

Sun Setting Over Yung Shue Wan

May 26, 2007

Lamma Forest Tree Planting Day

May 21, 2007

Lamma After the Rain

May 20, 2007

Tasting Lamma Hospitality

May 19, 2007

Cannibalism, Incest & Fratricide?

May 18, 2007

Paddle Like @#$%!

May 17, 2007

One-Man Beach Clean-Up, Every Time

May 16, 2007

Eager Hungry Beaks...

May 15, 2007

Bianchino – Lovable Rogue & Two-Timer

May 14, 2007

HK Copy News Gets Informatationalised!

May 13, 2007

Can Sumo & Peggy Be Saved?

May 12, 2007

Mo Tat Wan - End of the Earth?

May 11, 2007

Official Court Artist in the Limelight

May 10, 2007


May 9, 2007


May 8, 2007

Committing All Seven Deadly Sins

May 7, 2007

Fans, Fares, Farewells, Festivities, and Fleas!

May 6, 2007

Junk Trip to Po Toi Island

May 5, 2007

Build a Drum on the Beach

May 4, 2007

'Lamma Island Love' for Sale

May 3, 2007

Port Dover Mama's 2. Lamma Visit

May 2, 2007

Seven Deadly Sins Party

May 1, 2007

'Creative Joys & Lofty Aims'

April 2007

Apr 30, 2007

Lamma People Make Memories

Apr 29, 2007

'Pushing the Boundaries of Promptitude'

Apr 28, 2007

French Crêpes and a French Bagpiper

Apr 27, 2007

The Lamma Gazette - Issue No. 1, 1988

Apr 26, 2007

Orange Paisley Bell Bottoms With Sequin Trim?

Apr 25, 2007 Vandalised by Email Bomb!!

Apr 24, 2007


Apr 23, 2007

Beer & Babble & Spectacular Seaview

Apr 22, 2007

Boost Your Appreciation of Electricity!

Apr 21, 2007

'Leafy Lamma Island's Seafood Restaurants Regularly Attract

Apr 20, 2007

What Is Kinesiology?

Apr 19, 2007

'Enticing lustful, opiatic-like, sodden dreams on warm balmy nights'

Apr 18, 2007

Cantonese Opera Bamboo Arena

Apr 17, 2007

Australian Artists Set to Sample Lamma Lifestyle

Apr 16, 2007

Lomo Lamma

Apr 15, 2007

Living with Frogs on Lamma

Apr 14, 2007

Getting Ready for the 1st Race of the Season

Apr 13, 2007

Congratulations to Jim & Tania!

Apr 12, 2007

Fret-Wanking, Plank-Spanking, Red-Hot Blues Pyrotechnics

Apr 11, 2007

Wong Yat-Fei Filming "Hong Kong Sister"

Apr 10, 2007

Lamma Kiosk Reopened

Apr 9, 2007

Best of Lamma-Gung's Photos

Apr 8, 2007

Stine Baska - Sea Lives & Still Lives

Apr 7, 2007

The Resplendent Return of RSR

Apr 6, 2007

Shocking Stockings Stalker Sequel

Apr 5, 2007

Susan Sheers, R.I.P.

Apr 4, 2007

'Memorable Moments'

Apr 3, 2007

Half an Hour From Lamma

Apr 2, 2007

'Are Lammaites Haughty Lotus Eaters?'

Apr 1, 2007

'Lamma Is Our Home Carnival'

March 2007

Mar 31, 2007

Lovely Lily Flirted With Lamma

Mar 30, 2007

Respect for Animals - a Life-Lesson too Rarely Learned

Mar 29, 2007

The Crazy Adventures of Patch and Sam

Mar 28, 2007

Land of the Free-Roaming VIntP

Mar 27, 2007

The Lamma-zine Needs YOUR Help!

Mar 26, 2007

Going Woolly for Woolley!

Mar 25, 2007

Hog Heaven

Mar 24, 2007

'Guided by The Senses from Pier to Eternity'

Mar 23, 2007

Historic GvR Pillar Mailbox

Mar 22, 2007

Inside the New Drainage Channel

Mar 21, 2007

Shops We Do & Don't Need on Lamma

Mar 20, 2007

Local Construction Is Booming, It Seems!

Mar 19, 2007

Christie Flowers - Junior Lamma Artist

Mar 18, 2007

'Lobert, a Lamma Legend, 13.03.07.'

Mar 17, 2007

St Paddy's Nightmare – A Happening

Mar 16, 2007

Tough Training & Fantastic Fun!

Mar 15, 2007

Scum, Sludge & Soakaway Pits

Mar 14, 2007

Enduro-ing 5 Hours of Sweat and Pain

Mar 13, 2007

Moving From Lamma to Slovenia?!

Mar 12, 2007

"Lamma Ladies' Rudeness Endures"

Mar 11, 2007

Birdo Breakfast

Mar 10, 2007

Saturday Afternoon in Yung Shue Wan

Mar 9, 2007

Temporary Footbridge on Main Street

Mar 8, 2007

Free Money!

Mar 7, 2007

Christie, Eric & My Mum

Mar 6, 2007

Lamma Enduro

Mar 5, 2007

What's All This Commotion in Sok Kwu Wan?

Mar 4, 2007

Wind Turbine-Shaped Sweet Dumplings

Mar 3, 2007

Singing Carnival

Mar 2, 2007

Swamp Monster

Mar 1, 2007

Congrats to Award-Winning Prof Red Star

February 2007

Feb 28, 2007

Objection to Temporary Land Allocation

Feb 27, 2007

The Year of the Great Golden Flying Pig of Fire

Feb 26, 2007

The Frivolous Antics of Rock Goddesses

Feb 25, 2007

Strolling the Family Trail

Feb 24, 2007

Kung Hei Fat Choy Sum!

Feb 23, 2007

Seasonal Variations of Gluttony

Feb 22, 2007

Do Moon Bears Rock?

Feb 21, 2007

The Red House on the Cliffs

Feb 20, 2007

Bangs & Fangs

Feb 19, 2007

Freya - the Silent Heroine

Feb 18, 2007

Greeting the New Year of the Fire Pig

Feb 17, 2007

Tree Doctors & Tree Nurses

Feb 16, 2007

Bruce the Bodyguard

Feb 15, 2007

Lamma Pétanque Tournament

Feb 14, 2007

'Musical Mayhem, Mirth & Murder'

Feb 13, 2007

Yung Shue Wan Flower Market

Feb 12, 2007

'Video Blogger Gets a Big Head'

Feb 11, 2007

Chin. Forum's Chin. New Year Update

Feb 10, 2007

Wired Rabbit Massacre!

Feb 9, 2007

'I only stayed for a few weeks...'

Feb 8, 2007

Finally, Back Online!!!

Feb 7, 2007

'Shooting from the lip'

Feb 6, 2007

'They Keep Me Afloat!'

Feb 5, 2007


Feb 1-4, 2007

PCCW Incompetence Remembrance Week continues...

January 2007

Jan 26-31, 2007

PCCW Incompetence Remembrance Week

Jan 25, 2007

Planetary Anthems & Wedding Dances

Jan 24, 2007

Your Ad on This Page for $333/Month!

Jan 23, 2007

Protest Against ESF School Rezoning

Jan 22, 2007

'Thanks for Buying Me Books!'

Jan 21, 2007

A Celebration of Masculine Carnal Desires?

Jan 20, 2007

Mooching Lamma Mates?

Jan 19, 2007

'A Good Vehicle for Nonprofit Organisations'

Jan 18, 2007

The Voigtians – New Cult or Alien Race?

Jan 17, 2007

Who's the Hairiest?

Jan 16, 2007

Powerful, Passionate and oh so Pretty!

Jan 15, 2007

Scaly Breasted Munias! Run for Your Lives!

Jan 14, 2007

The Semi-Shameless-Self-Promoting Local Photographer

Jan 13, 2007

Pink Stickers, Orange Jackets, and a Red Carpet

Jan 12, 2007

'Serving the Villagers Wholeheartedly'

Jan 11, 2007

Featured Placeblogger!

Jan 10, 2007

Lamma Winds Q & A

Jan 9, 2007

The Bliss Clip

Jan 8, 2007

What Would You Do With HK$1 Billion?

Jan 7, 2007

Dog Eggs

Jan 6, 2007

Players of the Lammaesque "Pink Oboe"

Jan 5, 2007

Buff–Bellied Flowerpecker, Tai Peng

Jan 4, 2007

I'm a Placeblogger

Jan 3, 2007

First Chinese Forum Update of 2007

Jan 2, 2007

Chinatown – Pick the Party Pics

Jan 1, 2007

Dubious Achievement Award

December 2006

Dec 31, 2006

Top 12 Lamma-zine Stories of 2006

Dec 30, 2006

Santa on the Beach, With Angels

Dec 29, 2006

Sara Sene - Cartoonist of the Month

Dec 28, 2006

My Last Christmas 2006 Photos

Dec 27, 2006

Free Lamma Wildlife 2007 Calendars!

Dec 26, 2006

Christmas Presents

Dec 25, 2006

'Let's hope for a peaceful year 2007 and that friendship & family
will be always more important than money & business!'

Dec 24, 2006

Children's Cheerful Christmas Carols

Dec 23, 2006

'Lamma Version of Rudolph Reindeer –
Googie Woogie Version'

Dec 22, 2006

'Self Indulgence, Debauchery & Seafood'

Dec 21, 2006

Snake Banquet

Dec 20, 2006

Typically Lamma!

Dec 19, 2006

'Journey to Find the Imperishable Energy'

Dec 18, 2006

What's For Breakfast?

Dec 17, 2006

More Advertising Special Offers

Dec 16, 2006

Advertising Special Offers

Dec 15, 2006

Falafel Shoot-out!

Dec 14, 2006

Bob Davis – Birthday Photographer

Dec 13, 2006

Living with Little Lovelies on Lamma

Dec 12, 2006

Treasure Hunting for Operation Santa Claus

Dec 11, 2006

Self-Regulating Midwifery!

Dec 10, 2006

Who's Nuts for Nut Roast?

Dec 9, 2006

'Is the Sun Setting on Scrumptious Seafood?'

Dec 8, 2006

What's Going on in the Chinese Forum?

Dec 7, 2006

While You Were Sleeping...

Dec 6, 2006

'Your Acknowledgement Is Our Encouragement'

Dec 5, 2006

Discrimination in Cloudy Cuckoo Land?

Dec 4, 2006

Mad Dog Santa & His Boy Toy Bike

Dec 3, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions From Lamma Newbies

Dec 2, 2006

'Comforts and Conveniences Brought by Power Supply'

Dec 1, 2006

Another Record-Breaking Month!

November 2006

Nov 30, 2006

Joanne Blue Tongue - Artist of the Month

Nov 29, 2006

Unexpected Discoveries at the Christmas Fair

Nov 28, 2006

Christmas Fair in YSW Shopping Mall

Nov 27, 2006

Red Scare and a Good Celt

Nov 26, 2006

A Harmonious Day

Nov 25, 2006

Making Hong Kong a No Kill City

Nov 24, 2006

Final Days of a Gracious Lady Cat

Nov 23, 2006

A Drunken Lion in Police HQ!

Nov 22, 2006

Herbs, Herbivores & Herboland

Nov 21, 2006

Santa Bikers, Jungle Bells & Lamma Xmas Kids

Nov 20, 2006

China's Smiling Faces – Charity Gift Book

Nov 19, 2006

Monk in a Hole on the Beach

Nov 18, 2006

Viva Deli Lamma Central!

Nov 17, 2006

Guitars & Nappies!?

Nov 16, 2006

Loony Creativity & Horripilatory Tingles @ DickStock

Nov 15, 2006

'A Deadly Outswing Bowler Who Destroyed England'

Nov 14, 2006

HK Copy News #9

Nov 13, 2006

Lamma Fun Day Raises $158,000!!

Nov 12, 2006

Send Me DickStock Photos!

Nov 11, 2006

Scary Lamma Hippies!

Nov 10, 2006

DickStock XII, Tomorrow!

Nov 9, 2006

Deli Lamma Opening in Lan Kwai Fong

Nov 8, 2006

Big Success of No Hillfire Campaign!

Nov 7, 2006

'I Moved to Lamma Because of!'

Nov 6, 2006

Chin. Forum Update & HK Copy News #8

Nov 5, 2006

Dazed Bikers Seeing Red Stars @ DickStock?

Nov 4, 2006

Lamma Lunch – 2. Course

Nov 3, 2006

Philippine President's Lamma Lunch

Nov 2, 2006


Nov 1, 2006

Lammaverse: Graceful Flight

October 2006

Oct 31, 2006

Halloween Queen

Oct 30, 2006

Cat Finlayson - Lamma Artist of the Month - Oct '06

Oct 29, 2006

Halloween Haunted House Party

Oct 28, 2006

Lamma Fun, Food & Friends (and Music, too)

Oct 27, 2006

Garoupa's World Battle Finals & Wet T-Shirt Contest

Oct 26, 2006

No Hillfire Campaign

Oct 25, 2006

Lamma Fun Day Videos

Oct 24, 2006

Official Court Glutton vs. Eggs Benedict

Oct 23, 2006

HK Copy News #06

Oct 22, 2006

Living Lamma Legend Eaten by Dog!!!

Oct 21, 2006

The Ocarina Tour

Oct 20, 2006

Lamma Fun Day Update:
Bands Schedule, Busker's Corner & Photo Contest!

Oct 19, 2006

'The Fairy-Tale-Like Quality of the Power Station Towers'

Oct 18, 2006

Yeliz Interview: Is Lamma Different from Turkey?

Oct 17, 2006

Meet the People Behind

Oct 16, 2006

HK Copy News - Rockit Special Edition

Oct 15, 2006

Lamma's Golden Orbs

Oct 14, 2006

Valiant Defenders of Lamma's Musical Honour

Oct 13, 2006

An Honest Lamma Shopkeeper

Oct 12, 2006

'We're F***ing Sick of Cat-Killing Dogs!'

Oct 11, 2006

Laudable Lamma Luminaries, Officials & Celebrities

Oct 10, 2006

Ice Cream, Black Silk Knickers and the Hygiene Dept.

Oct 9, 2006

Just 2 Weeks Left!

Oct 8, 2006

Oct 8: HK Copy News #4

Oct 7, 2006

Mid-Autumn Festival on the Beach

Oct 6, 2006

Kumi the Drumming Geisha

Oct 5, 2006

A Turkish Wedding – Ahmed & Yeliz

Oct 4, 2006

Dress-up the Hachiko

Oct 3, 2006